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    The Liberal Redneck ("We need 'The Wall' between Church and State!" )

    in Politics Progressive

    OJ-The End is Near!
    Pam- Guest Interviews
    Shane-How to Lose a Railroad

  • 00:50

    307: DINESH D'SOUZA 2000 Mules Election Fraud Proof + BABY CYRUS CPS Kidnapping

    in Elections

    Dinesh is a genuine man and his personality off camera is the same as what you see. He'll be speaking at the Mari-Corruption County, AZ GOP event 5/21 and I asked him if any of our legislators / elected elite contacted him...CRICKETS.
    D’Souza’s latest movie, 2000 Mules is a bombshell documentary that dives deep into the 2020 election and the steps that were taken via mail-in ballots to sway the results. This is a MUST SEE & it's now available online. For more information visit:
    FREEDOM WINS! The case against Baby Cyrus was just dismissed & his grandfather Diego joined Michele Swinick to share the good news, updates and how corrupt the CPS system is in Idaho...actually EVERY STATE!
    Diego thanks everyone who Stood Up, Spoke Out & Showed Up...We The People are the only reason why the elected elite cowards caved in...See what happens when we Take Action For Freedom?
    It's Time We The People Stand Up, Speak Up & Show Up. To Join All of Us
    VISIT: & TEXT "ACTION" to 91776 & Let's Take Back America Together!
    TAKE ACTION MENU: For our Partners' Info, LISTEN LIVE LINKS, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community, Newsletter & #SaveMyFreedom Movement, Take Action Resources, Immune Boosting Supplements, Patriotic Businesses, Groups, Our Marketplace With Products, Services & Patriotic Gear To Buy + Much More!

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    Discussion with a Tree #1. Conversation with Robert Dold

    in Politics

    Discussion with a Tree #1. Conversation with Robert Dold 

  • 01:00

    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in US Government

    Hi Gang:
    Happy Friday!  (Perhaps not so happy Friday!)
    On May 2, 2022 FrontPage published my article
    Former Honduran President Charged With Smuggling Huge Quantities of Narcotics Into US:  Meanwhile, Biden’s border policies facilitate smuggling operations and US Incorporated published my article Mayorkas Lives Up to Expectations as Zealous Opponent of Immigration Law Enforcement
    This evening we will consider both of my articles and the underlying implications for America and Americans.
    It has never been more important that we truly learn how to speak with our fellow Americans in non-confrontational but in fact-based effective and persuasive ways.  Immigration is one issue that should unite all Americans- if all of the facts were made known.
    Please read my articles. If you like them, post the links on FaceBook along with a link to my radio show.  Be a part of my “Bucket Brigade of Truth” and tell your friends and neighbors about my program- and my website, remember Democracy is not a “Spectator Sport!”

  • 01:06

    Interview with Republican Gubernatorial Candidate for Ohio Joe Blystone

    in Politics Conservative

    Bards Logic welcomes Republican Gubernatorial candidate for Ohio Joe Blystone.
    Ohio is seeing four candidates running for the Republican nonimation for governor. The current governor, Mike DeWine, is beset with opposition due to many feeling he has governed more like a Democrat especially in regards to Covid. Republicans are tired of the Establishment's control of the party. They want representatives who are an alternative to the Democrats and their leftist policies ,not represenative who mimic them. 
    The most recent polls show DeWine is in the lead with 41.5% of the vote, followed by Renacci 25%, Blystone 21.5% 12% Undecided/Other.
    Blystone is certainly not an Establishment candidate or a politician. We will see if this will be enough to win him the nomination of the party. Listen to the episode to find out more about the candidate and visit his campaign website.
    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People show.

  • 00:33

    We will discuss Article 42 and "Remain in Mexico" with George Rodriguez

    in Politics

    ?Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative........We will discuss the latest about Article 42 and "Remain in Mexico" in the courts...and other stories......
    Check our blog.........and follow our friend Carlos Guedes..............

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  • 01:06

    CONK! News Daily LIVE = CALL IN: 516-418-5472

    in Politics Conservative

    JIM PETERS and HANK REARDEN discuss only the news that's really important. That means you won't hear anything about the Johnny Depp trial, or how big of a b*tch Meghan Markle is; or how Brian Stelter is right about everything....

  • 00:52

    Wounded But Not Broken

    in Military

     Tonight Patrick Speaks with Kevin Miller who served in Afghanistan in 2008 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He has an artificial lower right leg. Miller wasn’t wounded by a bomb or gun fire. His attack was much more subtle. He purchased a sealed can of chewing tobacco that was laced with cyanide and heroine. “I went to sleep in Afghanistan and woke up a month later in Walter Reed Hospital,” he said. He was in a coma and on life support from July 28 to August 24. He was told there was enough poison in half that can to kill seven men. While he was in the coma he had four cardiac arrests, received an emergency tracheotomy, had three brain bleeds, seven chest tubes, two dialysis tubes and five of his main organs shut down. Twice they drilled holes in the back of his head to release blood. As a result of the poisoning he has permanent nerve damage to 75 percent of his body. He returned home thin as a rail and in a wheelchair on Halloween 2008. For the next year and a half he struggled to walk. But he had no feeling in the lower portion of his right leg. “It was completely dead,” he said. On March 26, last year, he agreed to a below the knee amputation. “Now I get around much better,” he said. He gets around so well that he wants to help other veterans. And one way he can do that is to take them out to a ball game.  

  • 00:37

    Can you really blame Putin for invading Ukraine?

    in Politics

    In the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO expanded eastward as former Soviet republics joined the Alliance.  What were once Soviet comrades now hosted Western troops and missile systems.  How could Russia see this as anything but a threat?  Is this not analogous to when Soviet missiles were deployed in Cuba in 1962?  What would the US do today if Mexico aligned with Russia?  Would America sit idle or take some meaningful action to protect its security? Now that the United States is involved in this conflict, we all should support and seek a conclusion to this terrible bloodshed in Ukraine.
    In this episode, Morty Davis and his audience discuss the geopolitical underpinnings of the events leading up to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and how we might have avoided such a catastrophic military action which launching threatened to uncontrollably expand into World War III and harrowing exposure to nuclear attacks on NATO and the US.

  • 02:00

    A Conservative Perspective

    in Politics

    Tonight an exclusive Rock the Red Remembered...Fellow talk show host and good friend Gary Binford joins us tonight to talk about the awesome experience we had at this year's Rock the Red  in Greenville South Carolina last weekend. Then stay tuned for a very revealing conversation into the events of Jan. 6, 2021 with Journalist Shawn Witzemann from who there at ground zero. Riveting stuff, and its all tonight on ACP with James Bostick on Patriot Nation Radio at Startying @ 7pm Eastern.

  • 01:15

    The Bella Dangelo Show 4/26/2022

    in Politics Conservative

    From the love of crude oil that is transplanted to Minneapolsi , with God given common sense and humor . 

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