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    'Africa and the Illusion of Freedom!" - 2/18/2024

    in Radio

    This Week on Africa On The Move, presents:  “Africa and the Illusion of Freedom!” Join us on Sunday, February 18, 2024, at 7 PM EST

  • 00:53

    Show Talk with Angela Butler

    in Entertainment

    The interview on Show Talk with Angela Butler is with Mr. Tommie l. Jenkins. Jenkins will be talking about federal contracts and the discrimination in Homer Louisiana and throughout America. Also the discrimination is economic and ongoing and is a civil rights violation. Hud especially with FEMA contracts. The interview is prerecorded and the link to listen is http://tobtr.com/12314938

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    The Diva’s 585th Blogtalk Radio Show

    in Television

    Join the Diva of Dool as we discuss this past week's show. Is Clyde out for revenge? Who shot Harris? Who shot into the room where Lucas and Kate were? And who set fire to the Horton house? All questions we will want answered. Chad and Everett taunted Clyde after printing their story about him in the Spectator. Soon after we see three figures creating chaos in Salem. Xander looks to be suspicious after going out for a run and Sarah finding a strange text on his phone. Constantine confronts John with a red card that turns him back into the Pawn. He tells him he killed a women named Katarina. John discusses this with Steve who is upset John went alone. Stephanie and Everette sleep together and he wants her to move in. She wants to introduce him to Jada and Rafe. Alex and Kristen make a pack to keep Theresa and Brady apart. Theresa is surprised to see Brady at her AA meeting. Theresa finds a ring in Alex's coat pocket. Stefan and Ava really sleep together. Tripp and Wendy find out. Ava actually did tell Harris about Clyde. Sloan is jealous of the baby and tells Eric. Abe and Paulina sleep together. Paulina needs surgery right away. Johnny and Chanel want to cancel the wedding. Chad,Julie,Charlotte,and Thomas have touching scenes as Julie tells the story of Tom, Alice and the Horton house. We will also discuss the breaking news regarding Ari Zucker sueing Corday productions along with producer Albert Alaar. She alleges sexual harassment and wrongful termination. More spoilers and rumors plus upcoming previews. 

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    in Entertainment

    For the past 30 years Lance Cowan has worked behind the scenes with some of the country's finest songwriters and artist, while quietly honing his own songwriting skills.  His first collection of songs, "SO FAR SO GOOD" is already drawing praise! Lance joins us for thie first segment of this weeks of LIVE:FROM NASHVILLE!
    Edgar Loudermilk, a two time back to back SPBGMA " Bass Fiddle Performer of the Year"  award winner, and leader of the EDGAR LOUDERMILK BAND joins us in the second half of the show and we'll be sharing some music from "THE DARK SIDE OF LONESOME" album in addition to some other great songs.
    With award winning host Gary & Mary Kaye Holt, Heard Around the World, at Equestrianlegacy.net and on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcast, Spotify and most streaming platforms...Just search for Equestrian Legacy Radio!

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    Author/Film Director Courtney Daniels Re new Book & Chris Woolsey of Crackle.com

    in Entertainment

    Guests -- Author/writer/director Courtney Daniels chats about her brand new book "Yes You Can - How to Make a Movie for Almost No Money." Yes, it can be done! And our second guest is Chris Woolsey, Senior Director of Communications for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, will share details about some of the cool movies on Crackle.com for February 2024.

  • 01:26

    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Zeam/County Rescue Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guests: Syncbak founder-chief executive officer Jack Perry, discussing Zeam, the new national programming service offering local news, sports, public affairs and culture content supplied by more than 300 TV statons, and Brian Baugh and Brett Varvel, creator and co-star respectivly of County Rescue, a new scripted series premiering next week on Great American Family and Great American PureFlix.

  • 02:00

    Section 31 Movie with MICHELLE YEOH update & history of Section 31

    in Pop Culture

    Section 31 has been a part of Star Trek for a very long time, just how long, let's find out. Uncle Jim and his Treksperts talk Section 31. With Academy Award Winner Michelle Yeoh, back as Phillipa Georgiou, in the title role of the made for TV movie, there is much to discuss. First introduced in in DS9 episode "Inquisition" by Agent Luthor Sloan, it would appear in or be mentioned in 24 episodes across Enterprise, Lower Decks, Picard, DS9 and the movie Star Trek:Into Darkness. Call (646)668-2433 to join the fun. Let's see what's out There...ENGAGE!

  • 00:29

    Linda Arrico

    in Entertainment

    Linda Arrico has great experience in the music industry and with social media.
    Linda will be on 3 times a year as our Social Media & Music Consultant.
    She will be keeping us up on the music and social media world topics
    Let's all Welcome Linda Arrico to the show.
    Hear it all on "Just Talkin Music"

  • 02:03

    RAWF After Hours 2/17/24

    in Entertainment

    The Journey To Immortal XI is underway!! Love Hurts results, updated rankings, event news and much much more! Come join the fun!

  • 00:45

    Is There an Afterlife?

    in Entertainment

    Are you wondering whether we are part of something bigger than we thought  and that there may be yet another side to our reality. 

  • 01:00

    Women In Motion Present's Peggy's Social Hour.

    in Entertainment

    Women In Motion Presents: Peggy"s Social Hour.
    Sunday February 25th,2024 at 5:00pm pst ,  Texas 7:00pm  8:00pm est
    Join Women in Motion Live on ewaterradio
    Special Guest Dr. Ron Roberson.
    Emmy Award winning Producer and Director of Miracle Productions Including CNN Headlines News Local Edition,
    worked with  many  top names in the industry,
    Smokey Robinson, Ray Charles just to name a few. 
    Dr. Ron Roberson will share his life journey.
    From the stage of Production Television &  Radio  including 
    How to live your best life and become a better You  from 
     your, health, Relationships,including your senior years,
     Changing your mind set.
    Lets Fellowship together  on one accord in unity and Love and receive the wisdom and knowledge  from the man of God .
    Dr. Ron Roberson live on Women in Motion
    Tune in Sunday February25th,2024 5:00pm pst  7:00pm Texas 8:00pm est
    check us out on facebook, instagram & TikTok
    On your computer ewaterradio on line [http://blogtalkradio.com/ewaterradio
    To call or listen on your mobile device 323-642-1757
    For updates www.ewaterradio.org
    email womeninmotion07@gmail.com
     Ron Roberson@facebook.com 
    Founder Sheila Fergusion a Matriarch my mentor A leader always cherished in our hearts.
    Producer/Host Peggy Avila

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