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Money Ripples Podcast

Money Ripples Podcast


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Financial freedom is the ultimate goal of all who work hard to earn money, whether in the corporate world or in entrepreneurship. Your retirement years are closer than you think, so you want to build your wealth as early as possible to secure a financially comfortable future. Many turn to professional advisers for this, but at the end of the day, these people are just salespeople. Their traditional advice will never get you to the goal you want. They will simply sell you siloed tactics that are too good to be true, impossible to emulate, or only work for the rich. What you should be doing is becoming your own boss and investing money in passive investments. Welcome to Money Ripples with Chris Miles. This show is your trusted guide in escaping the draining responsibility of working more than 40 hours a week and finally quit your 9-5 job. In this show, Chris breaks down how to start a passive source of income in the easiest ways. Discover the power of making your cash do the hard work for you. Increase your profits when you go after other money-making ventures, or even while you sleep! Win big through this strategy and unlock the incredible opportunity of making active work optional. Two decades later with more than 900 clients, Chris knows that cash-flowing assets are the way to becoming financially free. He was able to retire at 28 years old and is now teaching individuals and businesses about building wealth quickly and safely. Through his company Money Ripples, Chris exposes popular myths and presents an effective framework for passively achieving financial prosperity. Chris invites you to take action right now. Secure that first good investment and financial growth will manifest one deal at a time. Start living the life by investing passively today! Listen to Money Ripples with Chris Miles at https://moneyripples.com/blog/.

On-Demand Episodes

With all the bank failures and drama happening right now, many people are looking for safety in our infinite banking policies. But many will ask, how do insurance companies decide on the dividend rate to pay? How do dividends... more

Do you ever feel like having a business is a glorified job? Is it possible to exit your company WITHOUT selling it or quitting? Could you live a free lifestyle as an entrepreneur? Jason Duncan, the Author of Exit Without Exiting, joins Chris... more

Growing your money is like planting. You don't leave it to grow. Instead, you nurture it. It requires management and patience. In this episode, Chris Miles reveals the difference between passive income as a myth and a marketing ploy... more

Are you waiting for a sign before investing? What if that's costing you years of your life? What are some of the best investment opportunities right now? Our guest is one of Money Ripples' clients, Eric Vanetti, who offers his experience of... more

We've all heard that "compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world." If that's true, then simple interest may be the 9th wonder! How can you use simple interest to make MILLIONS more than traditional ways? In this episode, Chris... more

Real estate prices have dropped, and interest rates have climbed, is it a bad time to buy turnkey properties? Are the days of 12% cash on cash returns over? We invite Heather Marchant from RP Capital back on our podcast to get an update... more

Is it possible you've been lied to? Are the numbers financial advisors use real or make-believe? What's the truth? Anti-Financial Advisor Chris Miles is going to pull back the curtain to show you how he was trained as a financial advisor. He... more

As the economy is changing, what challenges are business owners facing right now? What's the solution to come out on top? Our special guest, Brandon McCurdy with Sharper Business Solutions, will share what has helped hundreds... more

It's pretty common knowledge that mortgage rates increased from a year ago. But would it make sense to refinance to a HIGHER interest rate? In this episode, Chris Miles, the host of Money Ripples, illustrates how one client will... more

Many people are not only scared about the stock market, but even their local bank. Is there a better place to store money? Could gold be the answer right now? What are the different ways that you can store REAL gold without... more

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