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  • Insights to Caring & Coping with Jana Panarites on Alzheimer's Speaks Radio

    in Caregiving

    Lori La Bey host of Alzheimer's Speaks Radio talk openly with Jana Panarites, Author and Podcaster on lessons learned and shared by herself and others.  She talks openly about her own story and her mother's dementia in her book the "Scattered: My Years as an Accidental Caregiver" as well as on her own podcast  Agewyz. 
    Call in and talk with us at (323) 870-4602.
    Contact Jana Panarites:
    Email:  jana@agewyz.com                   
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JanaPanarites
    Agewyz Media: www.agewyz.com
    Additional Resources on Dementia and Caregiving on Alzheimer's Speaks 
    Dementia Chats Video where people with dementia speak out
    Speakers, Trainers, Consultants

  • Benefits of Pilates for Mind and Body Balance

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst Steinmetz will speak to Jennifer Lucas, Owner of Synergy Center for Wellness about tips on using Pilates in the midst of busy schedules.

  • What is CBD and should you take it with expert Dr. Murdoch

    in Health

    Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi is Senior Medical Advisor for Elevate Hemp and has written numerous health and wellness books and spoken on such topics extensively, including on The Doctors, 20/20, CNN, etc. Dr. Khaleghi has helped launch multiple testing companies that focus on creating scientific rigor for supplement therapies. Through such trials and testing, he has developed an expertise on the endocannabinoid system, and the potential for treatments targeting this system. He is passionate for natural interventions that can decrease pain and inflammation, support mood and stabilize energy.
      Athletes as early adopters: Whether you are an ultramarathoner or a powder hound, you want to find recovery relief without the unnecessary risks and complications associated with pharmaceutical products such as opioids.
    Dr Ron and Dr Gerry are always bringing you the latest medical innovations and news so that you can lead a full life and have options to prescription medications.
    email us at docronradio@gmail.com
    Our facebook page is Dr Ron Unfiltered Uncensored

  • Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Pussy Church's Sister Dandelion

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health quetions followed by a 30 minute interview with Sister Dandelion. Sister Dandelion is a cofounder and trustee of the Church of Modern Witchcraft. A poet and priestess, she has been practicing witchcraft and reading the Tarot for 25 years. She honors Z Budapest, Starhawk, and Susun Weed as her witchcraft mentors and foresisters. As a radical feminist, Sister Dandelion has organized and collaborated with women on issues such as male violence, reproductive freedom and women's health, lesbian liberation, and the creation of woman-loving culture in the context of a woman-hating system. 

  • TS Radio Network: Dialysis Advocates # 9

    in Health

    Our guest: David W. Moskowitz, MD
    - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Medical Officer, and Founder of GenoMed, Inc. (GenoMed.com) Dr. Moskowitz majored in Chemistry (summa cum laude) at Harvard College, Biochemistry (first class honours) at Merton College, Oxford, and received an MD (cum laude) from the Harvard-MIT Division in Health Sciences and Technology (Harvard Medical School). He trained for 7 years in Internal Medicine, Biochemistry, and Nephrology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis before spending 11 years on the faculty of St. Louis University School of Medicine. Since 1994, Dr. Moskowitz has experienced first hand the clinical effectiveness of knowing a disease-associated gene (the angiotensin converting enzyme, or ACE, gene). Dr. Moskowitz is a pioneer in the field of medical genomics, and has been recognized for his groundbreaking treatment of diseases associated with the angiotensin I-converting enzyme, such as chronic renal failure due to hypertension or type II diabetes.
    Arlene Mullin — advocate, 20 years experience guiding patients and their families through all aspects of End Stage Renal Disease treatments.  Mullin has served patients in a majority of states, engaging both Medicare and state health authorities towards resolution of quality care issues at clinics.  Comprehensive knowledge of care issues on clinic level.  She was instrumental in getting the hearings on aging before the U.S. Senate in 2000 where she testified on patient care issue within the dialysis industry.
    Dialysis Advocates is grateful for the opportunity to get this important message out for all Dialysis Patients.

  • The 2 Week Head Strong Program

    in Health

    From Dave Asprey's book, Head Strong, today, we get down and dirty with the specifics of the 2 week plan to get a stronger brain!

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    Fireside Chats Ep. 7: Michael Sodini of Walk The Talk America

    in Health

    Support the Podcast at: https://www.subscribestar.com/johncrump
    Brought to You by XTech Tactical. Check out XTech Tactical at https://www.xtechtactical.com/?ap_id=crumpyss%3F
    Michael Sodini is a former Abercrombie & Fitch model and the President and owner of Eagle Imports. Eagle Imports is the importer of brands such as Bersa, MAC, and Llama. They are one of the biggest gun companies in the world, but Mike is the "ungun gun guy."
    He grew up in the liberal haven of San Francisco before moving to New York for his modeling career. He met his model ex-wife and the mother of his children while traveling the world, but he needed a change which led Mike into guns. A chance meeting in a restaurant years later and coming across a proposition paper by Mental Health America inspired him to try to combat the stigma of mental health and help those who need help the most.
    He founded "Walk the Talk America" (wtta.org) to accomplish this mission. Being a sufferer of anxiety makes this topic very near and dear to my heart. I had to have him on the podcast. This topic isn't always an easy topic to deal with, but one that is necessary to confront. 
    Please Visit: https://www.wtta.org for more information and take their free screening at https://walkthetalkamerica.org/love/ 

  • Wednesday Coffee Buzz

    in Health

    Please come join us for the latest updates and information

  • CUTV News Radio spotlights Alice Williams of Blackwater Healing

    in Health

    Smithers, BC – Alice Williams is a Holistic Health Practitioner and founder of Blackwater Healing. An energy healer for 30 years, Alice says if we’re willing to do the work, we can make vast changes in our life. We can create a new habit of expressing appreciation for what we have that immediately raises our vibration and brings positive things.
    “The thing that makes energy healing so powerful and very simple at the same time is that it's our basic nature,” says Alice. “Everything is energy. The universe is energy. So when you heal on an energetic level, all you really have to do is raise your vibration. The better you feel, the better you think, the better you express your emotions, the happier you are, the healthier you are.”
    Through her revelatory experiences, Alice was able to make great changes in her life. She knows firsthand how difficult it can be.
    “I was very ill. My whole body was struggling I had a lot of physical pain and a lot of emotional pain. It was, “Do I want to live or do I want to die?” recalls Alice.
    “I really had to change my life so I started studying energy healing. I read books on health along the way and studied herbs and plants and a little bit psychology, social psychology, family psychology. And it led me eventually to energy healing. I felt quite amazingly different after. I could feel energy moving in my body; it reduced the pain significantly.”
    “All these problems we all have are just energy out of balance,” says Alice. “If you keep your energy in balance, you're going to be a healthy person, no matter what.”
    For more information on Black Water Healing, visit www.blackwaterhealing.com

  • ADHD Parenting Is about Being Present

    in Health

    Being the parent of an ADHD child is very, very challenging. Most parents focus on the behavior of the child. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we take a look at the behavior of the adult and as well as the challenges of self-regulation and the meaning of being present for the child to help their self-regulation and manage technology.  Your host, ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com), interviews ADHD coach Christine Robinson (www.addactioncoach.com) on this topic in detail. They share some connections you might not be aware of and some insights as to how to pay attention to your child in a way that will have a significant impact. If anything here speaks to you, this is a show you don't want to miss.
    Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD), including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder, adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Attention Talk Radio, hosted by Jeff Copper, attention and ADHD coach, is designed to help adults and children (particularly those diagnosed with or impacted by attention deficit disorder or its symptoms) in life or business who are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It will help adults and children get unstuck and moving forward by helping to open their minds and pay attention to what works.
    Attention Talk Radio host Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach. To learn more about Jeff go to www.digcoaching.com.

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    Principles Behind Solving Chronic Pain from a Pain Specialist - Melissa Cady, DO

    in Health

    In this second interview with spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom, Melissa Cady, DO, a pain specialist and anesthesiologist, talks about the principles that have shaped her patient-centered approach to treating chronic pain. These help patients leverage their body's capacity to heal. She also discusses some of the factors in our current healthcare system that may be preventing physicians from delivering more effective treatment of chronic pain to patients. For more information, go to: http://backincontrol.com.