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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3042

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    Q & A call-in discussion with a survivor-professional, using an OPEN MIKE forum. We'll feature a survivor-professional co-host who'll field topics brought to the episode by you, the listener. ~~ Tonight the special co-host is Rev Henry (Hank) McGrath from Caroga Lake, New York, a child abuse survivor, author and NAASCA volunteer. Hank began life in a poor Irish family with 4 siblings in NY. Both parents were alcoholics. At 11 he was hustling to survive in Pittsburgh, PA with bookies, pimps, and prostitutes. It was dangerous for a child alone. Eventually he served time in the juvenile detention system and as a young adult in prison for crimes he'd committed. After decades of hard living and a few near-death situations, he began facing his childhood trauma and by the 90's was happily married. When his beloved wife died from cancer in 2001 Hank promised her to fight for others on the issues of child abuse. Since then, he has worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as a court advocate for youth, and more. Today, Hank is a minister and is very active in his community. ~~ On these episodes we welcome various co-hosts, survivor-professionals who'll assist in fielding questions and lead a variety of topics suggested by our call-in participants. Their trauma-informed perspectives as survivor-professionals will help them guide discussions on the issues of child abuse, trauma and healthy human sexuality that spring from questions and topics brought to us by our listeners. ~~ Everyone's invited to engage on tonight's show. ~~ Please visit the NAASCA.org web site.

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    Faceus Radio: Dean Sallas forbidden to see his wife a Prisoner of Guardianship

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    Join us *LIVE* Wednesday night November 9, 2022, on F.A.C.E.U.S. RADIO with Co-Hosts Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Marci Friedman, and Hillary Hogue. Tonight, our guest is Dean Sallas 85 yrs old from Cook County, Chicago Illinois. Dean and Amy Sallas lived a good life. She taught school until a stroke left her with short-term memory impairment, so she retired. Monthly pension: $7,000. Her adult children applied for her pension to be sent to them. As a result, Cook County Guardian was appointed. Despite his qualifications, he was denied. Article by Janet Phalen  https://www.activistpost.com/2022/09/i-wants-your-house-i-wants-your-wife-i-wants-your-car-i-wants-your-life.html  Listen Here Live at 6:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm MST/ 8:00 pm CST/ 9:00 pm EST. Join online https://www.blogtalkradio.com/hiddentruthrevealed/2022/11/10/faceus-radio-dean-sallas-forbidden-to-see-his-wife-a-prisoner-of-guardianship or call our GUEST LINE at 845-241-9962. Press 1 to ask questions or make a comment. Dean is forbidden to see his wife, faces foreclosure and homelessness. He's sharing a Poem “I am a Veteran.” Tune in to Blog Talk Radio/Hidden Truth Revealed–The Inside Scoop. F.A.C.E.U.S.?(Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards) All shows are recorded and archived. 

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    I've Been There

    in Motivation

     I remember walking through life with a big smile on my face living life as if I was happy and had it all together, then one moment changed my life. My now spiritual father, looked me in my eyes and told me, "you have a beautiful smile, but I see the pain in your soul. He saw I was suffering in silence, afraid no one would understand. Can anyone relate?
    Join me along with my special guest Ennun Walker as he share his life experiences and to serve as a testimony of hope for others.  

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    Chef Swan Simpson says ‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine’ and she means every word. She is a self-taught Vegan and Vegetarian Chef of more than 30 years. Yet she is not simply talking about fruits and veggies, she is also talking about the Natural Healing Properties of the Cannabis or Cannabinoid Plant, AKA Marijuana, Mary Jane, Pot or Weed!
    Swan is a CBD Infusion Master, an Organic Aficionado, Herbal Medicine-Maker, America’s #1 Cannabis Business Coach and the Founder OF Women Who Cannabis, former Executive Chef of Canna Bistro, an Atlanta based culinary cannabis company. Chef Swan’s creations of infused gourmet foods are amazing vegan and vegetarian dishes!! Finger Licking Good type of great eats!!
    She has earned fame in the media world and is often referred to as a media powerhouse. Swan is the Publisher of Black Moguls Magazine which has a reach of over 30million readers worldwide!! She is a radio host both in Atlanta and Las Vegas and she has credits in music and the movie industry!!
    Please join us tonight, discussing NUTRITION in NOVEMBER.  
    “Its our collective time to offer knowledge to heal ourselves, our families and our world communities” Sandy Rodgers.

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    What Repels Money

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    Here are some ways you may be unconsciously repelling money. To schedule a Single Intuitive Coaching Session: 

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    A Tribute Show To Narkis B. Golan! your strength & fight has given hope.....

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    Tonight I Am Honored To Have Two Incredible Guests Robert Abbott And Natalie,
    My name is Natalie Bridgeman. I am a 30 year old protective mother from San Diego, California. In August 2022 I fled my abuser in Ireland back to California with my two children (2 & 6 at the time). Shortly after, 3 DA agents showed up at my house saying that my ex in Ireland has filed The Hague Convention (International Child Abduction) on me. The Hague Convention doesn’t protect mothers and children fleeing abuse. 
    I met Narkis when I saw the news about her win and reached out to her on Facebook. She replied instantly with her phone number and didn't stop until she helped me get a lawyer. She was such a strong and amazing warrior mother that helped other Hague moms all the way up until the day of her death. I was one of the last people, along with other Hague Mothers, to speak to her that day.   (A friend of Narkis)
    Robert Abbott has been a journalist for over 30 years and worked at CNN and Espn before starting Hey Abbott Entertainment. Abbott has won 6 Emmy Awards in 5 different categories and has been nominated for over 30 more. His investigation into Hall of Fame College Basketball Coach Bob Knight led to Knight’s firing after 29 years at Indiana University. He’s won 3 National Headliner Awards for reporting and The Edward R Murrow Awards for Journalism.  He also won The United Nations Award for story of the year in 2011 for a piece on the epidemic of Corrective Rape in Africa. (In the middle of doing a Documentary on Hague Mom's and was a close friend to Narkis)

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    "I've Got Your Number" with Lois, Jo Anna and Guest, Victor, Michael and Kimba

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    Host Lois T Martin-Intuitive Numerologist/Spirit Communicator whose expertise spans four + decades, both Inter/National renowned. TV, Radio, Columnist, Lecturer, Private Practice. www.loistmartin.com  FB: Lois T Martin. 
    Co-anchor JoAnna Garfi McNally Spiritual Intuitive, Remote Energy Healer. Tutorial classes, Workshops, lecturer, Nationally/Internationally renowned, serving all communication media. Spanning over four plus decades. FB: Jo Anna Garfi McNally
    Rev. Dr. Victor Fuhrman is an interfaith minister and spiritual counselor. As a child, he had several paranormal experiences including being a UFO contact and seeing deceased family members in spirit. In the 1980’s, his spiritual path expanded through Yoga, meditation, a calling to Reiki healing and synchronicities in life.
    Michael DiBlasi is an intuitive reader who, channels images from the other side and assists others with connecting to their loved ones, guides and angel. His other passion is life coaching, where he helps others tap into their own inner wisdom and connect with their answers.
    Kimba is a gifted Philadelphia based Medium, sought out for her ability to compassionately and lovingly connect people with their loved ones who have passed. Kimba’s talent was evident at an early age. when she started receiving angelic messages. She help those who need to hear from a loved one and was looking for proof of life after death. Kimba’s expertise specializes in Mediumship; Psychic abilities; Angel Readings.

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    Keepin It Real With Jashon

    in Relationships

    Keepin It Real With JASHON Podcast
    8PM - 10PM
    Special guest time :8:30PM
    Francisca Nunez
    Advocate, Life Coach, Women Empowerment , Community Activist , Domestic Violence Survivor
    Friday, November 18, 2022
    Call in number (563) 999 3718

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    Removing The Armor!

    in Motivation

    Hello All
    It's that time AGAIN!!! In The Know With Mo Show #3 is coming at you. I will be featuring a special guest, my amazing husband Garrison G. Rozier III. After celebrating and completing our first year of marriage. 
    We will discuss Removing The Armor and being a place of refuge for one another. You don't want to miss it!!!

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    White Flag: A Memoir with Judy L. Mandel

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    White Flag: A Memoir with Judy L. Mandel
    Raising the white flag is a universal symbol of surrender, a symbol of the hope that our vulnerability will be shielded from further harm and we can finally lay down our burden. What separates those who summon the inner strength to ask for help from those who can never unfurl their banner? These are the questions that haunt Judy L. Mandel in her searingly honest memoir about loss and addiction, WHITE FLAG is the further exploration of the author’s family, so movingly portrayed in her previous New York Times bestselling memoir, Replacement Child.
    JUDY L. MANDEL, a former reporter and marketing executive, holds an MFA in creative writing from Stony Brook University. Her first book was the New York Times bestseller, Replacement Child. She is co-founder of the Replacement Child Forum. A portion of this book’s proceeds will be donated to Magnolia New Beginnings, Inc., an organization that advocates for those living with substance use disorder (SUD), their families and loved ones.
    For more information visit: judymandel.com
    For more information about BITEradio products and services visit: http://www.biteradio.me/index.html
    To view the photography of Robert at: rpsharpe.picfair.com

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    Empower The Youth with Life Events

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    We have Ms.Lorie James the founder of Purpose Youth Foundation speaking about the importance of what it means to Empower the Youth With Life Events by being an advocate for our young adolescent girls from the age of 9-19. 
    We'll hear what her organization has done by providing outreach services to prevent many youth girls from falling between the cracks of experiencing low self-esteem, teen pregnancy, dropping out of high school, usage of drugs and alcohol, and being involved in the criminal justice system.
    Please join us Thursday at 4 pm pst /7 pm est by calling in 646-668-8485  to listen or share a question/ comment or click on the link to listen online http://tobtr.com/12160844
    You can follow me on any social media #charmaineholland or visit  my website www.charmaineholland.com to learn more about the work that I do in the community. In follow PJC Media on Podcast Platform anywhere in the world. 
    Thank you 
    Charmaine Holland 
    Real Talk, Real People, Real Conversation with Charmaine 

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