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    Action Radio: Gen. Thomas McInerney - The Truth About Cyber Election Fraud!

    in Politics Conservative

    * Press the “play” button at the top left or on the picture to start the show.
    Call in number:  215 383-3832.
    Action Radio live shows and podcasts:
    International calls online - Skype name - GregPenglis
    Bill writing site:
    Patreon sponsors:
    Action Radio Show Notes:  11/23/20
    00:00 - Background information on Gen. McInerney and the vote fraud problem.
    30:00 - The National Security Report, with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry.
    1:00:00 - General Thomas McInerney Interview!  Wow!!!!
    Action Radio is the synergy of radio broadcast technology, the internet, the radio audience, articles, podcasts, news videos, state and federal legislators, the governors, and even the President, in an entirely new way to make our laws.  The citizens, us, we will write the bills, online, and on the air, for submission to the various legislators.  Then we will lobby our bills with as large an audience as we can build.
    “We the People, Give Our Consent to be Governed, Through Writing the Laws by Which We are Governed.”  This is the guiding principle and the mission of Action Radio, where people, regular people, will actually be crafting the laws that we consent to live under.  And it all begins here, on Action Radio.

  • 02:20

    The Rory Sauter Show - Episode 289

    in Politics Conservative

    Today’s Show : Director Of Jihad Watch And Best Selling Author, Robert Spencer calls in, Investigative Reporter & Best Selling Author of ‘The Permanent Coup’ , Lee Smith calls in, Executive Director At Pro English, Stephen Guschov calls in, Political Science Professor & Ex Homeland Security Official, Nick Giordano calls in, U.S. Congressional Candidate From Maryland, Tim Fazenbaker calls in, Military Expert, Stephen Mitchell calls in, Writer & Speaker, Sam Tolley calls in, Crime Expert, Carlo Cavazutti calls in, Political Activist, Equintal Middleton calls in, Leader of Blacks4 Trump calls in,President Trump continues to expose corruption from 2020 election, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell claims Venezuelan whistleblower warned Smartmatic can change votes without detection, Pennsylvania tightens mask restrictions and tells residents to wear masks inside their homes when non-family members are present, Rudy Giuliani’s Press Conference, Report: Americans Own an Estimated 434 Million Firearms, Rittenhouse Self-Defense, Matthew McConaughey May run for Governor, Mississippi governor proposes $3M ‘Patriotic Education Fund’ to combat ‘indoctrination’ from ‘far-Left socialist teachings’, Democratic governors not following their own lockdown orders, Democrats Cancelling Thanksgiving, Democrats Want $5.5 Billion Bailout of New York City’s Illegal Population, Democrats are not the party of real science, & Fox News is now FakeNews propaganda.

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    police state police state police state Bite me is your daddy

    in Politics Conservative

    From the love of crude oil that is transplanted to Minnestupid , the unique voice in conservative talk radio 

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    Brower Report Live Election Coverage 516-531-9316

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Matt and Bill for the live show covering news and election results!
    Brower Report Live Election Coverage 516-531-9316
    Listen live at  
    The Brower Report Network is your home of news, views, and entertainment!
    Listen live Tuesday’s at 8 pm ET for the Brower Report!
    Listen live Friday’s at 9:30 pm ET for Alan and Aaron Sports Talk Radio Show!
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    Revealing the Truth About Islam-Usama Dakdok - News, Politics, Terrorism, Qur'an

    in Politics Conservative

    Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson exposed programs used to steal the election from President Trump. Now it's exposed by many more. Usama attended the March for Trump in DC today! An amazing event, of 100,000s of American Patriots! (LIVE by phone: (319) 527-6706. Comment hit #1. Hear podcast after live show.) Thank Jesus Christ for answering prayers for Americans. Pray for President Trump, America for a miracle to expose all the election fraud. Jesus is a miracle worker. If we stand in faith, courage, the Lord will win the battle against evil trying to destroy America. Many bold voices now being heard. We share some of them. Usama warned that Islam in America would destroy the USA. The truth about Islam from its sources: the Qur'an & Hadith. God Save America, protect Israel.. for Generous Qur'an, e-books, videos. Have Usama speak. FB: Twitter: @UsamaDakdok or Kristie Johnson @NdTimesNAmerica YouTube Usama on M-F 12:30 PM CT on VCY America Radio: Usama's TV Channel: Global Patriot FB: Twitter: @gpatriotradio

  • 01:29

    A Tale of Two Americas

    in Politics Conservative

    Russ Fine, Rob North and Tyler Scott discuss the great American divide. Half of our country supports the constitution and freedom, and the other half wants to fundamentally transform this great nation.

  • 00:55

    Which Political Party is Best for the Jewish People?

    in Politics Conservative

    Mike will debate Geoff Campbell, Head of The Miami-Dade County Progressive Caucus on Which Political Party is Best for The Jewish People? Mike fervently believes that The Republican Party is by far better for the Jews. Geoff has the diamtrically opposed position that The Democrats are the better Party for the Jews. Turn up the air conditioner for this heated debate on The Mike Essen Show!

  • 03:02

    2020: The Most Corrupted Presidential Election in Our Lifetime

    in Politics Conservative

    Bards Logic discussed the dangers of electronic voting fraud for years. We have worked with organizations such as Watch the Vote USA . The 2020 Presidential election, which is probably the most important election of our lifetime will also probably be the most corrupted Presidential election of our lifetime.
    This episodes guests: Francois Choquette. Texas engineer and computer programmer. Kris from Americans for Election Integrity is still working in the count for the KY Bevin/Besheer race.
    The Dems and their propaganda arm the "media" rushed to declare a Biden/Harris victory before the votes have been verified. Why do they hurry? They fear the evidence of the cheating, lies, theft, and illegal activites will be exposed before they can manipulate their followers into believing a Biden victory is legitimate. They use the tactic " if you hear something enough it must be true." The Democrats and their parrots in the "media" continue to use this because it has been effective for the past 5 years.
    Those same people who spread hate for President Trump, his supporters, and Patriotic Americans are now asking for unity.
    Bards Logic responds: Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of War.
    This is the time to fight. We the People owe America and her children and grand children this. The Republicans must maintain their backbones that were given to them by President Trump to save our Republic.
    The Democrats and their state run "media" want us to take what they have done to America, President Trump and us laying down.
    Our answer: We Will Not.
    The articles and videos from tonight's episode can be found on the Bards Logic Newsroom.
    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People show.

  • 02:02

    Voting For, Not Against, Your Values

    in Politics Conservative

    The media continues to deny that there was anything even remotely suspect about the 2020 elections despite the mounting evidence. Ron Edwards will join me for his weekly visit to discuss the latest. Craig A. Huey, business owner, marketing expert, author, and speaker will also visit to discuss the elections as well as his latest book, The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables For Voting For, Not Against, Your Values. 
    My Patriot Supply 
    Hero Soap Company 

  • 00:46

    First Real People USA Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Social media should not be the primary method to reach out to potential voters.

  • 02:01

    Black By Color Only on CNM Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    Hello, everyone, out there in Blog Talk Radio Land! This is your host and friend, DJ Southeast Vince, coming at you from a place called Durham, NC, and this is Black By Color Only on CNM Radio. On this show, I will discuss current events and issues that affect the black race and I will take on the Apostles of Blackness. Hopefully, you will get something from this show and if you have a question or a comment, make sure you season it well with respect or I'll push the "Kick" button and you will go "Bye-bye", so don't come here being a fruit bat as this is a fruit bat-free program. You are listening to Black By Color Only. 
    Hmmm...I wonder what I'll talk about today...