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Cosmic Philosopher



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We're making a distinction between B.C. & A.D. worldviews. B.C. = the origin of humanity. A.D. = a fictional depiction of life. Come learn the difference!

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What are the Asian steppes? The Steppe, belt of grassland that extends some 5,000 miles (8,000 km) from Hungary in the west through Ukraine and Central Asia to Manchuria in the east.n August 2013, the National Wildlife Federation joined forces with Kansas State University to host the second ever America's Grasslands Conference - held in Manhattan, Kansas. Only a short drive from the Konza Prairie Biological Station, which just recently celebrated its 40th Birthday, the conference was located in an ideal spot to talk about grassland conservation and the future of grasslands. The conference was attended by around 215 participants from across the country, including a diverse group of researchers, conservationists, ranchers, federal and state policy experts, graduate students, and many others. The conference, which ran from August 12-14, featured over 65 speakers and included a riveting keynote by acclaimed conservation photographer Michael Forsberg, optional field trips to visit local native grasslands, a poster session, a series of roundtable discussions, and a barbeque at the nearby Konza Prairie. For this year's conference, we chose the theme ?The Future of Grasslands in a Changing Landscape.? Roughly between 3 and 2.5 million years ago, the lineage of ‘Lucy' [Australopithecus afarensis] became extinct and the first members of our own genus, Homo, appeared. The first simple stone tools also appeared with those fossils, which featured some modern traits like bigger brains,? deMenocal says. ?Then, between 2 million and 1.5 million years ago, we see Homo erectus.? That bigger-brained hominin had a skeleton very much like our own, more sophisticated tools like double-bladed axes and new behaviors that led early humans out of Africa for the first time.
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Recent evidence indicates that they began to spread outside Africa around 100/000 years ago, known as Hono sapiens sapiens ("wise, wise hunan being"). Mammoths and mastodons, ancestors of the elephant, and elk, moose, and... more

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This led the Puritans to interpret Scripture in an ultimately pretentious way that gave their own state and society the exalted status of a New Israel. Old Testament law was directly, if not exclusively, incorporated into the legal... more

(a) Michelle LaVaughn Robinson (born January 17, 1964) ?Bahrain, Utah? isn't a real place. ?Samuel Kepelplorp? and ?Michael Flemingston Robbins? aren't the names of real people. Did Judge Award Sasha and Malia Obama's... more

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In the late 1800s, European nations were competing fiercely for control of Africa, the only continent (other than Antarctica) that had not yet been colonized by Europeans. Some European imperialists, such as French leader Jules Ferry (see... more

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