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  • 9 Things That Aren’t Helping Your Mental Health

    in Business

    Taking care of your mental health is not just about therapy, practicing meditation, and sticking to your medication; there are also things you should NOT do in order to help yourself.
    1. Isolation
    Isolation simply means being disconnected from people.
    Not a lot of people know this, but isolation has been observed to actually physically alter the brain of lab animals.
    2. Poor Social Interactions
    Thanks to the Internet (particularly Social media), we can now stay “connected” with millions of people around the globe, and this is good.
    3. Multitasking And Busyness
    A lot of people are very busy, being busy.
    For the sake of your mental health, you must figure out the difference between the tasks that are important, and those that are urgent. And oftentimes the “urgent” tasks are not important.
    It is true; life is full of ups and downs. For some people, it has always been the “downs” and they have to struggle for the rest of their lives. Sometimes unexpected things happen that shake “healthy” people to the foundations of their beings (they call these traumas).
    Other times, prolonged challenges from life events mounts insane pressure on peoples’ lives and they are left struggling under the immense weight.
    4. Not Putting You First
    Saying “Yes” to everyone is very unhealthy.
    5. Suppressing Your Thoughts And Feelings
    We do not overcome our negative emotions (such as fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, etc.) by ignoring, or suppressing them, but by facing and processing them.
    6. Not Exercising
    Aside from the numerous physical benefits of exercising, it has a lot of psychological, emotional, and mental benefits
    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs

  • Health Coach JoDee and Robert Mehler update Success by Health SBH

    in Business

    Health Coach JoDee and Robert Mehler update Success by Health SBH on Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils.  
    Health Coach JoDee Baer has been a Building Fortunes Radio host with Peter Mingils for many years. Doctor JoDee Baer has help many people lose wieght and increase their health.
    She has become a best-Selling Author with Internaltional Best Selling Author Les Brown in his Ignite The Hunger in You Series.  Her Building Fortunes Radio link is
    She has also had articles on MLM News
    and then even some recent adice on MLM Charity
    You can find more for Health Coach JoDee Baer on
    You can always find more on

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    The Best of The Bulletproof Marketer - featuring Panos Siozos

    in Business

    You can’t overstate the value of an education. So, marketing an online learning tool seems like a breeze, right? On today's episode, we welcome ed tech expert Panos Siozos to the program to talk about how a solid marketing campaign has fueled his company, LearnWorlds.
    Panos Siozos is the co-founder and CEO of LearnWorlds. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology, researching and designing e-learning applications for over 20 years. Panos has extensive work experience as a software engineer, e-learning researcher, and science educator. Before launching LearnWorlds with his two co-founders, Panos was working in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation. He loves mountaineering, photography, and traveling. --- Connect with Christopher Tompkins:  --- Connect with Panos Siozos and LearnWorlds: --- The Social Marketing Academy is powered by The Go! Agency, a full-service marketing and sales agency based in Palm Harbor, Florida. To learn more about us check out the links below:

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    Radio Show #455: How Eden Engage Their Team Around Important Strategy and Change

    in Business

    Special Guest: Dawn George: Director of HR & Inclusion: Eden Project Ltd
    Dawn has been with the Eden Project in Bodelva since 2011 and is Director of HR & Inclusion for the organisation. Originally from Northamptonshire, Dawn has spent over 30 years building her career in HR and spent 15 years of this in senior management HR roles in the public and private sector, including 20 years with Carphone Warehouse/ TalkTalk and Aviva.
    Most of you will know Eden as one of the largest employers in Cornwall (outside of Government led organisations), and Dawn has been a key part of the senior leadership team that has taken Eden through a period of restructure to its current position of strength within Cornwall following some turbulent times through Covid and a large organisational restructure that was required as a result of that.
    Success would not be possible without an engaged employee team, so supporting and developing the Eden Team through this period of transformation has been crucial in the success factor. Eden Cornwall is regarded as the Mothership that all other activities stem from, meaning that we have to have the culture and engagement right at the core of all we do.  The expansion plans will include how we ensure we have this actively in place, living and breathing in all Eden’s ventures at home and overseas.
    Join us as we discuss team development during a period of transformation.
    Listen Live (Archive Available)
    Host: Andy Goram

  • Heidi Huebner

    in Business

    Heidi Huebner is the Public Information Director for the Volunteer Programs and the world-famous PUP Los Angeles World Airports (LAX). She developed and created the Pets Unstressing Passengers Program in 2012 and launched it in 2013.  The purpose of the PUPs is to alleviate stress and anxieties at airports.  The program allows an opportunity to provide an overall enhanced customer experience by providing stress relief and comfort to passengers through the interaction with pets. She has assisted 90 airports nationwide and internationally to start similar programs and the number of requests continues to come in via calls and emails.   Her dream is for all airports to have a therapy dog program.
    Heidi loves what she does and will be sharing how her programs are making a difference for so many passengers and the volunteers she works with.

  • The How and Why of Small Business Certifications

    in Business

    Guest Renzie Richardson discusses Small Business Certifications

  • 01:02

    The 5 Principles of Intentional Growth

    in Marketing

    Imagine a world where you are rewarded for all the sacrifice and risks you’ve taken by owning a business.
    One where you have clarity on what you want long-term and are excited about the progress you are making toward that vision.
    Picture knowing what your business is worth today, how effectively your strategies and investments are growing the value of your company, and having the ability to project your business’s value years into the future. You’ve risked and sacrificed a lot. It shouldn't be this difficult to make progress and create wealth, enjoy work, and make an impact.
    Ryan Tansom's Intentional Growth™ is a framework to help business owners clarify their path toward a more valuable business and turn their vision into reality.
    By learning how companies are valued, how to increase that value, and the variety of ways to transition your role or exit your ownership, you can intentionally grow the value of your business with an end in mind.
    By prioritizing strategies that help you make progress, you can create more wealth, enjoy work more, and make an impact.
    Ryan teams up with Adam to discuss:
    Ryan’s story of selling the family business and creating Arkona. Your Drivers - Why it is so important for owners to know what they want from their business and why. Financial Targets - 3 financial targets an owner should identify, monitor and measure. Increase Value - The 8 functional areas (value drivers) of a business. And so much more! Quit wasting time and money implementing strategies that don’t increase the value of your business and get you closer to your goals. Tune in...

  • Lawyer Francis Jackson

    in Entrepreneur

    Francis Jackson is an attorney who specializes in disability law for those seeking veteran's disability benefits and social security disability benefits. A founding partner of Jackson & MacNichol, he most recently appeared as a guest of Ben Glass on the “Consumer Advocate” show discussing benefits for veterans and social security disability benefits and how his practice allows him to make a difference in the lives of people facing disabilities. Francis has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network affiliates around the country. He has also been quoted in USA Today and is listed in Cambridge Who’s Who. Francis was honored by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors with a "Quilly" award in September 2012, for his contribution as a joint author to the best-selling book, "Protect and Defend" where he wrote about protecting one's rights to veterans disability compensation. In 2017 Mr. Jackson was inducted into America's Most Trusted Lawyers for his outstanding work in disability law. Francis Jackson: How is VA disability calculated? For more information visit
    ?? Connect with Bert:  YouTube |  Twitter  |  Instagram

  • The Five Pillars of building a profitable coaching business God‘s Way.

    in Entrepreneur

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | Every Tuesday! |
    Meet our guest: 
     Sheya L. Atterberry-Chisenga is a Transformational Speaker, Empowerment Business Coach & Mentor teaching women to create financial freedom by doing what they Love, are Called & Chosen to do in the World. She is the founder & owner of It’s My Time to Rise Business Institute & Entrepreneurial Center for Women & the  Woman Christian CEO  Brand. Sheya has written four inspiring personal books and is a visionary of nine book anthologies.  She has over 25 years of experience conducting workshops and speaking.
    Meet our host:
    ?Sharvette Mitchell  helps high achieving service based women entrepreneurs position their expertise with a polished visual brand, increase visibility with speaking opportunities, build authority with a published book and convert more customers with elevated content marketing.  She does this with her signature Platform Builder group coaching program.
    *PRE-ORDER my 4th book collaboration - PEARLS -
    ?Learn more at her website,
    ?Subscribe to her  YouTube channel:
    ?? Take Sharvette's quiz to see where you are on your personal brand journey AND get some free resources -

  • Part 2: Close Up Radio to Welcome Back Krystal Yates of EBR HR Consulting

    in Work

    Lewisville, TX - Credentials from SPHR and SHRM-SCP help make Krystal Yates a certified H.R. expert with a background in Human Resources and Operations. She is currently the owner of a top-rated career consulting firm that understands what candidates and small businesses are looking for. That’s because prior to founding her own human resources consulting business Krystal worked as an operations manager at smaller firms, with mainline responsibility for hiring talent and keeping people engaged.
    Krystal and her team at EBR HR Experts support candidates in other ways too. For starters, they re-write candidates’ resumes to better target the career they seek. And by walking them through the interview process, right up to salary negotiation. She stresses that many of her clients are women, who for distinct cultural and personal reasons, tend not to ask for what they really deserve.
    The EBR HR organization as a whole is focused on the two pillars of the job market; the candidates who are looking for work, and the organizations that are looking to hire, or get more insight into what makes their staff tick.
    Ask Krystal how she arrived at her company name and branding, and she will tell you it’s been a long journey. but she wanted to reflect factors like person-to-person service, rising in the job market, support and guidance, and most of all results—since EBR stands for Expect Better Results. Krystal is such a maven, she published her first book on the subject in 2018, The Insider’s Guide to Your Dream Career. She is preparing to issue an updated edition of her book this fall.
    For more information about Krystal and EBR HR Consulting visit

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    Capital Arguments Again for the 25th of August 2022

    in Business

    In this episode we look at the column of April 2022--Force Majeure

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