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  • "The Point" Ep 465

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    Welcome to the show. Call (515)602-9686, Press 1 to join the conversation.
    What's on Tap for Tuesday night:
    Trump "Hush Money" Trial began yesterday. Trump says Speaker Mike Johnson is doing a great job. Haha MTG.
    On Friday a bunch of barges break loose on the Ohio river in Pittsburg damaging the marina and striking a bridge.
    Houston TX mother facing charges after she reportedly left her 6 y/o daughter and 8 y/o son home alone for several days while she went on a cruise. LaKesha Wood Williams, 29 was arrested and bonded out. Thoughts?
    Clayton County, GA sentenced to 50 years straight for putting anti freeze in his newborn baby's breast milk to avoid paying child support. Goon assed niggas!!!
    OJ Simpson dead at 76. Succumbed to Prostate Cancer.
    Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a bill that would make it a crime for some undocumented migrants to be in the state.
    This and more, Don't be late. See you there.


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    Brian Curcio of RAPUNZL is my guest today. Learn now Rapunzl’s real-time simulator & integrated teacher platform inspire real-world learning and engage students with standards-aligned curriculum.


    in Education

    All about 'DailySEL.com"  with the co-founders Randy Weiner and Dr. James Bailey

  • Kelli and CJ Stewart discuss the mission of L.E.A.D. Center For Youth

    in Education

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Kelli and CJ Stewart of L.E.A.D. Center For Youth to Conversations LIVE to discuss their mission and purpose and what it's been like to see the difference they have been able to make. 

  • Weedsday Wednesday, A Live Cannabis marijuana radio podcast 2024!

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    Join Belle Star & The Cannabis Kid every Wednesday morning for Live, cannabis radio Podcast!
    Listen Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. MST (Phoenix, Arizona Time) and get up-to-date, live information about what's happening with cannabis, marijuana hemp and more!
    Live interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news, events, and information about anything and everything cannabis in Tucson, Arizona and the World at Large!
    #1 Marijuana Podcast Award!
    Call (646) 915-8421 to listen in live! 
    If you want to join us live on the air just Press #1! 

  • How Bad Became The New Good...And Other Contemplations About Now

    in Education

    Award-winning journalist and author, Tom McGrath joins us to share his recent opinion piece on how bad became the new good and discuss his new book, Triumph of the Yuppies: America, the Eighties, and the Creation of an Unequal Nation, which will be published by Grand Central Publishing in June 2024. Tom is also the author of the newsletter Common Good, which explores issues related to politics, culture and the economy. He was previously the editor-in-chief of Philadelphia magazine, as well as chief content officer of the magazine’s parent company, Metro Corp. (which also publishes Boston magazine). He continues to write for both publications, as well as several others, including Politico. In 2022 he was named Writer of the Year at the National City & Regional Magazine Awards. Read his work at tommcgrathwriter.com. Subscribe to his newsletter at tmcgrath.substack.com. He lives in suburban Philadelphia. Tune in for this broadcast on Wednesday, April 17 @ 6pm EST!


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     Professor   Dr. Julie Radlauer-Dorfler on understanding the importance  of social connectibilty for educator and student mental health. She  is a leading expert in the social influences of mental health and uses her experience to create impact within communities, systems, organizations, and individuals. Her approach is collaborative, creative, and curious as she strives to educate utilizing unique avenues including media, stage production, video production, podcasting and writing. She has extensive experience in behavioral health, public health, and organizational development for more than 25 years.

  • Shutting Off The Pre-school to Prison Pipeline Once and For All

    in Education

    Join us on Wednesday, April 24 @ 6pm EST for an exciting conversation with Karen “Dr. K” Baptiste, as she shares her work as the Founder Preschool to Prison, LLC, and film Director of her new, award-winning documentary, Preschool to Prison. Dr. K has served on the International Board of Directors and the Education Legislative Committee at ASCD where she advocated to Congress and developed national educational policy points to address systemic barriers. As a visionary who can make magic and transform any space she’s in, Dr. K leads with compassionate courage and has bridged her love of supporting individuals with special needs and individuals impacted by the criminal justice system with storytelling in film. Growing up in the Bronx and becoming a special education teacher in the Bronx, seeing kids drop out of school was the norm. She is also a co-author for The New Classroom Instruction That Works.


    in Education

    F. Joseph Merlino  President The 21st Century Partnership for STEM  Education,  and Dr. Arcadia University Professor  Dr. Deborah Pomeroy are our guests today having worked internationally and in the US for  years chaging perspectives on science education and other aspects of K12 education.


    in Education

    Meet Christina Collins,a P.E. educator , founder  of NeverStop Moving.com and help yourself and your kids of all grade levels  be healthier and more engaged students  by putting strategic movement into your classroom on a regular basis

  • Leadership and Applied Critical Thinking

    in Education

    Bestselling author, top-rated leadership speaker, and unconsultant who believes that individuals have the power to transform companies and cultures through great leadership and applied critical thinking, Bryce G. Hoffman joins us to discuss his position on one of his recent articles about how to overcome the anchoring effect. Bryce is the author of American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company, which was named one of the “Best Business Books” by Bloomberg and Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything, which Jon Gordon called “further proof that Bryce Hoffman is one of the great business writers and thinkers of our time.” These books have become manuals for leaders who want to learn how to create winning cultures, navigate complexity, and make better decisions faster in today’s rapidly changing world. He was also named one of the “Top 100 Leadership Speakers” by Inc. magazine and has been a guest lecturer at the National University of Singapore, Warwick Business School, and Washington State University, as well as an adjunct lecturer at the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In 2015, Bryce founded Red Team Thinking to teach individuals and organizations how to use applied critical thinking to make better decisions in today’s complex world. Red Team Thinking® evolved from a system developed by the military and intelligence agencies to make critical and contrarian thinking part of their strategic planning process. And in 2021, he launched The Thinking Leader Podcast, featuring conversations with business and thought leaders, cognitive scientists, military officers, and other bestselling authors who share his desire to help people think more deeply and lead more effectively.

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