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Are You ready to join the Wellness Rebellion? Achieve optimal health and wellness by utilizing the dynamic design of the human body! You are built to be healthy! Don't believe what the "medical model" tells you. Focus on the cause of your symptoms, don't just numb them with a lotion or potion. Dr. Bergman D.C. reveals natural solutions for chronic conditions in America today. Educate yourself!

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Chronic stress causes your body to shut some systems down while taxing others. The key to thriving in a stressed environment is to know how to balance your stress response. Don't miss this life changing episode!

Your body is Self healing and Self regulating! That means that you regulat all of your functions so if you have "High Blood Pressure" you have a stressor. This episode you will learn what those stressors could be and the appropriate... more

This episode you will learn how your body adapts to stress and the true causes of type 1,2,and 3 diabetes Don't miss this life changing episode!

Holistic care is lokking at the whole body and the "why" symptoms are there. Our society is in a symptom= drug era , where the authority for your health is trained by and industry that uses chemicals to alter symptoms, many time... more

You live and thrive in a sea of viruses , bacteria, and parasites. This episode you will learn about the gut lung connection that is vital for your immune system function! Don't miss this life saving episode!

Knowing that we are in a chronic disease epidemic with autoimmune diseases and allergies a leading factor. This episode we will cover some of the main contributing factors, like vaccines, medications, and experimental products... more

Your body is a cellular producing machine, every tissue that you have is in a constant state of breakdown and regeneration. The key to health is to maximise that process so you build healthy cells. This episode you will learn how to... more

Osteoporosis is an adaptation to stress or nutrient deficiency or toxicity, Face masking is an adaptation to control. This episode we will review the causes and solutions to osteoporosis and the science behind covering your face to reduce... more

This episode we will show you how neck pain develops and what the solutions are. You have a choice to correct the problem or drug the symptoms! Don't miss this life saving episode!

There are 5 keys to strengthen your immune system, in normal times this is important, in our viral crazed world a strong immune system is vital! This episode we will explore the best ways to protect you by building your immune system !... more