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    Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Author and Intimacy Expert Kristin Casey

    in Relationships

    Austin, TX – Kristin Casey is a highly regarded dating and intimacy expert, certified sexuality counselor, Intimacy Coach for men. She is also a published writer and author of the memoir Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh.
    A recovered alcoholic and addict, Kristin’s expertise was hard earned. In her youth growing up in the punk scene, rock-n-roll scene, and the highly sexualized era of the 1980’s her life reads like a steamy novel filled with emotional upheavals. Unapologetic, ballsy, and determined, Kristin experimented openly with her own sexual awakening and candidly shares with us what that was like. Through her incredible experiences she developed a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how past abuse and trauma affects us emotionally and physically. She draws on all her experiences to help clients embrace their inner truth and connect to their authentic sensuality.
    Kristin’s mesmerizing memoir, Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh, about her turbulent up close and personal, yet highly fraught romance with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, is an absolute must read. Her next book, Casey Dancer, details her post-Joe quest to overcome fear of intimacy and develop an active and satisfying dating life and eventual healthy, loving relationship.
    Today, through her holistic approach, Kristin’s work empowers her male clients, helping them tap into their sexual desire and potential, and explore their deepest desires so they can build confidence and find healthy, fulfilling relationships. Kristin describes her experiential therapy as niche and highly specialized.
    Her goal is to help you experience emotional and sexual intimacy with joy, confidence, connection and attunement.
    For more information, visit www.KristinCasey.com

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    Trusting Myself

    in Motivation

    A podcast where we talk about issues people expect women to be very taboo about from the black woman's perspective. Complex Angel and Queen K show you how a sisterhood is supposed to be.

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    The Lisa Experience

    in Goals

    The Lisa Experience Podcast
    Topic : Part 2
    Ladies Let’s Get Back To Loving Ourselves
    August 31, 2023
    Every Thursday
    Call in number (563) 999 3718

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    Mr Kevin Johns Peters Media Reporter CBS LA ch 10

    in Motivation

    Bobby McGirt Host of The McGirt Show Global Media is a LGBT & Civil Rights community Advocate /Consumer Advocate & U.S.Patented Inventor Registered with The U.S.Patent & Trademark Office is Proud to Launch The Defeat Depression Successfully Series beginning in Black History Month  The McGirt Show Global Media 16th Season Anniversary Celebration With Host Bobby McGirt ,Empowerment! Enrichment! Enlightenment! For All  Featured Guest (Studio Call Line for Listeners)            (619)-924-0898 http://www.Blogtalkradio.com/TheMcGirt Listenership of The McGirt Show Global Media  Stats by Country Country Share United States 88.14 % Mr Kevin Jones Peters Media Reporter @ABC-10 California 09/02/2023@4:30pm EST Email themcgirtshow@outlook.com

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    The Science of YES

    in Motivation

    Welcome to The Science of YES! I’m your hostess, Pam Heath, The YES Coach™. 
    We will be examining the energy of YES and how you can leverage your knowledge and belief in the power of YES to create an extraordinary, prosperous life by design. I'm a Life Coach and Business Coach and I specialize in breaking down the emotional barriers that block you from what you are committed to achieving in life. My background is in personal development, communications, team management and, organization coupled with years of empowering individuals to achieve their best results. I spent a lifetime as a Legal Administrator and Operations Manager and I also spent many years focusing on leading impactful transformational programs and I will work with you to enhance your ability to create an extraordinary life that you absolutely LOVE! I call myself a YES Coach and the process I designed is the Science of YES. Join me on my show happening here on Thursdays at 8pm PDT.  I’ll guide you in having it all. You don’t have to let your fears keep you frozen in place. Take on life and everything it has to offer. Say YES to Life! Please, visit my website at www.yescoach4u.com and sign up for a download of my ebook – The YES Blueprint - Scale Your Business to Win! Come on my program and get answers to your questions regarding starting a business or creating your business plan or anything around get your business going. I can support you. I focus on conscious professionals, as well as creative artists. I'm not a psychic and I don't do readings, but you might be amazed at how I can support and guide you if you want life, career, and even romance guidance.  Coming from the energy of YES - anything is possible! 
    Call in at (760) 888-5700. 
    Let's talk!

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    Sex and Money

    in Motivation

    Let's talk about what they don't speak on in church.

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    Selfless Love Talk - Host Chanel Budd

    in Motivation

    Tune in for a special episode with  Host Chanel Budd as Chanel share's great news on the newly founded nonprofit Selfless Love & Active Beat.  In honor of her late Husband Alvin Budd Sr. Chanel's mission is to create resources, community support and education for transplant recipients, caregivers and to acknowledge the importance of donors.  

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