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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Spotlights Best Selling Author Tom Glenn

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    Columbia, MD – Tom Glenn is a Vietnam vet who has had multiple careers including intelligence operative, musician, linguist in seven languages, cryptologist, caregiver for the dying, and leadership coach. He has a BA in Music, a masters in Government and a doctorate in Public Administration. A sought-after public speaker, he is the author of a series of novels and short story collections: Friendly Casualties, Last of the Annamese, The Trion Syndrome, No-Accounts, Secretocracy, Friendly Casualties, and Coming to Terms.
    Tom’s books reflect his history and life view. The first half of his Friendly Casualties is short-stories; the second half is a novella set in Vietnam.
    His No-Accounts tells the story of two men, one gay dying of AIDS, the other a straight volunteer who is there to help him die.
    Tom’s next book, Last of the Annamese, to date his bestselling book, is set during the fall of Saigon from which Tom escaped under fire after the North Vietnamese were already in the streets of the city.
    His The Trion Syndrome tells of a man suffering from PTSI. He is plagued incessantly by nightmares and irrational rages before recalling that he killed a child in Vietnam.
    Tom’s next book, Secretocracy, tells of President Donald Trump’s persecution of an intelligence budgeteer who refuses to fund an illegal operation being pushed by the president.
    His last book to date is his collection of short stories called Coming to Terms. It tells the stories of men and women confronted with pain as a consequence of love and hate, goodness and evil.
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    "Farts and Daydreams" Author Joseph Farley Appears on the Brown Posey Press Show

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    A prolific author of short stories and poetry, Joseph ("Joe") Farley brings gritty, rough-hewn and intriguing characters to life in "Farts and Daydreams," his latest collection of tales, courtesy of Dumpster Fire Press. Drawing on elements of his personal life and native Philadelphia. At times humorous, also dark, spiritual and strange, Farley brings the reader along on a series original works.
    Joining Tory Gates on the Brown Posey Press Show, Farley discusses "For the Birds," his first collection of short stories produced through Cynic Press, and "Labor Day," a futuristic novel where humans enhanced with the DNA of cockroaches rule the planet, the elites get richer, the rest get poorer, and one man, Tom Fried is forced to choose between a stable existance and a chance to change the status quo. "Labor Day" is available through Peasantry Press.
    Joseph Farley has a Bachelor's Degree in English from St. Joseph's University and a Masters in English from Temple. He served as the editor of the literary journal Axe Factory from 1986 to 2010. His poetry and chapbooks include "Suckers," "Her Eyes" and "Longing for the Mother Tongue," and his works have appeared in numerous publications. He lives in Philadelphia.

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    Senior Care Expert Linda Mac Dougall

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    The educational book “The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors…Raising the Bar” by Linda Mac Dougall is all set to be featured by ReadersMagnet at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition on June 24-27, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C. “The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors” is both informational and inspirational, as the author hopes to raise the readers’ awareness of the various and often overlooked aspects of care; the significance of knowing and understanding what it means to be a senior, as well as of the importance of making a connection and a real difference in someone’s life. Caring for the elderly may require many skills and natural abilities. The book emphasizes the relationship between the carers and the seniors, a relationship based on an appreciation for seniors and an educated awareness of aging… People are missing opportunities that may have a significant impact on the lives of others, including their own. Magical moments go unnoticed in the everyday grind because they just don’t get enough attention. This heartwarming and uplifting book aims to help readers become more mindful of what and who is in front of them so that they may give their best effort to the people they care about.  

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    Gloria Hass

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    Gloria Hass is an International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author and a Forensic Visionary who resides in southern Arizona with her dog Bella. She has been a visionary since she was five years of age. This gift has helped her throughout her life. Gloria started writing over 20 years ago and has self-published 21 books both in non-fiction and fiction genres. 
    Gloria has helped police with several cold cases and she also helped in the location of a missing person in other states. She recently released her new crime thriller "The Dick Jorgensen Murder". The book is about Jeanette Bauer who works with her father in his private investigator business. She helps solve active and cold cases through supernatural psychic means. "The Dick Jorgensen Murder" is how she solved the crime when no evidence was left behind when an abandoned car was found and Dick Jorgensen went missing.
    We will also spend time talking about her brain injury, also known as post-concussion syndrome, and how this affects her life.
    Tune in to hear more!

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    Spin Offs And Cross Overs

    in Books

    Tina Moss and Marianne Morea share their experience on expanding their series with spin offs and cross overs.
    To find out more about the podcast and all our hosts, visit our website at
    ***Disclaimer: The views expressed at, or through, this podcast are those of the individual hosts acting in their individual capacities only – not those of their respective employers, fellow podcast hosts, or the Bound by Books podcast as a whole. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this podcast are hereby expressly disclaimed.***

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    Saturday with Sapphire chats with Author Saffiyah Ali

    in Books

    The Last Chance 
    Will their secrets last longer than the marriage?
    Saafir and Sameerah have a secret. They're married! But they haven't told anyone. Sameerah's a widow who never thought she would find love again. Especially not with a man eight years her junior. But Saafir is no one's dirty little secret. And their love is nothing to be embarrassed about. If she wants to stay married she needs to get over it. He needs to know... did she marry him for love or lust? Their marriage means more than that, right? Find out in this short, sweet and swoony Muslim romance novel.