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  • More Brain Weaknesses from Dave Asprey's Head Strong book

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    The kyryptonite we consume in the air, foods and other means are weakening our brains DAILY. Find out more brain weaknesses in this episode.
    You can also join the waitlist for the next BrainBuilders Masterclass HERE.

  • CUTV News Radio spotlights Paula Apro of Mariposa Energy

    in Health

    Rockland, ME – Paula Apro is the founder of Mariposa Energy, an energy medicine practice dedicated to healing your body and mind to look and feel better naturally.
    Our bodies are made of energy. When these energies become stagnant or blocked, illness and disease result. Energy Medicine balances and restores your body’s natural energies. According to Paula, when these energies are in balance and flowing properly, it can increase your vitality and optimize your health.
    Paula recalls she suffered from severe stress for most of her adult life, not due to a particularly difficult job or even a particularly difficult life, but rather her genetic makeup. She experienced a profound trauma when she was young, losing her mother at a very early age, leaving her hyper-sensitive, with all systems in her body on hyper-alert. She learned how to turn it into a blessing and use this high level of sensitivity to read, not only her own body’s energies, but also those of her clients. 
    I got very interested in the power inside me to heal myself without surgery, and without prescription drugs. It was profound. There is no limit to what you can do if you know how to control your mind. It’s just so powerful that I feel like I want to change the world.”
    Today, Paula practices Eden Energy Medicine, developed by Donna Eden, one of the pioneers in energy medicine, as well as The Emotion Code™ developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.
    “What brings people to me is how truly passionate and excited I am to help them,” says Paula. “Energy medicine is a commitment to put the work and the effort into healing yourself. I am not a healer, I cannot heal you, however I can teach you and help you heal yourself.”
    For more information on Mariposa Energy www.mariposaenergytherapy.com

  • Safe Strength Training for Enhanced Cognitive Health

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    eCareDiary will speak to Lawrence Neal, Founder of Corporate Warrior, the High Intensity Training Business and Lifestyle Podcast about anti-ageing exercises for seniors and tips to get started on a safe strength training schedule for long term benefits.

  • Cultivate Your Inner Shine With Yoga

    in Health

    Yoga is much more than the physical stretches on a yoga mat.  It helps to enhance healing and cultivate your inner shine.
     I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, author of the Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me book series, Love in the Blizzard of Life and Healing Through Love Lessons. 
    Sindy Warren is a certified yoga/meditation teacher by passion, attorney by trade, and author of Radi8, Using the Practice to Cultivate Your Inner shine. She was drawn to yoga for the physical practice.  Very soon she discovered that yoga helped her to deal with life challenges more effectively.   

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    Joy Filled Visits To Engage Those With Dementia

    in Caregiving

    Our host Lori La Bey talks with Julie Bigham to discuss how to help families engage those they love with dementia. Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio and learn some new techniques and find out about a great tool.  Julie is working on a book as she has had some many requests for more information.
    Contact Julie Bigham at Joy Filled Visits, LLC
    Email:  julsbigham@yahoo.com
    Website: www.joyfilledvisits.com
    Phone:  704-910-9279
    For Additional Resources Visit:

  • Dr. Ron Unfiltered Uncensored Episode 279 Guest Dr William Wong

    in Health

    Dr. Ron Unfiltered Uncensored 
    Dr. Ron who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice and a Charter member of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and a licensed Acupuncturist is joined by Dr. Gerry and Dr. Dan to host this weekly podcast on the latest medical news and information We are not influenced by Big Pharma and will give you honest opinions on the news, medical devices and we have terrific guests. We have over 150 years of combined medical experience and are grateful to share it with you. 
    Dr. Wong's aproach to Natural Health is multifaceted: He blends his compassionate nature for human life with his extensive knowledge of Natural Health remedies and adds his solid backgound in spirituality which makes his ability to help direct people towards a healthier and happier life very unique.
    Dr. William Wong is a Classical Naturopath, a PhD. Exercise Physiologist, Texas State Naturopathic Medical Association professional member, Certified Athletic Trainer (AATA), Certified Sports Medicine Trainer (ASMA), World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame member, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame member, Old Rite Catholic Priest and Health/Fitness Consultant.
    Dr. William Wong is devoted to:
    teaching his philosophy on what he has found to be the cornerstones of a healthy and active life helping people understand the root causes of chronic illnesses and disease bringing to light information on new and effective natural remedies for chronic illnesses teaching little known information about exercise You can hear us on BlogTalkRadio, Stitcher, iTunes, GooglePlay, Alexa, and others.
    Reach us live at 347-989-8899  
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  • Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Status of the Feminine Riane Eisler

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Riane Eisler. 
    IANE EISLER, JD, PhD (hon), is a systems scientist and cultural historian whose research has inspired both scholars and social activists. Her work shows that raising the status of women is key to constructing a more equitable and less violent world based on partnership rather than domination, and she pioneered the expansion of human rights theory and action to include the rights of women and children. She is co-founder and president of the   Center for Partnership Studies (CPS), dedicated to research and education, and Editor in Chief of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, an online peer-reviewed journal at the University of Minnesota that was inspired by her work. 
    Dr. Eisler is internationally known for her bestseller "The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future, now in 27 foreign editions. Her book on economics, "The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics, was hailed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu as “a template for the better world we have been so urgently seeking,” by Gloria Steinem as “revolutionary,” and by Jane Goodall as “a call to action.” Her most recent book, "Transforming Inter professional Partnerships won national and international awards.
    Dr. Eisler keynotes conferences nationally and internationally, has addressed the United Nations General Assembly, the U.S. Department of State, and Congressional briefings, and has spoken at corporations and universities worldwide. She consults on applications of the partnership model introduced in her work.

  • CUTV News Radio spotlights Dr. Victor Vogel of the Geisinger Cancer Institute

    in Health

    Lewisburg, PA – Dr. Victor Vogel is the Director of Breast Medical Oncology and Research at the Geisinger Cancer Institute. For 32 years, Dr. Vogel has stood at the forefront of academic medical oncology, dedicating his career to breast cancer clinical research.
    “Early in my career, I got very interested in the question of why women get breast cancer,” says Dr. Vogel.
    In the 1980s, mammographic breast screening had not yet been widely implemented, but there was great interest in cancer prevention. Dr. Vogel joined MD Anderson in Houston, a part of the University of Texas and a huge international cancer center. While at MD Anderson, Dr. Vogel established a clinic designed to recruit women who had increased risk of breast cancer.
    “For 15 years, I was enrolling women in research studies to answer that question: can we reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by using a simple pill to reduce their risk?” says Dr. Vogel. “And the answer is yes, we were able to do that.”
    Not only did these interventions reduce the risk of recurrence in early breast cancer, but tamoxifen reduced the risk of a second breast cancer in the opposite breast. That’s prevention.
    After a 25-year career in clinical research, Dr. Vogel spent 16 months as the national vice president for research for the American Cancer Society. In 2010, Dr. Vogel joined the Geisinger Health System, as their cancer center director. Today, Dr. Vogel is the head of Geisinger’s breast cancer program where he sees patients five days a week.
    “I thoroughly believe that breast cancer, like small pox and polio, will ultimately be prevented through a more complete understanding of its etiology and the contributing risk factors.”
    For more information on Dr. Victor Vogel, visit www.geisinger.edu

  • Part 4: CUTV News Radio welcomes back Dr. Victoria Mondloch

    in Health

    Waukesha, WI – Dr. Victoria Mondloch is a practicing physician with over 30 years of experience specializing in women’s health, family medicine and preventive health and wellness. An OBGYN by training, today Dr. Mondloch describes herself as a wellness physician, partnering with her patients to deliver the best healthcare possible.
    According to Dr. Mondloch, the foundation of health is hormonal balance, which traditional western medicine too often ignores, overlooks or outright dismisses. Dr. Mondloch says hormones should be the first thing we examine.
    This is especially important for young adolescent girls entering puberty, but pediatrician offices are not set up to adequately meet the adolescent’s needs. They need to feel not only engaged, but listened to, and above all, educated.
    “My shift in approach is that I feel nobody addresses or educates the adolescent,” says Dr. Mondloch. “So many physicians don’t take the time to educate them or their mothers, but who else is going to teach a young girl who has just had her first period about hormones?”
    That’s why Dr. Mondloch wrote Blossoming: Becoming a Woman, an owner’s manual for the transition from young adult to womanhood. Blossoming offers mothers and daughters the groundbreaking truth about becoming a woman that they won’t find on the internet.
    “I want every woman, every mom and their adolescent daughter, to understand that there’s a resource they can go to,” says Dr. Mondloch. “If this book doesn’t help, they can go to their gynecologist, and if the gynecologist doesn’t help, they can contact me directly.”
    For more information on Dr. Victoria Mondloch, visit www.victoriajmondlochmdsc.com

  • CUTV News Radio spotlights Leslie Bonci of Active Eating Advice

    in Nutrition

    Pittsburgh, PA – Leslie Bonci is the founder of Active Eating Advice. A registered dietitian for 36 years, Bonci combines the science and psychology of nutrition to help individuals develop a harmonious relationship with food.
    “Nutrition is the perfect marriage of not only what we eat, but when we eat, how much we eat, and why we eat,” says Bonci. “Active eating is about eating to fuel an active lifestyle and making our food work better for us.”
    That’s why Bonci’s tagline is "Be fit, fed, and fearless:” that is what food should help us accomplish.
    “When people project goals on their eating, their thoughts go right to what they're not going to do, what they can’t eat,” says Bonci. “It's a recipe for failure. You're too focused on a negative.”
    Instead painting yourself into a corner with your choices, Bonci’s approach offers a broader repertoire that does not ignore the importance of flavor.
    Bonci says Active Eating is about consistency.
    “Cheat days are not consistent! It's a lot of mind games. If you're on a restricted eating pattern and you're getting on that scale and it's showing you nothing you want to see, that's it, you're done. That is psychological debilitation. Right there you're heaving the scale out the window in frustration,” says Bonci. “Let's approach this problem in a more positive way so we're teaching you to be their own cheerleader and not beat themselves up if they didn't always see that number on the scale.”
    For more information on Active Eating Advice, visit www.activeeatingadvice.com

  • #MindfulHealthyHabits - Lisa Rufsholm - Hair Analysis Nutrition #WoMRadio

    in Nutrition

    Lisa Rufsholm has 7 years of experience as a Certified Nutritional Consultant in Hair Analysis working with clients worldwide.  Using your hair to specifically formulate what your body needs, she specializes in detoxifying and rebuilding at the cell.  She educates with guidance, to scientifically address your health concerns & imbalances while looking for the cause.  She works with adrenal burnout, heavy metal toxicity, disease, fatigue, digestion, inflammation, thyroid issues, weight struggles, brain fog and other symptoms.  You will feel changes physically, emotionally and mentally.  To get well you must improve the cell!  She helps people get healthy from the cell out to LOOK and FEEL better!
    You can also join the facebook group.
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