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Islamic based, raw and unapologetic dialogue, bringing the Hard Truth on topics ranging form religion to extreme social issues.

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Why is Islam the cure for social issues, relationship issues and a better over all way of life then Christianity? On our show we will be discussing why Allah's way is far far superior then the way of Paul, the Grecco-Roman philosophy called... more

In today's society it is difficult to provide for one family let alone two, three, or four families! So, is it wrong for a brother to request for a sister to enter into a marriage with him with stipulations. Stipulations, being she would have to help... more

Do we truly know what is Ash Shariah (The Law of Allah)? Do we know and understand when and how to implement it? Why do the Non-Muslims hate it so? Why do some Muslims hate it so? This Thursday night our honored... more

We find many Muslims especially our sisters marrying brothers who are incarcerated. What are the pros and cons to this type of union! have you ever married so one incarcerated? Tell us your story, we want to hear from you.... more

Islam is a way to be studied and learned, put into practice and made part of our lives! Yet many of us only study Islam without application or living it, while many of us practice Islam without learning it nor living it, while other of us live... more

Polygyny , the taboo topic has just gotten a little more deeper! Sisters are saying brothers prefer a sisters on Government assistance, brothers are saying that is or is not the case. What say you about this? Donald Trumps anti... more

France never apologized for their injustices and atrocities committed against not only the Muslims but all people who have suffered from the oppression of European terrorist. From slavery and the Inquisition to modern day oppression,... more

There is a world out there a lot of people don't know about or are afraid to speak of! It is the world of the Jinn! We want to dive deep into this matter, and discuss what exactly is a Jinn and how are they able to possess the human bodies.... more

Everyday people are physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Verbally abused! Sometimes the abuse leads to the abuser killing the abused or the abused sometimes killing themselves. Some people escape with their lives and some... more

So many people around the world hate Islam and the Muslims! We are erroneously portrayed as an evil blood thirsty cult bent on world domination. The media constantly attacks us, which incites the people to hate, attack, and fear... more