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    High Value Man narrative is Flawed

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    High Value Man narrative is Flawed

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    Someone is thinking of you?

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    It stands to reason that you would like to know about these thoughts someone else is having about you. 

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    Oneness Is Energized by Prayers of the Village

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    We are lucky when we have the opportunity to be involved in the village. Most of us grew up in what we can define as villages even though we may not have articulated it as such. The Village comprised of our immediate family, our extended family of relatives, neighbors, and a host of friends both near and far. Our mobility during the past 50 years disrupted that traditional definition but we need to reconnect with the Village.

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    A Bad Contract or a Bad Surgery. The Daily Gogetemism.

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    Anybody who has had signed a bad contract knows that you feel good about signing it in the beginning. It makes you feel like you're taking a gamble that is worth it. You figure that it will all work itself out in the long run, as long as you do your part. People who sign bad contracts often celebrate the signing. And then it gets ugly. A bad surgery is usually evident in the beginning, but not always. A life preserving surgery may take a while to show itself. it might make you think that the complications that you're feeling are just side effects that will go away. A bad cosmetic surgery usually shows itself early, because it doesn't look the way that you wanted it to look. Sometimes the evidience that a cosmetic surgery was bad takes time to show itself. Sometimes there are leaks and deflations, etc. A bad cosmetic surgery can be life threatening. Without asking which you would rather choose, what do you think of the severity of the two? What's the worst surgery that you have ever heard about? What is the worst contract that you have known to be signed? Let's talk.
    That's what we're talking about tonight at 7PM ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show Check this out:  https://youtu.be/SngfXZQ5TnU
    Call 319-527-6199 to listen live on the air, comment live, or chat.
    #surgery #contracts #360deal #BBL

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    Fit, Fulfilled, and Energized.

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    Topic: Fit, Fulfilled, and Energized. Want to lose 30 lbs? Have back pain? No purpose in life? Work/relationship/family un-balanced? Jerry Kuykendall, is a Transformation Coach, using an integrated approach to resolve  problems.www.biohackingtruth.com  Listen On-Demand:  Soundcloud, Spotify,  iTunes, TuneIn, & more. Buy Book: The Science of Mastering Women Fb IG Coaching Amazon Link. Start with this link to support my show. No cost to you. No book purchase req. Subscribe & Call in! 323.642.1677

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    All In One w/ Alicia Lavon

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    WBNN #TheDynasty / Join us for our 3276th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: Suicide Prevention 
    • Mental health vs Life experience
    • 4 Areas of life that cause people spiral 
    • Virtue friend
    • Online Epidemic living for tomorrow 
    • Direction
    • Education Opportunities
    • Self-love by Alicia Lavon & our soundtrack of our lives ft. Grammy Award Nominee Jaheim

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    Episode Summary:
    In this Off da Fence with Finch episode, Finch, and his friends have a candid conversation, with Jevon Wooden about How To Overcome Self-Doubt.
    Show Overview:
    Off da fence with Finch, the intoxicating, liberating and inclusive podcast where Finch, his friends and special guests share tips and insight to help you enhance your life, careers, relationships, and finances.
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    Jump Straight Into:
    02:32 Prison 7 Years
    07:23 Excuses VS. Other Options
    11:05 Privilege Perspective
    12:20 Finding Your Why
    14:39 Purpose-Driven Beings
    20:10 Steps To Overcoming Doubt
    26:41 Constructive Feedback VS. Criticism
    33:00 Transformation
    37:28 How To Change What You’re Digesting
    39:00 Asking For Help
    Resources & Credits:
    Follow Finch on Instagram (@itsfinchofficial) and visit his website itsfinch.com
    Connect with Jevon Wooden:
    Website: http://www.livenotloathe.com/
    Instagram Handle: @livenotloathe