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    A Year In Rear View. The Daily Gogetemism.

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    Vaccine mandates, returns back to work, stimulus checks, COVID breakouts, murder rates at an all-time high, quarantine endings, troops leaving Afghanistan, inauguration of a new president, riots and invasion of the capitol, numerous surprise celebrity deaths, Betty White, Colin Powell, Hank Aaron, DMX, Biz Markie, numerous ups and downs concerning this year. Speaking of this year, whet grade would you give it, if you had to grade 2021 on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade it? Would you get above 5, or would it fail below 4? A lot of the things have a lot to do with our perspective when we look back at a year. Do you think that our disappointments color our opinions on whether a year is good or bad for us? Let's look back this past year and see how we did overall.
    That's what we're talking about tonight at 7PM ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show. Check this out:
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    This is the kind of stuff that we be talking about!
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    Hey Friend, did you make any new year resolutions?  Did you write out your must haves and must never to entertain anymore?  Will you commit to being happy with yourself first before choosing to make others happy first?  I can continue asking more questions but I  got something better that may strike your interest.
    Welp, I will continue to confess I’m different and my interest doesn’t reside where many do.  See, I’ve always been about loving others, assisting others in their gifts and connecting others to building a bridge to empowerment, success and etc.  With so much going on and technology changing while we’re sleeping I’ve been led to press the brakes.  What brakes you may ask? The brakes on damaging humanity.  What struck my interest is the way we use to communicate and build strong bonds are almost nonexistent.  We treat one another as if we’re disposable.  The art of love, caring, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness has been replaced with hate, gossiping, false identities, jealousy, envious, violence and etc…
    Well, as a woman of faith, love and truth, I’ve been spiritual led to birth, “E.P.P.S.”  Um, no, relation to the comedian Mike Epps or actor Omar Epps.  I will confess when the acronym were written I did laugh.  I did think of the comedian Mike Epps.  You do know God has a grand sense of humor?!  Anywho, our E.P.P.S. stands for “Envelop,  Paper, Pen & Stamp.”  
    So, now you’re scratching your head like Miss Tonya E., what are you talking about?  Well, my newborn assignment E.P.P.S., purpose slogan “Rebuilding Humanity One Pen Pal At A Time.”  Yes, I’m taking our way of communicating back to the basics, byway of “Pen Pals.“

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    Should men date women with kids?

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    If 80% of children born in the black community are born out of wedlock how difficult will it be to find a woman without kids? Are you a real man if you don't want to date a woman with kids? What's the best age for the kids of the mothers you date? 

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    Topic:  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Moms are wrong when they say that you should give a woman respect.  Respect is not given.  It is earned.  I think what moms really mean is that you shouldn’t cheat on a woman, which is correct.  If you are not happy in the relationship, end it, and get out.  Respect, however, has a completely different meaning.  Respect makes you powerful and confident.  Let’s look at its building blocks.   Listen On-Demand: or iTunes, TuneIn, or on your favorite podcasting app. Buy Book: The Science of Mastering Women: Fb: IG:  lindagrossspeaks Coaching: Amazon Link.  Start with this link to help support my show.  No cost to you.  No book purchase required. Subscribe and Call in!  323.642.1677

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    You Must Seek Oneness

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    There is no greater experience than the experience associate with Oneness. It benefits us to the very nature of how and what we are.