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Beating Heart Radio

The Duality of Humanity: The Inner Struggle


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What of the yin & yang, positive and negative, good and evil, light and darkness? It appears as though the balancing scale is being forcibly tipped in the wrong direction. Is our world swiftly heading to Hell in a hand basket? We delve into some of the most controversial subjects in the world. Topics including religion and politics. We weigh in on the paranormal, UFOs, extraterrestrials, historical, current, and possible future events. Will man's intelligence prove to be his downfall? All are welcome tune in to our show for discussion.

On-Demand Episodes

In tonight's episode, host Jim Andre will be discussing the existence of alien beings with special guest Robert Emerson, ET experiencer and contactee, who claims to have direct contact and knowledge of an extraterrestrial species... more

Abduction interview of Jim Andre, host of Beating Heart Radio, and founder of the Alien Connection Truth Network, in conjunction with 3PNR and The Un X Network, being interviewed by host Adam Roriguiez.

The yin & yang, light & darkness, good & evil. Is God actually a man with a long beard sitting in the clouds observing every move we make? Is God the Creator of all things? Did He create alien beings as well? If so, who created He?... more

The Illuminati, also referred to as the Cabal, consists of an elite, controlling group of multi-billionaires involved in Satanism, child trafficking, pedophilia, and who's agenda is to create a new world order with a goal to eventually eliminate 95% of... more

Is doomsday coming? It must be realized that doomsday has been historically prophesied since the concept of religion itself. Religious beliefs are merely that, beliefs. The Bible was first written as an early book of rules and laws to abide... more

In this episode, within the first half hour, host Jim Andre, along with co-hosts Jean Salch and Larry Hollenbeck, will be discussing the power of energetic healing which can be an effective alternavtive to standard medical care. Jim Andre, an... more

This episode will include host Jim Andre, and co-hosts Jean Salch and Larry Hollenbeck. Jim will be describing his abduction experience in which a tattoo depicting an alien grey mysteriously appeared on his right fore-arm. Larry, well... more

In this Cosmic Connection segment, hosted by Jim Andre, founder of The Alien Connection Truth Network, (a closed group on Facebook) with nearly 22,000 members and counting, we will be exploring alien abduction experiences,... more

During this special episode, we will be focusing on the power of spiritual healing with host Jim Andre and co-host Don Childers. (Both healing practitioners). Healing can be initiated and acheived within close proximity or at great... more

On or about September 23, 2015, CERN is planning yet another experiment with the huge (17 miles in diameter) Hadron Collider situated beneath the French and Swiss border. During this experiment, they will be firing up the collider to... more