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    in Motivation

    How do you feel about the bearer of bad news?
    what does this mean to you?

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    Evolving from Ninja Barbie to a Joyful Unicorn with Christina Foxwell

    in Self Help

    In our guest, Christina Foxwell's, own words - Growing 'me' can be such a challenging thing because sometimes my tough strong exterior seems to be the way I rise yet eventually it becomes heavy to carry and I slowly starve off Joy, Love, Purpose, Connection and simply living fully and being me.
    This discussion is my journey of GROWING ME and unlocking my Purpose, Potential and JOY and how others can learn from it.
    Listeners will want to listen for:
    The Ninja Barbie characteristics ... and how that kills the best YOU, you can be. GROWTH is your way to Freedom and JOY, Embracing Gifts and learning to Shine past shame and Fear helps you grow! Christina Foxwell  is the founder of Ignite Purpose, a human-centred Performance Improvement Practice based in Sydney, Australia. Christina started this practice in 2012 because she believed when we unlock potential in people, they will be more purposeful, more effective, and better together.
    Christina is a Coach, facilitator, consultant, author, leader and most importantly, a human on the search to be better every day to impact her world. She aligns her books and her work to her ethos of the HIVE CULTURE.
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    What Are Twin Flame Relationships and Are You In One with Elle Hari

    in Relationships

    Let's set the record straight! Twin Flames are not Soulmates. So says today's special guest, Elle Hari, one of the world's leading experts on Twin Flames.
    Twin Flames are actually the same soul! The soul inhabits two physical bodies when it is incarnated here in the 3D physical world, with separate polarities, like a magnetic negative/positive charge. In order for a soul to return to this plane, it has to accommodate the duality of our Earthly manifested existence. So it inhabits two bodies at the same time and your Twin Flame is your identical soul with the opposite charge. Soulmates are just one speck of our shared divine essence, but they are not the direct match that a Twin Flame is. 
    This is just one of the fascinating facts that illuminate Elle's Twin Flames Exposed:  Why Most of What You Think You Know About Twin Flames Isn't True and How Understanding The Truth is the Key to Being with Your Twin Flame In This Lifetime - a short primer on this oft-debated subject - can you meet and find love with your Twin Flame?
    And yes, there is hope! But there is also a chance that your opposite polarization can repel your Twin Flame away from you. Some couples make it and others may only be short lived. And, of course, there is a chance you may never actually encounter your Twin Flame. But reading Elle's book, getting private coaching or enrolling in her e-course The Process, will give you a better chance of success than going it alone.
    Elle knows from experience! It was her own painful Twin Flame journey that sent her on a search out of the misery she experienced at the loss of her Twin Flame relationship - short-lived as it was! Today, Elle has assumed her mantel and is guiding those challenged Twin-Flame couples to a peaceful and loving co-existence that realizes the utmost soul matching joy and sexuality achievable in this terrestrial life.

  • 01:23

    Brittney Crandall will be our guest

    in Motivation

    This woman is trying to get on Ellen and has a nonprofit for people who want to bounce back and restart there lives.

  • 00:30

    Handling Disappointment. Yours and Mine.

    in Self Help

    We have all done it.  And, we have all had it done to us. 
    When it happens to you, how do you handle it?  Do you get angry, frustrated, have feelings of disconnection?  
    When disappointment happens to you, it can be a hard pill to swallow. Learn the tools to manage how to keep the relationship intact and to follow the steps to get back into connection with someone.  
    When you disappoint someone else do you spiral into shame?  Self-loathing?  Do you avoid the other person? or, move into people pleasing mode, moving your boundaries for someone else just to be liked or making a promise or false reassurance that you won't be able to follow through with?
    Christie will explore disappointment in all its forms and will provide you with the step-by-step process to stay in connection with those you love and hold space for them.  As well as knowing when it is time to walk away or establish new boundaries in a relationship.
    Christie is a psychotherapist, a sex educator and relationship coach, an ignite your life mentor, and author.  She co-founded and now owns and operates Hot Pink YOUniversity, solo.  Her work ignites women to reconnect with passions, purpose and play.  You can find her work, her book, her wisdom cards and her offerings at

  • 00:46

    Mary Savarese on Living & Thriving with Rustie

    in Self Help

    Mary K. Savarese
    Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (who knew!)
    a Cozy Mystery Romance with a Spiritual Twist
    & Coming Soon... 
    The Girl in the Toile Wallpaper 
    a Fantasy Adventure Trilogy 
    Visit for more updates

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