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J Clarks Novelty Vent and Chat

J Clarks Novelty Vent and Chat


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First off let me say that I am a "Novelty Vent and Chat" Host, I do not give financial or legal advice - but only my personal "Novelty Vent and Chat" OPINION. I have had a successful and lengthy employment background in debt management and collections. I have worked for quite some time in many various agencies securing debt; credit card collections, student loans, payday loans, utility bills, medical collections, auto repo's, just to name a few. I have a pretty good active knowledge of the industry and how it works in affecting one's credit rating and score. I turned from agency work and now instead would like to help the little guy ... in the form of "Novelty Vent and Chat." I enjoy relaxing and talking about my passion in credit debit finance. Hope you will join me for whatever is on your mind. Secondly, I am a modest retail investor currently buying and holding AMC Entertainment and GME GameStop meme stocks. I have built up my investment portfolio by working very hard, budgeting my money, monitoring my credit - not to over extend myself in the process - and buying the dip whenever possible in an effort to hold as much stock as I possibly can possibly afford. You are welcomed to come join me here as I document the ups and downs in my journey to MOASS aka (The Mother Of All Short Squeezes). My goal is to stay informed, engaged and motivated while helping other AMC Entertainment and GME GameStop retail investors aka Apes do the same - all in a way that is somewhat entertaining and a little fun. Presumably on a weekly basis I aim to provide commentary on these meme stocks, some credit and debt management topics and news articles I find interesting.

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Welcome AMC apes, The hedge fund market makers are doubling down on shorting AMC Entertainment. This "Short Squeeze" may unfortunately take some time as they are moving full steam ahead fighting a losing battle continuing their efforts against AMC which is no longer potentially a bankrupt movie theater chain. AMC is recovering and mounting a comeback under its CEO Adam Aron. In retaliation the hedge fund market makers are doubling-down on their losing short positions. As we AMC apes 4 million strong continue buying and holding AMC to MOASS aka the "Mother-Of-All-Short-Squeezes" we must be prepared to "Diamond Hand " our AMC shares for the long haul. For myself with an extensive background in credit card collections and debt management that means ... getting Organized, following a Budget, Monitoring Credit, Saving for emergencies and Investing only what I can afford to lose into AMC Stock. The hedge funds companies, market makers and Wall Street gangsters may have billions of dollars at their disposal to derail us AMC ape retail investors, but if we remain collectively focused, diligent and mindful that these crooks need our AMC shares to eventually close out of their "MASSIVELY" losing positions - we may have an opportunity at "Generational Life Changing Wealth!" My goal here is to Budget, Organize, Monitor Credit, Save and Invest in AMC stock as I journey to MOASS (The Mother Of All Short Squeezes) and to help motivate other AMC apes along the way. VENT & CHAT: *AMC Stock *Headlines *Cross Country Reports *Scary News "Entertainment Purposes Only!"