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    Jack Parsons, American Prophet -- Freedom Revisited

    in Spirituality

    On Thursday August 19th the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present two Prophetic essays by American rocket scientist, magician and philosopher John Whiteside Parsons. Chapters Two and Three of "Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword taken from The Seventh Ray, Book IV, Omnibus, The Violet Ray" a reprint of the original publication in the Seventh Ray, issue 19, 1977 (Chapter 3) and a previously unpublished chapter 2, "The Sword and the State." These essays from the 1950s are particularly important in the present political, spiritual, and socio-economic situation. They should be of particular interest to our Thelemic listeners and Hermetic students generally. I do not always agree with Jack but I do agree that his work should be revived and reviewed at this critical time. So if you want to know what Maestro Belarion predicted tune in and find out.

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    "Magical Soul FIt Session"

    in Spirituality

    Join Ms.Blue "The Oracle" & Bro Balah (#planetremixradio)
    "Magical Soul FIt Session" Join In and Let's Tap into some "Soul Fit Magic"
    Contact MsBlue: Readings | Know Your Magic Audio WorkBook | Know Your Magic Oracle Deck | Self Invested Workshop | Akashic Records Readings | Radio Host | Medium | Intuitive Healer | Psychic - Medium | Intuitive Healer | Psychic |Certified Holistic Practitioners | Metaphysician | Cosmic Creator | Soul Contracts | Pass Lives  |   | @theremix_radio    Do The Work !
    Contact: Bro Balah:   Soul Alignment Reading | Soul Cycles | Numerology | Astrology | Astrologer | Radio | Music | 13 | Soul Body | Soul Alignment Reading | Soul Cycle CalendarsThe Mystical | @balahtheexperience_
    Copyright Disclaimer :I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC THAT IS PLAYED No copyright infringement intended

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    Planetary Humanitarian Tara Keakahi Mu

    in Spirituality

    Tara Keakahi Mu is a galactic shaman, who has been actively unfolding her galactic missions on the planet since 2017. The remembrance, the activations, the galactic demonstrations, the timing and access to her cosmic bank accounts, the deep + intensive human meat suit work (deep personal work + true ownership of self), deepening in self love + true embodiment, while in a unique cosmic hermit like incubation, all led to her deep + clear knowingness of being a Truth Anchor for the planet: Enabling a completely different radio station than the current 3D radio station that people are tuning into, for the planet to Truly Be Free.  She has been called to different parts of the world, to unfold galactic assignments of all sorts, serving as a planetary humanitarian, which was a part of her galactic training into the upleveled "version" of being a galactic shaman for this New planetary transformation. She recently finished a 2+ year full time nomad assignment, after being galactically informed to put her things in storage in Hawaii and spend more time on the mainland U.S. It is what she had been preparing for and has been expanding upon, through her galactic assignments. Tara is here to illuminate Truth in all ways: To inspire and innovate the New Movement for the epic transformation of this planet. To clarify and debunk much of the misaligned and Not Truths on the planet, so that humanity can truly know how to rise, with more clarity, strength, and inspiration. To deeply connect humanity back to earth/nature/environment through self love/love. Tara is putting out the galactic beeping call, for her soul/Starseed family support to come forth, in supporting her with the next stage of galactic assignments.  If this has deep resonance for you, at this moment in time, feel free to email Tara at starseedshaman3 at gmail dot com.
    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News!

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    The 3 months ahead - Critical 144K Briefing & Full Moon Mass Meditation Prep

    in Spirituality

    The next three-months ahead, the intense liberation phase has indeed commenced; what it means to the 144K and Planetary liberation; briefing just before our big, 144K Full Moon mass meditation coming up in roughly, I think, even less than 48 hours from now. And so much to talk about, so much to prepare. We are going to deal with how to call in your galactic family; the energetic equation, to maximize our impact on the planet, and essentially save Humanity. As part of the Earth Alliance, we are all playing a critical role, make no bones about that. And we're also going to do a psychic training towards the end of next week, stay tuned for that one.There's so much more we have to be ready for it folks. A huge post from Q the Storm Rider, and a lot more coming your way.
    This is IT!  You know this two-to-three month campaign or intense liberation phase, that's how we kick it off - we kick it off with this full moon mass meditation on the 22nd of August. And it is just not fitting at all to do the show after it kicks off. This two-to-three month period kicks off with that August 22 Full Moon meditation.
    For notifications about free Planet-Wide Advanced Mass Meditations:
    Subscribe to 144K HQ on Patreon: for more empowering & healing content & to support mass meditation promotions to reach critical mass:
    Brought to you by Return To Your Truth Dot Com:

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    Jewels: The Law of Attraction Happening in World Affairs and Dr. Joe Dispenza

    in Spirituality

    This is an action pack and thought provoking episode where Jewels talks about what we are all creating... good or bad... it is all there for us to observe and learn from. Then Jewels talks to Dr. Joe Dispenza about how to create what you want and need.

  • 01:30

    Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour: Amulets Charms & Talismans Cat Papa Gee 8/22/21

    in Spirituality

    The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour is a real, live call-in show where the general public gets a chance to ask about actual problems with love, career, and spiritual protection, and we recommend and fully describe hoodoo rootwork spells to address, ameliorate, and remediate their issues. We begin this show with a Discussion Panel focussed on the topic of How to Use Amulets, Charms, and Talismans in the Hoodoo and Conjure Tradition, Their New Festival Book. You will learn a lot just by listening -- but if you sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum and call in and your call is selected, you will get a free consultation from three of the finest workers in the field from AIRR, Catherine Yronwode and Papa Gee.
    Sign up before the show to appear as a client! Post at the Lucky Mojo Forum at:
    Then call in at 818-394-8535 and dial '1' to flag our Studio Board Operator that you want to be on the air! We select new client sign-ups first and then call-back sign-ups. Call in right when the show begins and listen via your phone. Message the Announcer or the Studio Board Operator ("Lucky Mojo Curio Company") in chat to let them know you're available. The link above will also be the location of the show's CHAT LOG once it is posted, so you can follow along as you listen.
    You can purchase tickets to this year's Hoodoo Heritage Festival on September 11-12th (Virtual! Via ZOOM!) at

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    Individualistic Nature of Reality & How to Decipher It -Author Matthew Forrest

    in Spirituality

    M. H. Forrest is an international entrepreneur and CEO of ITZA Global, an intellectual property creation, licensing, and franchising consulting organization. For twenty years he has travelled whilst operating various businesses, which earned him the name “Off Grid Entrepreneur” and inspired his most important endeavor: a theory of everything. Devising this theory required a deep understanding of multiple disciplines, including evolutionary psychology, consciousness studies, quantum mechanics, psychology, cosmology, and many more. Learn more at
    To find out more, or join in Soul Centered
    Awakenings with Michele Meiche is your place for information and insight to understand the Global Shift of Awareness and Awakening to live a more Soul fulfilling life and experiencing Soul fulfilling relationships.
    Awakenings broadcasts ‘Live every Wednesday 12pm -1:30 pm PT   
    Call in for Intuitive and Numerology Readings  # 347-539-5122
    Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Dreams, Self Development and the Soul Path.                                You can also connect with Michele on the app @MentorCam where she can answer your questions psychically, as well as help you via her Soul Insights and life advice.
    Email for guest and topic suggestions, as well as to have your questions answered ‘On Air’

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    in Spirituality

    Energetically this year is a "rebirth" year. Which means for those of us who are sensitive, we will most likely be facing some high anxiety, confusion, and delays.
    In this podcast I will be talking about a lot of these things as well as September energy, what to expect, and things to do to help maintain better energetic balance.
    Here are the links I talk about in this podcast ~
    CBD study:
    CBD links:
    Larimar Bracelet:
    Join my SPIRIT COMMUNITY (Ask for an invite here):

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    Tea Thyme With Mother And Crone - Episode 30

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Rev Pam Griffith and Rev Mylinda Whiteley for Episode 30 of Tea Thyme With Mother And Crone! #TeaThymeWithMotherAndCrone #TeaThyme #PamGriffith #MylindaWhiteley

  • 02:03

    Elevated Places Network Presents: “Ask Minister Ava” with Dr. Ava Muhammad

    in Spirituality

    On Tonight's Show:
    Tonight's Guest: Dr. Akili Muhammad to discuss COVID 19 Self Care: A Divine Prescription for Your Immune System/"How to Eat to Live"
    Weapons of Self Destruction Master Class Part 3, September 6th, "Never Settle for Less - Removing the Weapon of Wanting NOTHING!"
    Min Ava's New Book Release: Weapons of Self-Destruction - A Guidebook for Women in the War Against Negative Internal Forces
    Latest Final Call News Headlines 
    Check out Elevated Places Network on! View Minister Ava's lectures at Mosque Maryam, the Law of God Part I, II & III. Real Love in Real Life Q&A sessions I & II and so much more! You can also purchase Minister Ava's 6 new ebooks: Life in the New Millennium How We Will Think and Eat! The Science of Light, Color and the Mother Plane, Deportation of Moon and The Legend of the Lost Continent of Atlantis, Can A Muslim Worry? How to Stop Tormenting Yourself and Overcoming Burnout, The Season of Separation: How to Escape Time, Directing Your Will, Thoughts and Words to Get Your Life in Order! Additionally you can purchase Real Love and/or A New Way of Life ebook or hard copy all on!
    Reports from Ask Dr. Ava Contributors:
    Co-host - Bro Terence Muhammad
    Sis Atty Pamela Muhammad - Legal Report
    The New Final Call Website!!! 

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    in Spirituality Hello!  I'm Simone also known as Swordz. I am an Occultist, Mental Medium and Spellcraft Practitioner, I've spent almost half my life learning the art of writing effective spells for myself and others. One of the things I've learned over the years studying and practicing spellcraft is that the psychology of the subconscious mind and ocultism is basically the same. I believe the first step is learning how to get in tune and communicate with your higher selves so that these negative energy attachments, which usually stems from repetitive thought pattetns going on in the conscious mind, can be released. I will be hosting spells writing, spell casting and energy work-shops to teach and mentor  unique techniques about casting spells and expanding and directing your energy to manifest. 
    To get effective results with spellcraft, your creative ideas requires careful planning and execution.

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