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    Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices

    in Health

    Tesla BioHealing OTC Bioenergetic Medical Devices are a breakthrough in modern medicine. A completely natural, safe, non-invasive health solution with proven efficacy for those with Parkinson's Disease. Tesla BioHealing products have the ability to generate a field of pure Life Force Energy in order to create a powerfully therapeutic environment. This Life Force Energy is the essential vital force of nature that our cells need in order to be as healthy as possible. The more Life Force Energy our cells have to work with, the better they will function. Tesla BioHealing products have improved the lives of over 2,000 people, most of whom had no other available effective therapy.
    Tesla BioHealing is happy to offer a discount on our products to the Parkinsons Recovery audience. Simply visit and enter the following code at checkout: ParkRecoveryRadio5.
    We offer payment plan options for both of our product lines as well as free consultations. You are welcome to reach out to us at or by calling us at +1-302-265-2213 or toll free at 1-888-658-8108. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Getting the Word Out About a Better Way to Heal from Chronic Pain

    in Health

    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom continues his discussion with Dan Hindsley and Penny George, chronic pain sufferers who used a mind-body approach to heal from chronic pain.  They share how they met and teamed up to launch the website in January 2021. It is designed to help raise the awareness of clinicians in the UK about the mind-body approach to treating chronic pain and chronic illness.  They discuss their plans for future projects to expand their efforts, including raising funds for documentary.
    Penny George is based in Fife, Scotland and became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2017 during a particularly stressful period in her life, including the loss of two friends to suicide, and a highly toxic work environment.  She was told about the work of Dr Sarno by a Buddhist nun, and experienced an overnight 'book recovery' after reading the first half of the Divided Mind in August 2019. 
    Dan Hindsley is based in Lancashire, England, and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in his 20s following an MRI scan. He was sent away to 'manage' the pain and suffered with severe sciatica and back pain for over a decade before discovering the work of Dr Sarno where he made the link between the pain and repressed grief.  Following the methods described in Georgie Oldfield's book Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery, he made a full recovery which culminated in him completing an Ironman 70.3 Triathlon in 2019, after years of believing he was unable to run. 
    They encourage people that have recovered through a Mindbody process to go back and contact their doctors and tell their story and share any material that helped them, be it books, podcasts or at

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #327 - Special Guest Dr. Lee Merritt

    in Health

    I first learned of America's Frontline Doctors when I saw a video of these courageous health professionals giving an incredible presentation on the steps of the Supreme Court last summer in Washington D.C. They were there to risk their jobs, their reputations and their lives, to tell the truth about the "pandemic" being used as an excuse to shut down national economies, remove unalienable personal rights and freedoms, and ultimately usher in forced vaccination.
    Evidently our rulers concluded that we no longer even remembered what Natural Rights are, and that we were ready to follow even the most ridiculous of orders, out of fear and a complete lack of common sense. At this stage, at least speaking of the majority of the population, the rulers were correct in their assessment. So they orchestrated a manufactured pandemic (announced beforehand at Event 201), using a virus manufactured in an illegal U.S. bioweapons lab. The virus did become less dangerous fairly quickly, but our corrupt medical authorities dealt with that by manufacturing "case" and death numbers by fraud, even hiding the existence of cheap, safe, effective remedies, for those people who did actually get sick.
    This Sunday, you have a chance to hear from one of America's Frontline Doctors directly in spontaneous live conversation, Lee Merritt, M.D. ( She'll be talking about masks, lockdowns, vaccines and a massively coordinated fraud, designed to destroy sovereign countries, ruin economies, enslave and kill people worldwide. It's a crime so big, most people can't imagine it, and so don't even know it's happening. Learn from Dr. Merritt this Sunday. The more knowledge you have, the more options you will have to help you get through this coordinated attack. We don't have to be victims.

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    Stephanie Seneff - Vitamin D & Sun as Immune Support

    in Health

    What role does the sun play with our health?
    Dr. Stephanie Seneff shares what her research has revealed about vitamin D levels, bone health, immune support, and topical toxins!
    Who is Stephanie Seneff?
    Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and a PhD from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, Roundup, and the mineral, sulfur.  She has authored over 30 peer-reviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics.
    Recently, she has been concentrating mainly on the relationship between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has published over two dozen papers in various medical and health-related journals on topics such as modern day diseases (e.g., Alzheimer, autism, cardiovascular diseases), analysis and search of databases of drug side effects using NLP techniques, and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.
    Dr. Seneff on Facebook

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    Essential Oils to Boost the Brain with Jodi Cohen

    in Health

    Jodi Sternoff Cohen is a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, functional practitioner and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, where she has combined her training in nutritional therapy and aromatherapy to create unique proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils. She has helped over 50,000 clients heal from brain related challenges, including anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmunity. For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on brain health, essential oils, stress, and detoxification. She has been seen in The New York Times, Wellness Mama, Elephant Journal and numerous publications. Her website,, is visited by over 300,000 natural health seekers every year, and she has rapidly become a top resource for essential oils education on the Internet today.
    brought to you by Integrated Brain Centers

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    Nourishing your Multidimensional Body with Cathy Hohmeyer

    in Health

    During this episode, I interview my good friend and colleague, Cathy Hohmeyer who began her career in Washington D.C. as an Occupational Therapist. Although, deep down, she always knew there was more to healing than her professional training had led her. In fact, this inner-knowing led her to take a chance by following her “Life's Mission”, and took over a small resort called The Lake Clear Lodge. Now, 30 years later, she has transformed it into a property dedicated to healing, nourishment, and so much more! She has also written a cookbook called Common Roots. 
    Cathy will share with us what she calls The 9 Levels of Healing and why creating communication between them is imperative to our body, mind, and soul's health. She will explain why you need to pay attention the nourishment, in relation to how the organic energies are different than the “inorganic” energies, and the importance of how it relates to the human blueprint.
    Cathy will teach a quick alignment and resonance exercise at the beginning of the show and offer mini-readings to a few lucky callers! You'll want to stay tuned for a special offer for her cookbook as well!
    To learn more about Cathy Hohmeyer, you may visit or 

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    How To Stay Fit When You Get Older - Day 100 - 100 Days of Workouts

    in Fitness

    Here are 5 of my best tips to get fit and stay fit when you are older.
    Get free access to dozens of workouts for older men, nutrition advice, and motivational videos in the Workouts for Older Men Members Only website. Go to
    Get updates at
    Support the production of this podcast with whatever amount you want. here
    Call or text me at 925-352-4366 for one-on-one coaching.
    Take your fitness to the next level with this incredible audio/video/1-on1 coaching experience. LIMTED TIME: You get one-on-one coaching time as an added BONUS. Go to

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    Learn About Maude's Awards For Dementia Care & Innovation!

    in Caregiving

    On this show, Lori La Bey talks with Marilyn Raichle, the Executive Director of Maude’s Awards, along with Reverend Dr. Nicole Chilivis, a recipient of on of their awards in 2020.  Learn about the application process which just opened and will run through May 15th.  The winners will be announced in October of 2021.
    Call in and join the conversation at:  323-870-4602
    Contact Our Guests:
    Nicole’s Website:
    Contact Lori La Bey with questions or branding needs at Alzheimer’s Speaks
    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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    BEMER Quick Start Week 3 March 15th. with Greg Petersen & Belinda Casper

    in Health

    Welcome to BEMER's NEW Training option to help all new and existing distributors learn everything from the very basics on how to get started to progressing to become an "Independent BEMER Distributor" not a "Dependent" BEMER Distributor.  We will be sharing a lot of information with you, so have a pen and paper ready!  Most importantly, we are going to have fun and we learn how to share this amazing product and change people's lives one person at a time and one horse at a time.  We look forward to having you all here.

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    Dr. Jeffrey Barke Discusses the Benefits and Dangers of Covid-19 Vaccines

    in Health

    Today's special guest, Dr. Jeffrey L. Barke, a family physician, has a non-traditional view of the overall handling of Covid-19 pandemic, especially the new vaccines. He asks you to keep and open mind, hoping that his views will influence all those with questions about them. 
    In the third addition of his book Covid-19: A Physician’s Take on the Exaggerated Fear of the Coronavirus, the first book to discuss in depth the potential benefits and dangers of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, Dr. Barke methodically examines the major Covid-19 issues: masks, social distancing, vaccines, natural immune systems, and treatments, to determine what is fact and what is myth in the current intensely political debate. With reason, honesty, and scientific findings he differs on the threat posed by Covid-19 to the American people. Dr. Barke challenges current conventional wisdom on what should be done about innoculations, the schools, the economy, and public activity..
    Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke is based in Newport Beach, Calif. He has more than 25 years of medical practice experience. The book’s first edition, released on Sept. 16, sold so quickly that a second edition had to be rushed into production. The third edition appears just as the U.S. government is initiating an ambitious program to inoculate 1.5 million people a day.

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    The Functional Health Coaching Show

    in Health

    Join FDN founder Reed Davis, FDN Mentors, and Special Guests to learn about functional lab testing and data-driven protocols to confidently solve health issues and grow your health coaching business. Submit questions in advance, or better yet, call the show LIVE and join the discussion by calling (347) 637-1378. The live show takes place every Friday at 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST.  If you are interested in becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Health Coach go to

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