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  • Over & Back Holiday Special 2018: 1981 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

    in Basketball

    The annual tradition continues as Jason and Rich welcome guests Curtis Harris (ProHoopsHistory.com & Sixers History) and Reinis Lacis (The Handle Podcast) as they live commentate one of the greatest games of all time: the 1981 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 between Philadelphia and Boston. 
    Watch along at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djvvm_tA4L4

  • Dave DuFour "Picking the 2018-19 NBA All-Stars"

    in Basketball

    SPECIAL "Picking the 2018-19 NBA All-Stars" Coach Dave DuFour joins to try and forecast which 24 players will make next year's All-Star game. Who will make it for the first time? Who will be snubbed yet again?
    Download the DRAFT app at Draft.com/Fastbreak to play daily fantasy football against Keith (username: FastbreakBreakfast) and other listeners. Use the code 'FASTBREAK' to get a free $3 entry.
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    Episode 299 (S4 Special)

  • Episode 12: "Thinking Basketball" & Waxing Philosophical with Ben Taylor

    in Sports

    Ben Taylor (@ElGee35), founder of Backpicks.com, dropped by the show to discuss his book, "Thinking Basketball," which focuses on the way we think about basketball (often in the wrong way or using the wrong mental lens), as well as the importance of supporting casts, and his new metric for measuring offensive creation using box-score data, the aptly named, Box Creation. Finally, we touch on the Kyrie Irving trade and both make our claims as Kyrie optimists. Ben with a bit more data to back his claims. 
    Here are the links to the things discussed in the show.
    1. Ben's book, "Thinking Basketball" (seriously, if you're listening to this show, buy this book, you'll thank me later): https://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Basketball-Ben-Taylor/dp/1532968175
    2. "Supporting Casts are More Important Than Stars": http://www.backpicks.com/2017/07/06/supporting-casts-are-more-important-than-stars/
    3. "Measuring Creation with the Box Score": https://fansided.com/2017/08/11/nylon-calculus-measuring-creation-box-score/
    Make sure to follow Ben @ElGee35, follow me @NBACouchside, and follow the show @NBNylonPod. Thanks and enjoy the show!

  • Weekend Review: Mad Melo, All-Star votes, the West and NBA craftsmen

    in Basketball

    Miss this week’s episodes of The Step Back’s Day-to-Day NBA podcast? Catch up with the Weekend Review, a compilation of what we talked about during the week. It’s ideal for weekend listening.
    First, host Jason Mann discusses the New York Knicks’ recent struggles, including Derrick Rose’s no-call-no-show, Carmelo Anthony’s frustrations, a lackluster defense, and the usual New York media circus with James Marceda of NBA Injury Report.
    Then, we look at who was voted in as NBA All-Star starters, who was snubbed, the oddest voting choices by players and media, and picked our All-Star reserves with Keith Parish of Fastbreak Breakfast.
    We discuss how Western Conference NBA teams are faring compared to their preseason win projections, how Chris Paul’s injury affects the Clippers’ forecast and how the Warriors have coasted despite fit issues with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant.
    Finally we look at Paul Millsap and NBA craftsmen who we view as underappreciated for their on-court value, aesthetic appeal or how they’ve developed their games with David Ramil of the Locked on Heat podcast.

  • The Replay: The day we became BFF with Matt Bonner

    in Basketball

    WOW! Huge day at the Replay as we are joined by former San Antonio Spurs star, Matt Bonner. Before El went head-to-head with the Red Mamba in a game of Horse, we sat down with him for a great discussion on everything from Tim Duncan's style to his Dunkin Donuts order. We recorded in a loud gym so be patient with the audio- we promise this interview has enough nuggets to make it worth your time! Enjoy! 

  • The Step Back Live: Welcome back, with Matt Rutkowski

    in Basketball

    After a lengthy hiatus, The Step Back Live returns to catch up on the first quarter of the 2018-19 NBA season. Matt Rutkowski joins FanSided senior NBA editor Ian Levy to cover the most enjoyable parts of the season so far, the Pistons and alternate timelines, conspiracy theories and a rousing game of 20 questions. Honestly, would you have been able to guess Sam Cassell?