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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Author Patricia Blake

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    Yerington, NV – Patricia L. Blake is a retired police lieutenant and the author of Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels – Sent Me!
    “There is a struggle between good and evil and that’s why angels on earth come in the form of first responders and their tremendous sacrifices putting their own safety on the line every day for us. Our first responders are unequivocally called by God to be our angels in our darkest moments of terror and fear they are here to protect, rescue, and comfort us.”
    In Psalm 91, we are reminded that “God commands the angels to guard us in all our ways.  With their hands, they shall support you, lest you strike your foot against a stone.”
    Patricia, a former LAPD officer, is one such angel on earth bringing light, love, and healing to us all. She was inspired to write her book Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels- SEND ME, to share her true-life account in law enforcement.
    Her book was written to honor fellow officers “whose purpose is to fight evil.”
    In one ne of her most heart wrenching chapters titled “The Baby Girl and the Monster,” Patricia also recounts the morally reprehensible acts of a father who physically and psychologically abuses his four-year-old daughter and when Patricia meets this beautiful child, she is in hospital bed connected to tubes. Seeing this sweet little girl in the last moments of her innocent young life, Patricia is forever changed by her and encouraged to go on fighting injustice.
    Patricia’s book is a must read. It is of truth and a stark reminder that in the harsh realities of a world were evil lurks in every corner, God’s love is an eternal promise. Patricia’s book delights and saddens us, teaches and inspires us, and stays with us long after we turn the last page.

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    A Book is Born Roundtable with Power in the Pen Writing Workshop Members

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    A Book is Born Season 9 - Epi. 3 Roundtable Discussion with Power in the Pen Writing Workshop Members

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    Urban Novel Mississippi and New York City interview with Author Larry Toombs

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    Mississippi and New York City were two friends, Mississippi aka Sip was a 33 year old African American male and New York was also 33 years old  white guy and they became close friends. Sip was from Greenville M.S and the two guys met by a street sign called Mississippi. They went through hard times as friends also hard times living in this economy. This Urban book deals with hard living conditions, good times, hard times, unemployment, lay offs, penitentiary and jail cells, lawyers and court cases. Mississippi and New York City is available at amazon in paperback for only a low pandemic price of $8.99 amazon prime will deliver your book 5-7 business days. Download it to your kindle device, tablets and combatiable cell phones at amazon for only $2.99 in seconds or read the kindle for free at Amazon. Call the interview with Author Larry Toombs on March 4, 2pm central, check your state for show start time, call 5639993731 if you would like to donate to The Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio Show cash app $LarryToombs thank you God bless you 

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    Lisa Guerrero

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    Award-winning journalist Lisa Guerrero is the Chief Investigative Correspondent for Inside Edition and travels the country covering crimes, scams, cold cases, and consumer reports. Lisa has been served as a media ambassador at NWCAVE and has been the emcee a couple times at our conferences.  Lisa has a story and this Warrior is going to take your calls on March 27th and together, we are going to have a conversation on being brave, her journey to get to where she is today and how she shines a light on cases that result in justice!
    Lisa Guerrero has won eight National Headliner Awards, beating CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and has been honored twice by The National Press Club. In the past year alone, Guerrero’s investigations have racked up an additional 120 million views on YouTube. Her investigations have been profiled in Newsweek, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Before joining Inside Edition, Guerrero spent over a decade as a nationally recognized sports reporter on CBS, Fox, ABC and ESPN, having anchored and reported for dozens of shows including the wildly popular “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.” She has interviewed hundreds of athletes, and was the was the first journalist (male or female) to ask Barry Bonds, on camera, if he’d taken steroids. She has broadcast from seven Super Bowls, five World Series, and four NBA national championship games, as well as the World Figure Skating championships. In 2003, she was the sideline reporter for ABC’s Monday Night Football–Al Michaels called the ratings increase that season “the Guerrero factor.” She lives in Los Angeles.

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    Let's Talk Too - Podcast Natasha Pearman-Piles

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    I'm your host
    Author Sharnel
    Natasha Pearman-Pile
    Natasha C. Pearman-Pile is a proud wife, mother, Author, and founder of Power Surge Ministries.  I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach.  I get to do what I love with a passion—Motivate, Encourage, Coach and Promote a Healthy lifestyle for the whole person-- the mind body and spirit.  Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling.

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    John Hurd

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    This is the story of John Hurd, a boy who was so small that he was denied entry to the first grade in his local school because they doubted his mother and his birth certificate. He had to ride a bus to the outlying county school to be accepted for his first year.
    In high school he missed out on athletics, because of his diminutive size. In ROTC class, his uniform pants had an 8 inch hem and his belt covered half of the shirt pockets. By graduation he had reached the height of 5 feet 6 1/2 inches and weighed 124 pounds.
    At the age of 60 he learned about the National Senior Games Association, also known as Senior Olympics, and they had five year age brackets for Olympic types of athletic competitions for men and women ages 55 and up. They later began accepting members beginning at age 50.
    So John began a self-directed program of training in the streets, and at 61 began a "hobby" of running up and down the oval track as a sprinter. As he gradually progressed he continued training year-round and had some fairly decent successes and awards.
    In 2015 John had a book published about his life in general and experiences in the world of track and field titled "Johnny Run Lately."
    One of the reasons John has continued, well after his retirement in 2000 from the business and academic world, is the people who frequently tell him they were encouraged to get off the couch and become more involved in taking care of the body they were issued.
    It is hoped that the reader of this book will also be so encouraged to find an activity that you enjoy, and give it a go. This is not a book dealing with all the technical bio- mechanical movements of the sprint, but a training routine that you can adapt to your needs, and some tips about things to be aware of, and avoid, along the way. The final chapter is about the system John has used all these years to set goals and track his progress along the way.

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    Rose Thorgaard, Author (Treasured; Books | Romance / Suspense)

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    Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Rose Thorgaard, Author (Treasured; Books | Romance / Suspense) to the Show!    (Click to go there) ? WEB: www.rosethorgaard.com ? IG: @RoseThorgaard ? TW: @RoseThorgaard ? TK: @RoseThorgaard
    ? Amazon: www.amazon.com/Treasured-Dark-Mafia-Romance-Thorgaard/dp/150924798X Four years after Livia Rossi fled Manhattan, she finally feels like she is making a life for herself away from her Uncle Michael’s influence. When danger arises, he resigns himself to the fact that shielding Livia from his criminal underworld is no longer possible. Dante Castellano is Michael’s right-hand man. He never shies away from a job, until what begins as a precautionary surveillance mission soon turns into much more than he ever expected. He’s kept an eye on Livia from afar, but it isn’t until now that he really sees her for the first time. She’s creative, beautiful, and there’s a storm inside her that reminds him of himself. He’s soon consumed by his allure to her, and his guilt toward his closest friend. When the stakes are raised, he’s forced to decide what’s more important—loyalty, or the woman he loves.
    Available through these fine retailers...
    Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, ITunes, Walmart, Target, BooksAMillion, Indie Bound

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    Sapphirejblue chats with Author Unique Lashay and Sabrina Jenkins

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    Life had taken its toll on twenty year old Hazel .

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    Novelist Jessica Russell

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    Jessica Russell is the pen name of Jesse Broadt (last name rhymes with "coat") a professional web content writer who specializes in travel. She is the Author of Hot Winter Sun, and its soon to be published sequel, Cold Summer Wind. Passionate about history, the author is an avid reader of both historical fiction and non-fiction history books. Throughout her life, she was inspired by authors such as Victoria Holt, Phyllis A. Whitney, and Belva Plain, and strives to create the same type of multi-dimensional, entertaining characters that readers can relate to, understand and ultimately enjoy. Broadt created her first novel-length work of fiction with Hot Winter Sun, and laughingly calls it the kind of book you think no one writes anymore.

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    How To Write A Strong Opening To Your Story

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    Do you ever have trouble starting a story? Danielle Bannister and Sherri Hayes discuss some common ways to start a story and hook reads so they want to read more.
    To find out more about the podcast and all our hosts, visit our website at www.boundbybookspodcast.com.
    ***Disclaimer: The views expressed at, or through, this podcast are those of the individual hosts acting in their individual capacities only – not those of their respective employers, fellow podcast hosts, or the Bound by Books podcast as a whole. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this podcast are hereby expressly disclaimed.***

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    RUN: From The Pain Within-Story Of HOPE w Best Selling Author Myechia Barnett

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    Myechia Barnett. is a speaker, best-selling author and independent designer and publisher. She has produced over 12 books. In 2020, she self-published 2 children's books. Myechia is a best-selling author from her first co-author project debut called: "You Can Have It All with Christ" by Dr. Nakita Davis. Myechia Barnett decided to launch her own company, Barnett Publishing, to help other authors write, publish, and get their voices heard, eventually assisting them to also market their books. 
    Myechia is a mother of 4. She rose victoriously from adversity in her darkest moments...  knowing, understanding and inspired.... that God loves her. Myechia shares her story about how she has been through hell and back and it did not stop her.
    Myechia also shares that... "Success is based on how many times you get back up..." and honey she always gets back up! Myechia knows that we are all born with a purpose and she continues to rise up!
    Check out her books, including my personal story: RUN: From the Pain Within. This book will soon be on audio! Vol. 2 is in the works!  Get your copy of Vol.1 today!
    Barnett Publishing is an Independent Publishing House. They have been providing quality service for 3-4 years and are proud to have helped many aspiring authors publish their work. Barnett Publishing has also worked with experienced authors in the UK literary scene. Barnett Publishing guarantees a positive and smooth experience throughout your publishing journey.