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Welcome To RoughRiderz-RADIO, Your "Rough" Politics Fix! It's Blog-Radio "Unfiltered". Conservatives Cannot Handle "Modernity"! Ditto For Trumperzzzz Supporters! We Do Our Best To "Bludgeon" These Folks With The Best Tool Available ---- The Reality-Based/Empirical Truth!

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When you see a 90-foot wall of water coming straight at you on the beach, you best get "right with jesus" and get your affairs in order summarily! Donald J. Trump is standing on a "shifting" landscape --- the kind of landscape that... more

Nixon "cashed" his check back in July-1973 when former White House aide Alexander Butterfield testified on Monday, July 16, 1973 in front of the Senate Select Committee for the Watergate Hearing that - yes - the White House had, in... more

West flies east to helsinki East flies east to meet tinki-winki West trashes europe then flees to rinky-dinky East awaits west and will wreak helblinki Trump lies from west to east Putin lies from east to west Helsinki will spawn forth a new disease... more

Donald Trump didn't leave for his Europrean (Trump World Tour) before "slapping" yet another TARIFF on China! This one for a puny $200-billion! Yeah, that'll "grease the skids", Donnie Boy - say goodbye to selling any of your pork bellies... more

If Kim Jong Un Is "Rocket-Man" --- Vladimir Putin Has To Be "Jock-It" Man! As In Las Year's G20 Summit In Europe Where Trump Met With Putin 3-Times, 2 Of Which Were In Total "Private", Save For An American & Russian Translator... more

The only family that needs to be broken up - and I mean now - Is the one in the White House. Scattered to the winds like chaffs of wheat blowing on the MIDWEST prarie wind. Bobby Mueller is closing in for the kill - and "kill" he will,... more

1. Get Your Head Up Out Of Your Ass 2. Stop Sucking Your Thumb 3. Cut Back On Your Meth Intake 4. Throw That Confederate Flag Out - Or - Take It To Goodwill 5. Don't Listen To Ted Nugent 6. America Is Already Great - But NOT... more

Good evening ladies & gentlemen - We have here in our studio Little "Racket" Man - Donald J. Welcome to our humble show, sir! Thank you Nigel -- pleasure to be here! Well then, Donald -- let me begin by asking: What's Kim Jong Un... more

If Trump Can "Size" Kim Jong Un Up In A "Minute" - Little ROCKET MAN Will No Doubt Size "Dumbo" Up In About 5-Seconds! - He'll Think To Himself, Shit, I'm Dealing With A Real MORON! - But Wait, I Brought Some "Shiny Objects" With... more

Charles Dickens wrote --- "the law is a ass" Donald Trump says --- "the law, my ass"! Nixon v. U.S. (1974) says --- "you sir, (president) ARE the ass! The New York Times' shocking revelation on Saturday revealing that 2 of... more