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    Uyu Munsi 

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    Seeds Of Change

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    Current events and guests speaking on the topic of sovereignty. 

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    TS Radio Network: Totalitarianism under the guise of protecting us

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    Tonight at 7:00 CST
    Callin # 917-388-4520  Press #1 if you wish to speak
    Tonight on TS Radio, we are joined by Australian activists who are not only fighting the predatory guardianship/estate theft racket, but who are now, standing up against a government in the throws of a hostile takeover by globalists.  The Australian government has turned on its own people and created a living hell for them.   
    After 70 continuous days of total lockdown, Australia has become a virtual country wide prison.  The people are being attacked by their own government and are suffering the harshness of lockdowns, threats from law enforcement for not complying with vaccine mandates, and having their very way of life decimated.  Speaking out against the takeover can land you in jail!  
    Please join us in support of our friends in Australia who are on the front lines in fighting back against this totalitarian takeover.  What is happening there will soon land in America.  Australia is the test run.  If Australia falls, we will fall right behind them.  

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    Solar Storm 9.28.21: We Will Win The War

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    Kyle and Sinead talk about the how White people love the fall and pumpkin spice products (like at Heathen Herbs!), resistance to the flu world order, predators in our midst, and more.
    T: ResolutionRDO & 
    G: @ResolutionRDO 
    Support Resolution RADIO. Your gifts are much appreciated. Every $ helps us upgrade & purchase advertising!
    Sonny Thomas P.O. Box 27 Springboro, Ohio 45066 

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    China: An Introduction

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    Our guest Dr. Larry Herzberg will discuss his book, China Smart: A Past & Present Guide to History, Culture, Society, Language.
    Larry Herzberg is professor emeritus of Chinese at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1984 he started the Asian Languages Program . He is also former Director of Asian Studies at the same university where has served for 37 years. He also taught Chinese at Albion College in Michigan 4 years prior. After studying Chinese for five years at Vanderbilt University, he did his PhD work in Chinese language and literature at Indiana University. Together with his Chinese wife, Xue Qin, he has published three books, including “The Chinese Survival Guide,” “Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar,” and “Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings:With Observations on Culture and Language.”
    Larry and his wife have also produced two documentary films on contemporary China, including the 2 1/2 hour film The China Threat: Perception versus Reality (2012) as well as the documentary Issues that Trouble Americans at the Start of the 21st Century (2008).  

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    Rated G Radio: Getting The Band Back Together

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    Welcome to Rated G Radio with your host Garrett Miller. Tonight Garrett welcomes VIP Guest Co-Host: Rebecca Fisk  We'll talk about how Rated G Radio started 10 years ago.  How it almost didn't happen.  And the infamous Hummus Incident.   We'll also Check Our 6 when Garrett and Rebecca each bring their 3 Must Gab's.  Who knows where the conversation will evolve?!  We'll invite you to call in to share your thoughts on topic in this uncensored, non-pc conversation which goes deep into uncharted waters in the most outrageous ways possible.   RATED G RADIO features a wide range of programming each and every week showcasing some of the most popular hosts in podcast history!  Check out our other featured programs.  Sign up for the socials and connect.  We'll love having you join us. Rebecca Fisk: America's Top 50 Psychic Rated LGBT Radio starring Rob Watson Rated OZ Radio starring Mary Lou Munroe Rey Journey with Stephanie starring Stephanie Gerard Garrett's Shameless Music Plug:  Add Blond Jesus THE MUSICAL to your Spotify Playlist Today!  

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    Tribute to Comrade Malik Killiam

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    Tribute to  Comrade Malik Killiam , Conscious New Afrikan Citizen , Rapper , Community Organizer, RBG Outlaw and overall freedom fighter. To honor the life of Comrade Malik Killiam ,we will be joined by Sistar Phala Nazarine , Brother Mic Chambers and Brother Zayd Malik . We could possibly have others chime in and join the commemoration as well.

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    A Tribute to Brother Mitchell Muhammad

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    When a Brother and Sister sacrifice their entire life to an ideal and cause to help advance humanity it is a life well lived. We want to take pause on The Narrative to pay tribute to the life of a Brother, Servant, Musician, Family Member, One Time Assistant Minister under Minister Dr. Abdul Heleem Muhammad (Min Robert Muhammad) of Mosque 45 in Houston, Texas under the Leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Let's reflect on the life of Brother Mitchell Muhammad (Singleton). Guest Cary Singleton and Sister Stacy Singleton-Heard will be on our program to share with us insights about their Brother. Call in number 914-205-5519

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    Women make up 51% of the US population, yet only 31% of elected officials are women. So why the disparity?  
    Well, as any woman who has run for office can tell you, there are a number of barriers and obstacles standing in the way for women who throw their hats in the ring. Money, support, personal obligations, campaigning, exposure...the list goes on and on. A number of organizations have formed in the last couple of years to help  One of them is League of Our Own Washington.
    Executive Director Kaitlin Vintertun heads up the relatively new League based just north of Seattle, WA. She explains the supports the group offers women who not only want to run now, but who are contemplating it in the future. During their first year they had 70 potential candidates participate in trainings, coaching sessions, and educational programs with supporters and experienced candidates, with most running for school boards, city councils, an dother critical local positions. Most educational experiences are provided by volunteer coaches, former candidates and supporters from speech experts to empathetic listeners to someone to just cook a dinner for the candidate as she goes through the experience. 
    Join us as we talk about women in government and what is to be learned and gained from running for office .

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    #InstitutionalAbuseAwarenessWeek2021 10/17-23 Felice Eliscu #TalkWithTenney

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    On Sunday, October 17, 2021, join Talk with Tenney with guest Felice Eliscu, Human Rights Advocate, who will talk about the new proposed Federal Legislation: A.C.C.A. and Placements for Youth that are Completely Unregulated and Abusive. We will discuss what some of these treatments are and how they cause Trauma instead of help and how you can help stop it.  
    Institutional Abuse Awareness Week is from October 17 - October 23, 2021. #InstitutionalAbuseAwarenessWeek #BreakingCodeSilence
    Call in to talk with Felice Eliscu, Human Rights Advocate on 10/17/2021 at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific.
    Breaking Code Silence Website:
    Breaking Code Silence Facebook:
    Support Breaking Code Silence:

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    Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou

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    Always an interesting perspective on everyday issues