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Live in Women

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  • Uncloaking the Real Mother Mary w/Marguerite Rigoglioso

    in Women

    Marguerite Rigoglioso, founding director of the Seven Sisters Mystery School, scholar and practitioner of the ancient Mediterranean mystery traditions is with me to uncloak Mary and discover who she really was, opposed to what we've learned about Her or what patriarchy teaches us about Her.  Most will discover aspects of Mary and Hher life that will have you realizing 'you just don't know what you don't know' idea that will take off in other aspects of your life, igniting your spiritual and intellectual curiosity. 

  • ACC NEWS Features Big Leap Coach & Reiki Master Phyllis Danu

    in Women

    From a young age, Phyllis was drawn to seeking better ways of living and cites her time in a Katimavik program as a major influence on her life. Over the years, Phyllis went through several relationships and immersed herself in education about healthy living. Her work in catering allowed her to focus her energy on nutrition and gave her an understanding about the importance of feeding the body, mind and soul correctly. 
    As the years went on, Phyllis continued her work in nutrition, practiced yoga, immersed herself in tarot card readings, dance, Reiki and eventually gained certifications in Reiki and Coaching graduating from the Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Program. Phyllis’ zest to embrace positive change accompanied by the many tools and techniques that she’s mastered, allows her to bring a fresh and result-oriented perspective to each and every client that she works with.
    All walks of life are welcome. All scenarios and situations are embraced. For Phyllis, she wants her clients to experience the fun and adventure in overcoming the challenges that hold them back. At, people can view the many incredible services that Phyllis has to offer.
    “My work is all about getting people into healthy patterns. I invite you to engage with wonder in a synergy of Body/Mind/Spirit where all potential is discoverable. As your enthusiastic partner, we will co-create an experience of body-centered mindfulness and play where genius creativity flows with ease,” exclaims Danu.

  • Christine Therriault-Merkel Joins Clifton Pettyjohn on TRANSFORMATION RADIO

    in Women

    Her credentials might not appear at all exciting through the naked eye. As Christine puts it, "I call myself an amateur expert because most of what I know comes from experiencing trauma and living through it". Christine is an advent writer, with most of her writings featured on the Medium platform and in church publications. She is a Lutheran pastor who is not afraid to speak about her personal experience with mental illnesses nor the stigmas attached to them. As a domestic violence survivor she was blacklisted by her Bishop; because she spoke out, which led to her and her family relocating to DE. Her new Bishop is an ally who not only supports her telling my story, he encourages her to do so.
    Christine is the mother of two children, a 20-year-old daughter who just finished her 2nd year of college/nursing school and a 17-year-old severely autistic son, who is non-verbal and needs to be monitored at all times. He was 3 yrs old when they received his autism diagnosis. This was shortly after finding out he had lead poisoning - the people who treated him at the told us they had never seen numbers as high as his. Racism played a big role in doctors initially dismissing the symptoms of lead poisoning because we were white, middle class and only poor, black children get lead poisoning. Christine is passionate about lifting up other women - especially women of color and trans-women. She can talk for hours about domestic violence, why misogyny (just like racism) is a cancer to the human race, and how we - as a society - need to face the realities of our illness and get the treatments necessary to heal.