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  • #08 - "How To Stay Married” with guest Dani Klein Modisett

    in Family

    Meredith and April have both been married for ten years. In Los Angeles, that’s a lifetime. But as any married person knows, marriage isn’t easy. More accurately, staying married isn’t easy. So this week author and comedienne Dani Klein Modisett, author of “Take My Spouse Please” in which she applies the rules of comedy to marriage, stops by. The conversation is equally honest and hilarious with tips every couple can use to laugh more in their marriage. Sit back and listen up. You may even wanna invite your spouse to listen to this episode of Meltdown Moms presented by Meltdown Comics!
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    in Hobbies

    Yes, you read the title correctly! We (Derrick and Aristotle) got to sit down with Grant Morrison to talk about Multiversity and Klaus, his new book from BOOM! We also talk about our picks from this week and other stuff but more importantly, GRANT MORRISON! Derrick's Picks: "Spuds Malone Book 1" & "Saints #2" Aristotle's Picks: "Doctore Strange #2", "The Vision #1" & "Pacific Rim: Tales from The Drift #1" Eddie's Picks: "Drax #1", "Howard The Duck #1" & "Pacific Rim: Tales from The Drift #1"

  • #005 - Officer or “Hey, Mr. Policeman”

    in Performing Arts

    Police work requires way more than just brute force. And as the Blue Line gets stretched thinner, we learn there’s more than one way to be truly Remarkable. Listen to it all right here on this episode of The Remarkables presented by Meltdown comics!
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  • Nicole Goux Returns!

    in Writing

    Dave Baker catches up with his partner in crime, Nicole Goux!

  • #01 Revolutionary Girl Utena!

    in Television

    Meltdown Presents: Anime Attic: #01 Revolutionary Girl Utena! #anime #podcast Welcome to Anime Attic! Blowing the dust off of old and forgotten anime since before you were born (probably)! In our premiere episode we take a seriously in depth look at one of the most beloved, classic anime series of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena! Join Producer Mason Booker, Japanese Theater Scholar Zehra Fazal, and supreme Cosplayer Raven Night as we talk about, analyze and deconstruct it into its purest form of awesomeness! www.zehrafazal.com https://www.facebook.com/RavenNightCosplay Produced and Engineered by: Mason Booker Logo by: Laura Darby www.laura.darby.com #utena #retro #animeattic #shojo #vintage #classic #revolutionary #classic #cartoon #Japanese #animation #audio

  • #07 - Anthony Piper and his Trill League

    in Hip Hop Music

    In this episode Brando Calrissian and Wednesdays Finest welcome Anthony Piper creator of Trill League (the ladies already know). Piper gives us the definition of Trill, Brando misquotes Rick Ross lyrics, and we get into the genesis of the Trill league project from a facebook post to a full blown comic series and overfunded kickstarter project. A hip hop parody of DC's Justice League, Anthony's project has gained thousands of fans (more importantly funders) and also more than a few detractors. So we get into a heavy convo on the the state of "Black Comics" and the freedom of creating outside the expected paradigm. We also chart Anthony's path as a self taught artist, changing careers, and collaborating with (Character Designer) Chase Conley. All on this Hip Hop Cool a Shit Episode of On Some Hip Hop Sh!T presented by Meltdown Comics This is heat. y'a'll Please  do yourself a favor and check out www.trillleague.com and the trill league instagram while  you listen to the pod. Yeah. We str8 #onsomehiphopshit produced by B. Schultz of Street Legends Ink and Adam Silverstein Presented by Meltdown Comics Engineered by Mason Booker and recorded at The Meltcast studios, 7522 Sunset blvd in Hollywood, CA Our theme is Produced by King SMO of the Animal Crackers Artwork by Self Uno. tweet to us @ our brand new handle @onsomehiphopshit.

  • #047: What Is Crypto Currency?

    in Art

    You've probably heard of Bitcoin, but what exactly is Crypto Currency, and why is it valuable? Is it better than cash? How and where can you use it, and what is the benefit of an anonymous transaction? Find out on this episode! It could make you a millionaire over night! So listen up to this cryptastic episode of Pod Sequentilism with Matt Kennedy presented by Meltdown Comics!
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  • Meltdown Lowdown for October 17th – October 24th

    in Pop Culture

    What’s happening this week at Meltdown?! You can win a pair of tickets to Guillermo Del Toro's exhibit At Home with Monsters at LACMA, come to two in store signings and so much more!
     Listen to this mini-pod containing tons of BIG information in a bitesize format! Our host Londyn Jackson, your Voice of Meltdown, tells you about ALL the latest and greatest events, giveaways, contests, and cool happenings in, around, and associated with Meltdown in a bitesize format! It’s super quick and keeps you up to date on all the great nerdy and geeky stuff going on this week that we think you’ll love! Hear it here first and make sure to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes so you can stay up to date on all of Meltdown's amazing stuff!
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    Host: Londyn Jackson
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  • #03: Vegan Water Detox

    in Travel

    While traveling is demanding in itself, I still need to pay attention to my body. During my last days in Colombia and my first days in Ecuador I embarked on a 10 day, no food - water detox. Think about it like changing the oil of your car, detoxing is the same. Cleaning the shit out of your body, resrafting clean and gaining mass cognative benefits on top. I gorged on baked yuka, potatoes and burritos the night before my fast and I was proud of my last meal. It wasn't easy as some days I was moving around, leave and crossing land borders, taking transportation and even exploring mountains and craters! All with very little energy... The before and after pictures can be found here:
    Hosted by Celina Sky
    TW: @celskythegreat
    IG: @celthegreat
    Produced, edited, and engineered by: Mason Booker
    Title Music: TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - #97 (Climbing a Square Tree)

  • #3: Elvis + Yo MTV Raps! (w/ Mike Levine)

    in Comedy

    Thank you very much for listening to this episode of Two Packs a Week, the trading card comedy show. Run with our crew, host Geoffrey Golden and special guest Mike Levine (The Onion), as they get all shook up by Elvis and Yo! MTV Raps trading cards. While opening these packs, they discuss whether Elvis named his daughter after his private jet, why Vanilla Ice is the seventh best Ninja Turtles rapper, and find out if Geoffrey and Mike won an all-expense paid trip to watch a live taping of Yo! MTV Raps! (Hint: Get your hopes up!) Now Listen up! To this hilarious episode of Two Packs a Week presented by Meltdown Comics! Follow us on Twitter! Two Packs a Week - https://twitter.com/twopacksaweek Mike Levine - https://twitter.com/bizmichael Geoffrey Golden - https://twitter.com/geoffreygolden Links to check out… Oh, the Flesh You Will Eat! - http://devastatorpress.com/ohtheflesh Credits: Producer - Mason Booker Engineer - Mason Booker Opening Theme by Matt Myers “Biking in the Park” by Lee Rosevere Logo by Kenny Keil Card Images: Elvis Front - https://www.dropbox.com/s/5jpy0lrrj4y9ss1/e003-elvis-front-1.jpeg?dl=0 Elvis Front 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/1wwyyhdndd6pv6h/e003-elvis-front-2.jpeg?dl=0 Elvis Back - https://www.dropbox.com/s/lesnm6vj7v6pb6z/e003-elvis-back-1.jpeg?dl=0 Elvis Back 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ebr56iv0wv4gmhm/e003-elvis-back-2.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Front - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui3ixw1a3gpbhe6/e003-yomtv-front-1.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Front 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dxostzur92am5p/e003-yomtv-front-2.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Back - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ycdzdxhxjf07jz/e003-yomtv-back-1.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Back 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/raa9v8zl1f2dxsf/e003-yomtv-back-2.jpeg?dl=0

  • Kinda Dating Update

    in Self Help

    There have been some changes! We are moving hosting sites to LIsbyn and need you to re-subscribe there and any other place you get your podcast inluding: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher etc. We're coming back with awesome new episodes so don't miss it! Re-subscribe now!

  • #32: Superfriends Returns (with Arvind Ethan David)

    in Entertainment

    In this, the first episode since the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS that was Meltdown Comics' closure, Eric sits down with the mighty Arvind Ethan David (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Jagged Little Pill The Musical) to talk 1986's THE MAN OF STEEL, by John Byrne! 
    Topics include: Douglas Adams, being an American immigrant, and how 1980's politics shaped John Byrne's re-interpretation of the world's greatest hero!
    This Week's Guest: Arvind Ethan David
    TW/IG: @ArvD
    Follow Eric Esquivel!
    Hosted by Eric M. Esquivel (https://twitter.com/ericmesquivel)
    Produced and engineered by Makenzie Mizell
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