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  • Part 1: CUTV News Radio Spotlights Dr. Frank Lawlis of The PNP Center

    in Psychology

    Lewisville, TX – Dr. Frank Lawlis is a clinical and medical psychologist and co-founder of the PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center. The PNP Center’s primary mission is to providing objective diagnoses and treatment programs for individuals dealing with problems associated with neurological issues. Through a multifaceted diagnostic assessment, PNP Center can help find solutions to the variety of challenges in neurological and psychological development.
    “We want to find answers to problem behaviors, but most of all, we want to help people discover and utilize the tremendous talent and abilities they have for an abundant life,” says Dr. Lawlis.
    “We do a full assessment, putting everything together in terms of introducing new approaches to how to re-balance the mind and the body,” says Dr. Lawlis.
    Medical psychology explores how the body reacts to the brain and how the brain reacts to the body. Psycho-Neuroplasticity means we can change the brain patterns to correct destructive directions.
    Dr. Lawlis’s passion is using rhythms and sound frequencies to correct imbalances in the body and disrupt destructive brain patterns. To that end, Dr. Lawlis invented the bioacoustical utilization device, or BAUD.
    “My theory is that you can use these drumming sequences and sounds to basically interrupt the brain pattern, disrupting the connection and replacing it with a pattern of joy and happiness,” says Dr. Lawlis. “It's re-balancing the brain and restructuring some of the patterns of those neurological connections so that you don't go down that spiral of despair and you can experience true joy.”
    For more information on PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center, visit www.pnpcenter.com

  • Mental Health: When Bullying Leads to a Childs/Teenagers Suicide

    in Psychology

    Suicide is real in teenagers and children. It is a rampant event that is taking over society. The loss of a child or teenager should not happen and parents should not have to bury their child. Why are children bullied and what can we as a community do about it? Including, how can the churches help. Do parents know the signs and symptoms of suicide in their children or teenagers? Today Tune in and learn how you can help your child or teenager and talk with the school's about reducing the impact of suicide from bullying.

  • Big Blend Radio: Cool the Patio and the Planet!

    in Environment

    Join Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, the mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine and Parks & Travel Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Nature Connection Show, airing live online from the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona. ON THIS EPISODE: - Living Canopies - Dave Tilley - Co-founder of Living Canopies that creates The Living Umbrella, the world's first and only patio-styled umbrella that uses beautiful flowering plants to shade and protect people naturally. Adam M. Roberts - Executive Director of Bethesda Green, a Maryland organization focused on building a sustainable economy locally with a focus on innovation, impact, and community - The Plot to Cool the Planet - Environmental lawyer turned author Sam Bleicher discusses his new novel that puts global warming at the center of a gripping speculative fiction story that involves a murder mystery, a daring secret plot, and dangerous international controversy and conflict. Featured music is “Loving the Land” by Wally Lawder, and Deep in the Water by Gary Douglas. Thanks to show sponsors fine art nature photographer Margot Carrera and JKS Communications.

  • Part 2: CUTV News Radio Welcomes Back Dr. Vatsala S. Sastry

    in Medicine

    Brooksville, FL - Dr. Vatsala Sastry is an exceptional infectious disease doctor for over 29 years.
    “I absolutely never give up on my patients,” says Dr. Sastry. “My job is to diagnose anything related to an infection. I’m not a “pill mill” doctor instead I make certain to methodically diagnose underlying causes and I steadfastly persevere no matter what obstacles and complications may exist. I’m resolutely determined to take exemplary care of each and every one of my patients.”
    “Infectious diseases for the most part are diagnosable, treatable, readily available, and most of the time it’s a reversible illness,” says Dr. Sastry. “Every patient is different and I’m totally mindful of making sure the patient receives the most thorough treatment regardless of insurance and costs. I have prevailed over many insurance cases for my patients because my first priority is they get the best possible treatment.”
    Infectious diseases occurs more profusely when our immune system does not function properly when outside bacteria can gain access into our bodies. Fortunately, our bodies possess a remarkably strong immune system that is able to propitiously protect us, provided that we are healthy individuals.
    “In order for people to maintain healthy immune systems they must also be mentally positive,” says Dr. Sastry. “Suffering from depression negatively impacts our physical bodies. In order to prevent diseases it’s also absolutely vital to eat healthy, exercise daily, avoid smoking and definitely limit your alcohol consumption.”
    “I strongly urge everyone to have the upmost love and respect for your body and learn how to keep yourself in the best possible shape so you can have the most purposeful life,” says Dr. Sastry.

  • Part 2: CUTV News Radio Spotlights Tonya Harris of Slightly Greener

    in Environment

    St. Charles, IL – Tonya Harris is an environmental toxicity specialist and the founder of Slightly Greener, where she helps parents remove the toxins from their homes that are affecting their family's health. With over a decade of professional experience in Holistic Nutrition and over two decades of experience educating the public on products and toxins that affect their health and wellbeing, Tonya offers families simple and doable solutions to reducing toxins, without turning their lifestyle upside-down.
    To help parents reach this goal, Tonya has developed the READ Method: remove plastics from the kitchen; eat organic as much as possible; avoid artificial fragrance and scented air fresheners; dust areas of the home where the family spends the most time.
    “I've been able to incorporate everything I’m passionate about under one brand,” says Tonya. “I've been speaking on de-stigmatizing learning disabilities and mental health in children and how to optimize brain health through simple lifestyle changes. Everything I do is for kids.”
    As a childhood leukemia survivor and the mother of three (one with multiple learning disabilities), Tonya’s path has led her to helping parents learn how toxins in the home can affect their child’s health.
    Tonya differentiates herself through her education. She received her master's degree in holistic nutrition to further solidify her expertise. Today, Tonya is board-certified in holistic nutrition.
    For more information on Slightly Greener, visit www.slightlygreener.com

  • Mental Health Awareness #Mind4Body

    in Psychology

    It has been 70 years that MHA has been around to promote mental health awareness in the public. Mental health is real, it is not a joke, it is not something that a person makes up and it is cry for help. We need to stop shaming people into thinking that they are the problem and nothing is wrong with them and if they would just do better in their life they would have a good life. That is a lie and people need to be accepted as they are and know it is okay to not be okay. Children, teenagers and adults suffer from mental illness. The average statistic for mental health in children is one in five. To have a positive outlook on life and to have a great Mental Health it depends on your mind, body and spirit. Tune in to learn how and why that spirituality, counseling, pet companions, friends, and adequate amount time on social media can help with your mental health. Also, you need a correct balance in your life of work and time for yourself. If you cannot give to yourself first you will be empty vessel giving to others. This applies to parenting to.

  • Karen Page and Suki talk to everyone

    in Social Sciences

    Tonight we are doing a little experiment were having a psychic and a medium on the same show.  I like this because often times people have different styles, Karen and Suki have become good friends to the show so its going to be interesting how they interact which eachother. Suki does her best work with pictures and we advice that when you call in you be ready to send your pictures to Suki. Karen will be taking the psychic quesitons and Suki will be taking the medium questions. 

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  • Mental Health Awareness: Co-occuring Disorders,Medical and Physical, Problems

    in Psychology

    We always hear the term mental health awareness, but how does that impact our physical and psychological beings. In the psychological and psychiatric settings many providers believe that your mental health can be impacted by your physical health which therefore impacts your spiritual mind. there are differences in eastern and western medicine and the treatment of co-occuring disorders in individuals can vary. That could mean that a person can have diabetes and be depressed. Or, have a substance abuse and mental health problem. Today we will talk about each of those subjects and how we as a society can learn to understand and help people with mental health and physical disorders.

  • Mental Health:What Happens When You're Not Living Your Passion?

    in Psychology

    have you stop living your dream and passion for your life, your family and your future grandchildren. What happens when we stop living our passion it can impact our mental health. Yes, depression, anxiety and other mental health situations and factors can occur. If you're not doing what you love then you're doing what you hate. Sometimes, having three jobs doing what you love is better than doing one job for what you hate. It will impact your mind body and spirit. God has a plan for us all and we all have gifts as discussed in the Bible. We're all different and all bring different talents to the world

  • Part 6: CUTV News Radio Welcomes Back Dr. Paul J. Pearce of Nova Biologicals

    in Environment

    Conroe, TX - Paul J. Pearce is a success for many reasons. It starts with his technical abilities as a scientist fascinated by microbes, but he brings many other skills to his work. He also possesses business acumen, entrepreneurial vision, and a passion for humanity. He has certainly accomplished that as the founder and chief officer of Nova Biologicals, an established and growing leader in quality laboratory testing services.
    Back in 1993, Dr. Pearce had the skills and foresight to address the vast need for public drinking water testing and has expanded the company’s range of laboratory testing services ever since. They still test water for contaminants and chemicals. With sensitivity and foresight, Nova Biologicals has moved into other areas of testing that impact human safety and health, such as the presence of Legionella, pharmaceutical development, or the pathogens that spread food-borne illnesses.
    There is nothing Dr. Pearce and his team of scientists enjoy more than a challenge and they are always getting involved in new projects. In this next part of his 12-episode radio series, Dr. Pearce is going to discuss some of these initiatives, such as one aimed at stemming the transfer of microbes like Norovirus. Another cutting-edge initiative he will talk about is related to the sterility of stem cells proposed as a non-surgical alternative to treat rotator cuff problems.
    While they stay pretty close to their Texas roots and have an outstanding reputation across the south, Nova Biologicals can meet client needs anywhere and welcomes inquiries from all types of industries and locations. They love to disseminate information, meet problems head on, and create change, particularly when it can benefit society.
    For more information about Dr. Pearce, visit http://www.novatx.com