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    Sync: Aligning Your Life for Greatness 6

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    Join thought leader and global influencer Jamelle Sanders for a powerful and thought-provoking conversation about the power of alignment in every area of your life. In this episode, Jamelle explores the power of aligning with your life's work. 

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Cara Brown 11/09/22

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    I am happy to have my inspiring friend Cara Brown, who is an award-winning watercolor artist, teacher,  and writer, back as my guest for Live Your Music. Join us for a conversation about Art, Beauty, Creativity, Curiosity, Connection, and how they can add JOY to life.
    After two decades in the corporate world as an Information Architect, Cara started selling her watercolors for the first time at Marin Open Studios in May of 2007.  The response and success at that event inspired her to seek out other venues to show her work and a new career as a working artist was started.
    In 2011 she began leading weekly watercolor groups.  She discovered that teaching and creating supportive environments for artists to learn and grow came naturally to her.  There are now between 20 and 30 artists who come to paint on a regular basis – a real community has formed.  They have named themselves the 537 Magnolia Artists, after the address of the space where they have painted (Niz Brown’s real estate office in Larkspur) until shifting to ZOOM in March of 2020.
    The past year has been a quiet, intimate time for Cara.  She has been sensing the call to pay attention to the ways in which the pandemic and the other ways in which the world is unsettled is asking for humanity to find a new path forward.  Cara is a long-time student of the evolution of consciousness and how the artist’s consciousness shows up in the work they make. She has been exploring a new way to write, is tip-toeing into writing her first book, and feels still quite “in-process” in this moment.
    To connect with Cara Brown, visit her website: www.lifeinfullcolor.com

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    Mental Health Hypnotherapy

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    Greg Keily is a Mental Health Mindset Coach & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, based in Australia.
    He is certified through the American Board of Hypnotherapy and assists people to remove Negative Emotions from past events, that are affecting their happiness today and them with their True Purpose in life.
    Accessing their different levels of consciousness, clients begin to create their future, instead of struggling through life with unconscious blockages.
    Greg was also an Australian Navy Clearance Diver (SEAL Team equivalent), an integral part of the Queensland Police Service as a Field Training Officer and also ranked in the TOP 1% of sales people in Australia with large franchise property groups, utilising his “Psychology Behind Successful Selling” techniques.
    After a Near Death Experience in the military, Greg began suffering Panic Attacks, severe Anxiety, deep dark Depression, PTSD triggers, Self-Sabotage, Eating Disorders and Suicidal thoughts.
    He then discovered “Holistic Therapy” which resulted in very fast, long-term success.
    This led him to study Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics.
    He introduced these theories into his therapy so clients “Create” a life they love, instead of being emotionally impacted by negative people and surrounding environments.
    Greg’s clients are achieving absolutely amazing results, as they learn to increase their awareness to connect and utilise their higher power, to enjoy life on a much higher level.
    Join Greg, and “Get involved” in his podcasts, live sessions and recorded coaching, as you never know where it may lead you and the amazing results you could achieve.

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    11/26/2022 Anointed & Appointed Word Ministries with Brother Norman Woodard

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    "Blessed In Distress" {Psalm 4:1} Call 917.388.4161 Saturdays 10am EST / 9am CST to hear a Rhema Word, ask for prayer or give a praise report.

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    Relationship Red Flags! BE CAREFUL

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    Join me and my return guest/co-host Christopher Barnes, as we discuss relationship red flags. Do NOT fall for the okie doke. Folks are slick and have motives and have harmfl sides to them. Be aware. Join us to be enlightened.

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    Linda Kissam - The Pleasure of Shopping

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    From the Christmas Markets of Germany to the Historic Downtowns of America, and from handcrafted gifts to regional souvenirs, this episode of Big Blend Radio features travel writer Linda Kissam "Food, Wine & Shopping Diva" who talks about the joys of shopping. Did you know that studies show that shopping causes your brain to release Serotonin, which is a chemical that makes you feel good? We call that a "Ping!" Read Linda's story about it here: https://blendradioandtv.com/listing/ping-the-pleasure-of-shopping/ This show is part of Big Blend Radio hosts and full-time travelers Nancy J. Reid' and Lisa D. Smith's Love Your Parks Tour "Mission Possible" Shopping Story series assigned by Linda Kissam. Stay tuned to a special Big Blend "Mission Possible Shopping" Magazine coming out in time for holiday shopping. Subscribe here: https://blendradioandtv.com/listing/join-us/ 

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    Noon Day Prayer

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    Join Elder Joyce Hairston of The Anointing Full Gospel Center Diocese for prayer every Friday at 12 noon! Email our 24-Hour prayer message center at theanointing@afgcgoodnews.org, submit your prayer request by Friday morning between 7am and 10am!

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    Optimize my Life presents Travel Tuesday with Ron Claydon and Rick Reese

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    Are you struggling with your vision stuck in your life? Have you ever had the travel bug and wished you could travel more but can't afford it? Listen to Tuesdays and learn how you make your dreams and visions of travel possible. 

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    Vote ! Or ......

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    On todays show we will be discussing why its so important to go exercise your right to vote  and why its important to support your local community . All this and More while you are Live N The Day wit J Radio 

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    We are a community that has endured for longer than we can measure. We have a strength, not built on numbers but on a continued sense of unity. This might be the angst experienced by Grand Lodge representatives- how to influence growth?-how to influence depth? - how to enter the minds of men to examine what motivates and inspires.  The answers to these reasonable questions are murky. Put all our finest philosophical minds in one room and they would show us consensus is not an outcome but a process.  We will always question and reason. Best answers are temporary, evasive, situational. Without preamble or discourse on how they were reached, they fall somewhere between opinion and popularity. It has been this way because we know there is truth to it. And the more we respect diversity, we hope out of that men will take responsibility for consensus building.  Those that do are legends. Those that aren't, have questions to ask and answers to debate. Let's say a lodge membership all read Scottish masonic history. We might not assume they would all have the same reaction, but would they have a framework on which to build. But to build what? I think they would invest on creating atmosphere, conducive to their collective sense of masonry. Scottish culture tends to stabilize anxieties. It is a story of integrity and authenticity.  It is one of a number of cites around the world with that capability. Some men reach back to understand their cultural roots. Others focus on survival and moving forward. Is there are right or wrong? But put a small group of like minded ppl together and they have a different potential. Even though masonry an overarching community, it is thousands of smaller cultures, known to tyled lodges that we never see.  Is the conversation informed? How does harmonics and the common good play out? As projects in process. Take nothing for granted, everything in moderation and respect the body of knowledge. SMIB

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    Faith For Fiery Trials & Pre Telethon Show

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    Kristee Hall telling her story! 
    Second half...Give what you can...Doing nothing changes nothing 

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