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Night Owls

Night Owls


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Opening theme: "Thunderstorm". The show for lovers of the Paranormal,night owls radio has been on air since 2008. Hosted by the the irrepressible mysterious Miss X, this one-woman show doesn't just talk about the mysteries, it solves the mysteries of strange occurrences on this planet. This is Art Bell radio, Generation II. FOR MY OLDER AND ONLY BROTHER, Jan 1968- Sept, 2021: "If you stand before the powers of hell and death is at your side, know that I am with you through it all"- Robert J. Dufford, S.J. Royalty-free music.

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Tommy, Brigadoon is not there anymore. Oh, really?? Brigadoon is a wonderful story I first saw in a live theater production when I was a child, and it stuck with me. This version was made-for-tv in 1966 and stars Peter Falk and... more

The more Miss X hears of modern AM/FM radio shows, the more she needs to tell you why she got into radio! Also, listen to clips from scary old-time radio shows.. the shadow knows!!!

Moms Mabley is remembered as we give you a platitude to get you through the upcoming week, and The Birds 1963 movie remains grossly cringeworthy terrifying in its 'attic birds scene'. ..as the mysterious Miss X plays you her own... more

Some modern horror-monster movie reviews for you, at last! At least.. 'modern' by Miss X standards! Including 'Get out' and more.

It is exactly 8 months until Miss X' s birthday, and on Feb. 10, 2023... was there a UFO over Alaska?? The report so far says the object is still unidentified as of this broadcast. We give you the latest on this tonite at 11:30 pm EST . Plus, a brief... more

If you have listened to night owls radio for any length of time, you know we hardly ever get any phone calls into the show, but something tells me tonight's going to be different. The mysterious Miss X takes you up into the 3 am hour... more

Really sick and tired of the same information spewed on talk radio for the last decades.. and none of it is funny. All while your host, Miss X, gruels through Grad school for her MBA April, 2023. Crop circles.. are they still a thing?

Urban legends also occur in rural areas! Many years ago, Miss X was driving through an area and, being very intuitive, had a dark and odd feeling, to the point that she was physically affected and immediately turned around and left . Only... more

Miss X invited "Minnesota Sasquatch" story from youtube video to call in to the show tonite to share sighting stories that appear to be the creature called 'Bigfoot.' Anyone with a Sasquatch sighting should call in tonite. Instead, you get to hear... more
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