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Are You Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice?

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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be talking Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice and abortion laws. Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice are some of the most standout political debates from the right and left wings with Liberals being mostly Pro-Choice while Conservatives are mostly Pro-Life and believe when we say these debates get heated! The left and the right can never agree to disagree when it comes to the passionate topic. Liberals are judging Conservatives for trying to tell women with to do with their bodies and Conservatives are judging Liberals for supporting child murder.

Most of us know multiple women who have either strongly considered or have actually went through with abortion. It's a very touchy subject from all perspectives and it does raise the question of are abortions morally ethical? If not, then why not and if so, then the next question would be "At what stage of pregnancy is a fetus considered to be a life?" The next question would be if you consider this fetus to be a life, do you consider abortion at that stage to be murder?

We know this is tough to talk about and if you're a compassionate person, you probably feel it in your stomach but these are serious life issues that many women face on the daily. Statistics show that the abortion rate has been on a steady decline, between states implementing tough abortion laws, abortion clinics being shut down and women genuinely getting pregnant less, abortion rates are down significantly compared to 1990, when there were an estimated 1.4 million abortions in the united States, alone.

You see videos of pro-lifers protesting and speaking out against the abortion clinics and the patience who go to these clinics to have their procedures. You'll even see some protesters pleading with pregnant women to not go through with it. Well tonight we'll be discussing these issues and sharing our own personal views on this sensitive topic.

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