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"BIY Shacks" podcast LIVE STREAMS Monday - Friday @ 10:30 am (E.S.T) We have two LIVE STREAM numbers. You my call: 971-379-9537 or 619-768-2945. Mission Statement: Teach people how to build their own "πŸ“΄ Off The Grid" 🏠 House or eVillages" using Social Capital. Our niche is"Micro Town Start-ups". Vision Statement: Educate people @ "BIY Assets Academy" on how to solve their "Personal Finance Arithmetic Problems" & Housing Problems by teaching them how to build their own πŸ“΄ Off The Grid 🏠 House or Village using Social Capital. We have locations @"Earthwealth eVillage" which located within Earthwealth Forest in Florida USA. Satellite locations are located @ Stuberdorf in Texas and Oklahoma. Jeremiah 29:5 Build Houses & Live In Them, Plant Gardens & Eat Their Produce.

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Freedom Purchase.......aka..........Self Purchase
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BIY Assets πŸ’° vs Buy Assets Debt Elimination Business Model πŸ’° Buy Assets ⭐ BIY Assets πŸ’° πŸ’° Income Producing Assets Cashflow Patterns Cashflow Automation Cashflow Delegation

BIY - If You Can't Buy It, BUILD IT Habakkuk 2.2 (One sentence statement).........read twice daily 20 Hours Of Mindset Reset 20 Hours Of Daily New Physical Habits (Build Daily = Physical Affirmations) 20 Hours Of Target... more

Mindset To Payoff A $300k Debt with Pethouses 21 Day Mind Reset Habakkuk 2.2 $5,000.00 Per Day (goal) $5,000 Per Day Team $5,000 Per Project (πŸ• Pet Houses) $5000 Per Day Mindset, Skillset,πŸ”« Toolset , Market Place, Streaming.... more

Mindset Is Everything (Habakkuk 2.2) Daily Vision Affirmations: $5,000.00 Per Day Mindset πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° (Action Steps) πŸͺœ I AM earning $5,000 per day building Tiny Houses 🏠 πŸ’° $5,000.00 Daily Habits $5,000 Per Day Team $5,000 Per Day... more

Payoff A $5,000 Debt with A Production Mindset πŸ’° Consumption Mindset Production Mindset πŸ’° No lack Of Resources Abundant Resources Lack Of Awareness Tree Of Lack Lack Of Resourcefulness Formulas/business models... more

Payoff A $25,000 Debt πŸ’° With Hand & Word Wealth Hand WealthπŸ‘ Word Wealth πŸ’° Vocabulary Wealth πŸ€‘ Prison vs Vocabulary Property Tax Vocabulary 7 Figure Vocabulary Income πŸ’° Vocabulary + Hand βœ‹ Wealth Proverbs 31:31 Psalms 128:2... more

How 2 Payoff A $20,000 Debt πŸ’° with πŸ• Pethouses πŸ’° Mindset No Shortage Of Resources Lack Of Awareness or Lack Of Resourcefulness Beta Build Solar Cabin Cut List for 🐢 Pet House 🏠 PetHouse LIVE Stream Sales & Marketing LIVE... more

How To Payoff A $50,000 Debt πŸ’° Debt Elimination Literacy πŸ“š Mindset Reverse Engineering $50,000.00 Awareness & Resourcefulness We Get Paid In Direct Proportion To Our Resourcefulness ⭐⭐ Create Solutions For Other People's... more

How To Payoff A $30,000 Debt πŸ’° Reverse Engineer Your Debt Debt Elimination Mindset No Shortage Of Resources Lack Of Awareness & Lack Of Resourcefulness Debt Elimination Literacy πŸ“š 30k Business Model 20 Day... more

How To Payoff A $300,000 Debt πŸ’° Student Loans πŸ’° Balloon Payments πŸ’° Reverse Mortgages πŸ’° Rent Payments πŸ’° Reverse Engineering Debt πŸ’° Airbnb Case Study Ancient Case Study #1 Debt Elimination Mindset (Abundance vs Lack) Debt... more

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