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UFO's Are Confirmed Real, But Are They Aliens?

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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be discussing UFO's or "Unidentified Flying Objects", known now as UAP's or "Unidentified Arial Phenomenon."  There's a ton of UFO footage that you can find online. Some is shaky and a good amount is probably either fake or mistaken as UFO's but really something else; however, there is some footage that is irrefutable, including the publicly released UFO footage from the US Navy that most people have seen. This footage was shared all across local and national news stations such as MSNBC, CNN and others.

Critics and skeptics of UFO believers have to now either embrace that some of the released footage is real or admit that they don't trust the United States Government or anyone who released UFO footage. This is a tough pill for some to swallow, especially for people of faith and people who just flat-out refuse to believe the possibility of there being intelligent life beyond earth or hidden somewhere on earth. Why do we say hidden on earth? Because there are reports from eye witnesses (including the Navy pilots themselves) that UFO's have been spotted descending to the ocean, ascending from the ocean and hovering and flying over the ocean.

There are many who will refuse to believe that UFO's are real but they are truly in denial because even the United States government has admitted that these unidentified crafts are real, but the bigger question we have is "Are they aliens?" One could argue that they may be some type of secret, military technology but is that what the general public believes? What we do know is that you can't prove or disprove that they are aliens and we only have access to the unclassified information.

Of course there's always the infamous Roswell Incident of 1947. Oh, yeah, it's going down tonight, don't miss out!

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