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First Sumerian Civilization Kingship of Ur-Nammu Law- How Did Europe Overthrow.

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Sumer, located in Mesopotamia, is the first known complex civilization, having developed the first city-states in the 4th millennium BCE. It was these cities that produced the earliest known form of writing, cuneiform script.*** kinship in the first civilizations often ... the First Civilizations? Hammurabi claimed that his law code was inspired by Marduk, the chief god of Babylon.*** 

What is kinship in history?   kinship, system of social organization based on real or putative family ties. The modern study of kinship can be traced back to mid-19th-century interests in comparative legal institutions and philology.**

Ur-Nammu Mesopotamia:   

Ur-Nammu (r. 2047-2030 BCE) was the founder of the Third Dynasty of Ur in Sumer who initiated the so-called Ur III Period (2047-1750 BCE) also known as the Sumerian Renaissance. He is best known as the king who composed the first complete law code in the world, The Code of Ur-Nammu.

Remove forcibly from power. A Kingship government king (not a monarchy) but an Elohim gods elected King. 

"Military coups which had attempted to overthrow the King"

The European Ape-hominid unnamed sodomites, so-called Noble-men; in a premeditated plot, with Africa Government leaders, to take control of the entire St. Peter's Basilica kingdon--to expel the king and his family and to create a Roman republic. The current sitting Roman king, Lucius Taquinus army, was also confiscated with its dress code, and its adopted "Roman" king's title--forced the King into exile.

The overthrow of the Roman King( not monarch), was an event in ancient Rome that took place between the 6th and 5th centuries BC where a political revolution replaced ..

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