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Principles become revealed to the world through our behaviour. Helpful characteristics are not secrets. Nor are they mysteries. They are lessons requiring an open mind an awareness of ourselves in relation to others. While stodgy old men wanted us to believe it sucked the fun out of life, the point of true masonry is just the opposite. It is an acquired, private way of thinking. Is private a secret? I doubt it. MasonicFX

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Reading between the lines is what we do. It is what draws us to the light moreso when we find ourselves embraced by the fertile mind palaces that have brought speculative freemasonry to the point it is today. As if it needs to be said, evolution of thought did not, can not and will not hesitate. If you enjoy finding ideas, each stone found and put in place takes us one piece closer to completing the puzzle we call life. Doing it without judging yourself or others? To do this, try focusing on only what is most important and let the rest flow out of mind. Yes there are many distractions and others needing to feel complete by imposing their ideas on us. Your parents put you at the starting line. If only I had been born to genius and wealth- I would be complete within myself. Keep telling yourself that until the truth is deafening. Your genius may be buried waiting for you to find it. And remember, genius is isolating. It is insufferable unless it is tempered by a gentle nature. But unrequited until you replace one for the other. What have you to loose by trying? Overcoming challenge is what a curious mind does. You call it doubt. Others call it contemplation. You call it anxiety when the other choice to call it excitement waits for you to discover. Know that what draws your attention and time today will probably lead to other directions tomorrow. Read the work of the brightest minds you can follow. Then savour what you have learned and reflect on the next question. Rousseau, Locke, even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were ppl with lives. Hindsight elevated them. Whose to say you aren't following a similar path. Let hindsight be the judge.
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A question that I am often asked- how does a mason put the pieces together? The answer lies within. Contemplation is what the learner brings. Find reliable source material. Studying will produce questions. Write them down. That is a... more

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Becoming a mason is if nothing else, a deeply personal experience. To examine ones values, to act with self awareness are not trivial pursuits. What separates the Order from social groups is the unabashed influence of spirituality. Without... more

Before we even consider a plan we have some structural problems to overcome. This plan will confront the prevailent attitude of the day- the individual truth is the right. It will require each one of us learning the work required to achieve... more

Where I practice Freemasonry, we import history to mix with the young wine of a start up nation. Once, not so long ago our learning was sourced in our Grand Lodge. Gradually science moved forward. New and fascinating uses were... more

Freemasonry may well be the mindset that draws attention to hidden potency. To enrich the mind, we need to look up at sacred geometry, at the depths and heights of understanding. Is it wrong to think that Freemasonry exposes the... more

If we were completely rational, we would be so much easier to control. Our galleries would be empty. Books of poetry would be blank pages. Arrangement would override sponteneous acts. AI would rule. And when we looked up at the... more

Too often worries have the best of us. Unprepared, we see what is immediate, less so what is to come. Find a task that is rewarding or fail. Presented with proving merit, it is easy to find fault with the Order and feel unnerved by... more

It may be hard to believe, there was a man who survived the death camps but lost his family to the same suffering and founded a new way of approaching existence and materialism. As a student studying therapy faculty introduced me to a thin... more
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