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Islamic Issues, Sharia Law, Islamic Doctrine and it's Theocracy.

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They came as slaves; vast human cargo transported on tall British ships bound for the Americas... "Alan" from Espanola, Ontario is a racist beyond belief... Sick of the saturated coverage of the New Zealand incident... Thank... more

UK: Returning Islamic State jihadis join a ?jihadi union? demanding their ?right? to return... Omar Khadr's beautiful home in Edmonton, Alberta... Justin Trudeau is an actor, not a prime minister... More Canadian Soldiers dying while... more

On Sunday, January 27, terrorists set off two bombs during Mass at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo, Philippines. At least 20 people were killed and 111 wounded... If you are one of the 3,400 mullahs who... more

Just three months after two young Scandinavian women were savagely beheaded by ISIS terrorists while hiking in Morocco, the British paper The Independent has issued a travel guide for single women recommending they... more

A high school art project helped students gain a new perspective by connecting them with people of the Islamic faith... What personality is most vulnerable to Islamic State recruitment in the West (simple, the disenfranchised,... more

DAMN YOU, TRUDEAU! More ISIS coming to Canada?... Beating back the Migrants... Weird news stories about pipe-bombs and disappearing women in Canada... SNC Lavalin (as briefly and very poorly explained by Yours Truly)...... more

I'm serious, there is a new Invasion occuring, the USA is in for it with the Fauna! The big guns are coming in, the Elk, the Caribou, the Moose, and Deer with their Anchor babies... I'll have serious topics, too, including Relevant News, Politics,... more

Islam is quite the something!... Shamima Begum and ISIS: What are we Missing?... Kelly Day is off to the UK for the Panadrama" UK expose'... Kel's teeth take a huge beating... Some women are stupid... Yellow Vests and United We... more

The Trudeau government is fast-tracking the approval process for asylum claimants coming from the world's most violent and dangerous societies... Poor Moslem thinks he's been racially profiled... Tripping out over a t-shirt... Serves... more

Last year (2018) it was Year of the Dog, this year, it's pigs via the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Islam is so sensitive! AOC wants to get rid of cows?... Knock it off with the black face crap, it's annoying me... Happy St. Valentine's Day...... more