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    The Unparalleled Plight of New Leaders

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    The vast majority of new leaders step into their roles with little to no guidance. Studies show that while 83 percent of organizations say it’s important to develop leaders, only 5 percent have implemented plans to do so. The transition from individual contributor to being responsible for the performance of others is fraught with challenges. Without a playbook, most new leaders flounder. New leaders aren’t aiming to go from good to great — they’re just trying to make it to the end of the week!
    Once they move into their leadership role, new leaders discover that what they thought a leader’s job would be and what it is are two different things. Before becoming one themselves, they assumed a leader’s job was interesting, impactful, and important. But once in the role, they quickly discover that often leadership is just plain hard, and comes with pressures from all sides. Yet much of the hardship new leaders suffer through is entirely preventable — often by recognizing and addressing shortcomings of their own making. Bill Treasurer offers essential lessons that will enable new leaders to create higher standards for themselves and their teams, including:
    How to live the values you want others to live by How to ward off getting overwhelmed What important question to ask yourself when you feel angry, frustrated, or emotionally charged What “don’ts” to impose so you don’t burn out Tune in and listen to Bill's answers to questions such as:
    What got you interested in the field of leadership in the first place? You write about 3 areas of leadership fitness. What are they? One of your chapters is Cultivate Composure. Why is that important to leadership? What are you hoping that readers come away with from reading this book? And much, much more!

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    Media Deserts ??? Media Disruption, & You Tube

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    Media ??? Deserts, Media Disruption, & You Tube 
    Media Disruption Media Deserts  AM Radio FM Radio Daily ????? Newspapers Niche Market Media Social Media Stations (pioneer phase) You Tube (monitizing your channels) Newspaper ????? ?????? Deserts Ethnic News Desert ??? Affordable Housing ??? Deserts  Affordable Housing ???? ?? News ??? Deserts  Radio ?? Station Desert ?????? Deserts Ethnic Radio Station Deserts ??? Financial Literacy ?? News ?? Housing Literacy ????? News The New Media ?? Billionaires