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    Capital Arguments Again for the 25th of Jun 2022

    in Business

    In this episode we look at the Capital Arguments column of December 2021--Honoring Contracts

  • Ep. TBD Local Business Spotlight - Richard Blank with Costa Rica's Call Center

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode of From The Bottom To The Top, we'll talk about Leadership and Corporate Culture. Joining us is Richard Blank with Costa Rica's Call Center. This program is sponsored by The Mauldin Group, a leading provider of Internet Marketing Services for companies nationwide. If you're looking to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time, reach out to their team for a Complimentary Consultation. They'll help you scale and grow your business. Thanks for listening to our inspirational business program, you are so awesome. Be encouraged!
    HOST: Bonnie Mauldin

  • Dare To Win

    in Business

    A sober discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations.

  • Peter Mingils Best MLM Leads Network Marketing Lead Generation Building Fortunes

    in Business

    Peter Mingils Best MLM Leads Network Marketing Lead Generation Building Fortunes  on Building Fortunes Radio For MLM Leads, MLM Training, and Lead Management Systems, Advertise on MLM Classified websites on the Youmongus Ad Network  is a classified ads website network that PM Marketing developed for Network Marketing Opportunities and MLM Product Sales. Advertise on  and   Peter Mingils owns PM Marketing and a background in direct sales and direct sales management. Peter Mingils is on the Board of The MLMIA The Multi-level Marketing International Association. and Social Networking Association  On advisory Board of the DSWA Direct Sales Womens Alliance and past President of DRA The Distributor Rights Association and ANMP  The Association of Network Marketing Professionals.
    Best mlm lead generation . Avoid MLM Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Scams.
    Peter Mingils owns MLM Charity and  MLM News (386) 445-3585

  • The Crypto Space

    in Finance

    Meet my phenomenal guest Mr. Stan Snead who will share some information about a crypto currency educational platform where you can earn while you learn. Call in on your time zone at 7:30pm EST, 6:30pm CST, 5:30pm MST and 4:30pm PST by calling the studio number at 347-945-6003 and hit the one key if you have a question or comment.

  • Active Listening: What Is It & 7 Techniques to Improve Your Skills

    in Business

    “Are you even listening to me?”
    Has anyone ever said that to you? Have you asked someone that very question? Whether you’re the one asking, or you’re being asked, it’s a question that’s important when two people are trying to communicate.
    They found that there were three useful conditions for successful counseling - empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard.
    In other words - trying to put yourself in the other person's shoes, and doing it in a way that made them feel safe and heard, without judgment, resulted in more successful results. Imagine that!
    "Active listening is an important way to bring about changes in people. Despite the popular notion that listening is a passive approach, clinical and research evidence clearly shows that sensitive listening is a most effective agent for individual personality change and group development." - Rogers & Farson
    What is An Example of Active Listening?
    For example, let’s say Donna and John are having a conversation about their workday while eating dinner. 
    Donna says, “Wow. Today was tough. The owner came in and watched our performance for what seemed forever. I was on edge all day and now I’m exhausted!”
    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, coaches

  • 10 Practical Things You Can Do to Improve Your Communication Skills

    in Business

    What is Good Communication?
    Good communication comes down to a variety of factors. And yes, it’s up to both the message-giver and receiver to make communicating effective.
    How to Improve Communication Skills
    Interpersonal communication is called interpersonal communication because it’s taking place between two people.
    Maybe you grew up in a family that was just bad at communicating or you’ve picked up some bad habits along the way. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your communication skills and remind yourself of how to do so in a healthy and effective way.
    Practice Active Listening
    Misunderstandings are all-too-common. Yet, many of these misunderstandings could be well avoided by simply listening. And this doesn’t mean listening and responding with the first thing that pops into your head. It means actively listening.
     Pay Attention to Your Body Language
    If you’re speaking nicely but your arms are crossed and you’re frowning, this probably won’t come off how you intend it to. Body language matters!
     Be Specific
    Generalized statements tend to confuse people.
    Thus, the more specific the better. Instead of saying “that thing,” name the object. If you’re recalling an event, be specific about the when and where. Again, the more info, the better — at least this is true in most cases!
    Peopl;e who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, coaches

  • The 3 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups to Calm Down Your Mind

    in Business

    Many mental health professionals will tell us that finding and building a safety net of support around us is exactly what we need to ease the feelings of anxiety, depression and many other health issues. Further isolation can leave us spinning in our heads, with only our own thoughts to swirl around in there. 
    Reaching out to, sharing with and trusting in your community of family, friends, online support groups and health professionals gives you a solid support system to cope with your anxiety.
    There are many benefits to joining a support group. These apply to groups beyond anxiety - for major life changes, illnesses or very stressful events, we can all find comfort in others who are going through the exact same feelings, thoughts and experiences as we are. 
    7 Benefits of Joining a Support Group
    Reduces feelings of loneliness, isolation and being judged
    Gives you a sense of empowerment and control
    You can compare notes with others who have gone through the same things, doctors and alternatives
    Helps you to speak honestly and openly about your true feelings and emotions
    Can provide you with tools to improve your coping skills 
    Can reduce stress, anxiety and depression
    SMART Recovery is geared mainly toward those struggling with substance abuse, but it is also quite helpful for those dealing with anxiety. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, they have a wonderful family and friends support group.
    ADAA offers free peer to peer support groups through their Anxiety and Depression Support community. With over 68 thousand members and a very active posting forum, they offer a safe space for people who are affected by anxiety and depression and want to talk to others who understand what they are going through.
    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, life coaches, therapists

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