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    The Vito Esposito Show with BIG AL

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    Immigration - Crooked Joe Biden bypassed Congress once again & Unilaterally created an Amnesty program for Illegal Unvetted Undocumented Aliens.  We told you, The assault on US Constitution by the Executive Branch continues! Biden-Harris-Obama knows there isn't a darn thing We the People can do about it! So the assault on our Republic continues, from within! 
    Debate 2024 - first Presidential debate Thursday, June 27th.  CNN has declared Joe Biden the winner of Thursday's debate! Will this be Biden's final hurrah or will the DNC replace Biden at their convention?  Pres Trump stated he's not taking Crooked Joe for granted for this debate. Biden's dementia is worsening. Biden's recent appearances in Europe were pathetic; illegal immigration out of control; US Economy is not good; and Donald Trump is not going away. 
    Israel-Hamas War continues with Israel taking it to the terrorist org in Rafah.  Palestinian citizens fighting side by side with their Hamas fighters.  Which begs the question - Is Hamas Palestine & Palestinians are Hamas?  
    Join Al & Vito at 6pm EST, Monday Evening.  Follow on X: @gpatriotradio @mamamiaNosharia  For a GREAT Blog, please follow: www.BigFootsPlace.blogspot.com
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    Major Insights —it’s not just a podcast, it’s a revolution in your ears!

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     Maj Bix and Ice Queen.
    News Politics, Current Events, and real solutions to for everyday Americans, with a Homesteader twist.

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    Are Americans the Target of the Government vs. Illegals & Fake Refugees?

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    The fact that the United States Senate reported that the FBI targeted and spied on 278,000 Americans without their knowledge not see in the news or social media under President Biden's administration should be of concern to all Americans. Since 2009, we have witnesses increased discrmination of natural-born Americans who are Christians, Jews, Catholics, Conservatives, members of the Tea Party and Minute Men, Pro-Lifers, Pro-Israel,religious groups, and oppose open borders and illegal entry into the USA.  Rose Colombo and guest, fabulous author of a fascinating book titled WINGS incuding untold stories about Hollywood seen on amazon as wekk as a Researcher, Judy Watson, discussing this increasing problem for legal Americans that should be part of education.
    Google books - OBAMASAURUS:  The Legend of How the Judeo-Christian Dinosaur Nation was Depopulated and Suffered Extinction by International Irwin award-winner with 5 Star Reviews by  Rose M Colombo  - amazon.com
    Is America Under Martial Law by Rose M Colombo - amazon.com
    Dressing Up and Dressing Down by Rose M Colombo - amazon.com

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    Meet James E. Hutton Colonel US Army (Ret) Israel and US Military

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    James Hutton states "Forces from Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen have continued rocket attacks on Israel and in the Red Sea. Much of commercial traffic normally passing through the Suez Canal has be rerouted – costing additional millions of the dollars. Since October 7th, Hezbollah has fired morethan 5,000 rockets towards Israeli civilians. Calls for a ceasefire ring hollow. USS Theodore Roosevelt will replace USS Dwight Eisenhower soon in the Red Sea. The strike group is largely used to repel Houthi attacks. Houthis continue to attempt attacks on commercial traffic with mixed results. The Houthis sunk a merchant vessel Tutor. According to AP, the Houthis have “launched more than 60 attacks targeting specific vessels,” and have shot missiles and drones. Much criticism from organized groups in the U.S. and other western countries centers on “ceasefire” and “genocide.” Jewish and other critics have pointed out that American groups on college campuses began using such terms before significant Israel combat operations began,indicating that such terms were employed as part of a propaganda campaign, and that Hamas could surrender and return hostages at any time to end the conflict. Instead, Hamas continues to attempt reconstitution and regeneration operations to continue the fight. The IDF may be limited by personnel restrictions and are employing a “clear and leave” tactic instead of a “clear, hold,"
    Join national political commentator/host Chauncey I. Brown III for and informative conversation with former assistant secretary of Veteran Affairs James Hutton about China, Israel and our military. 

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    Are we a doomed civilization

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    A weak and self centered people
    I think God has had enough of our gutless bullshit  

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    The Fight for Liberty Online: AI, Social Media, Journalism & Government Coercion

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    Since ChatGPT's release, artificial intelligence has moved from being mostly a science fiction plot device to being front and center in the business world and a discussion topic for the majority of people worldwide. Keith Hanson, CEO of QUX Technologies and veteran law enforcement expert, joined me to discuss the current threat level of AI and how QUX Technologies works to provide and protect personal liberty online. Jason Sheppard, founder of Wimkin social media, joined me to discuss the expected fallout from the Murthy v. Missouri ruling, his thoughts on the Julian Assange plea deal, and updates on WIMKIN, Date On The Right, and The Fentanyl Test. Ron Edwards, host of The Ron Edwards American Experience radio show, joined me to talk about his thoughts on the Trump/Biden Presidential debate and recent SCOTUS-released opinions: Murthy v. Missouri, the Grants Pass, Oregon case, the Joseph Fischer "Obstruction of an Official Proceeding" J6 overcharge case, and possibly the most important for restoring the Republic, the overturning of the Chevron Deference doctrine.
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    "The Cross in the Desert: Speaking hope and freedom to Iran."

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    "The brutal Morality Police crackdown on Iranian women."