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    Deener Time

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    Gratitude for the Ages

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    Lisa Lamparelli… A highly intelligent, well educated, driven professional woman and single mother with a profound sense of empathy and a message for today’s women and men on how best to navigate today’s difficult times. After surviving her share of life’s setbacks and adversities, she’s discovered, learned, and lived the great spiritual principles which enable all of us to not only survive but ultimately to THRIVE. For an uplifting, enlightening, lively discussion, tune in to discover more about your inner strengths and how to implement them to overcome life’s challenges.

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    Roasting The World...

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    yo tonight we have guest Matthew Fiock...Hello to all my music people! I am Matthew Fiock and an Independent Singer/songwriter that loves playing Reggae, Island, Rock with a slight European mix on it. All this written and played to an Ukulele and when I can with a band. Give it a listen! I grew up in the Great Northwest and now I am residing in the BIG state of Texas. At a young age I became deaf due to inner ear infections and lost my hearing all together. At the age of 5 years I regained my hearing after trying to learn sign language and I started the adjustments of living in a very loud world! In the duration of those silent years I fell in love with the vibrations through the floor making up the music I know and love today. I also grew up around a few pockets of Pacific Islanders (Hawaiians, Samoans, etc.) and I became fascinated with Ukuleles, but that didn't take place till later. I was into rock first, but then later came Reggae and Islander influences that were around me taking hold and didn't let go! I have written and performed a Reggae, Island and Rock mix for 7-8 years and haven't looked back. My vibes and style are a little different feel than what one could expect, but it usually isn't a negative response when I get feedback. I am getting invites to venues that only a solo singer/songwriter only fantasizes about. Doing something right! Enjoy difference with an Uke! Happy Uke'in!

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    Man Cave Radio Show: Episode 1: We're back...

    in Comedy

    In our come back episode the guys are in back in the man cave, and ready for the shennanigans one again. 
    This week they'll discuss
    Recap of 2020, The Rona in Sports, perspective outlook on 2021, & NFL Playoffs 202.

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    Death Is Certain

    in Comedy

    Tough week for the family but we will push through, join us tonight as we discuss all the weeks happinings.

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    Encore of Top 10 List of Favorite Holiday Specials

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     Tonight we take some time to think about our top 10 favorite holiday specials since the holidays are upon us. Who remembers all the Rugrats holiday specials that Nickelodeon featured as well as The Peanuts holiday specials.  The Satirically Challenged Show is presented by AMCPress&Co.  We are the #1 disabled satirical news program in the world (65,000 and Counting) that provides uncensored news on numerous topics worldwide. You can find us wherever you listen to your podcasts. Subscribe to us through there.  Want to connect with us? Seek us out on facebook under AMCPRESS&CO. You can find us at 
    * Some media (sound effects, news clips, and other sounds, etc) is protected by Fair Use and Transformative works this is has been AMCPress&Co Production. The main theme song is composed by Alison aka Pinkhood.  Disclaimer: Pinkhood. The end theme song is composed by Pinkhood.  This is an AMCPRESS&CO production. All Rights Reserved. 
    Cast Pinkhood & Johnnie 
    Sound Engineer: Pinkhood 
    Sound Design: Pinkhood 
    Board Op: Pinkhood 
    Tonight’s episode is written by the Company of The Satirically Challenged Show

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    Who gives a f**k

    in Comedy

    who gives a fuck about what is going on in our world and america 

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    The Classy Bull Talk Show Live!

    in Comedy

    Join our Live Show!

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    ORGANIC O.K. 49163 is a soul that has brought the world a show that will save the soul of everyone who has the ambition to tune in and reach for greatness, as well as peace and serenity.
    This show is based around interacting with other people that are detoxing... and the show is giving the light of fresh air, of peace. And awakening through a new peace and desire--giving the mind a way to find serenity, understanding and engaging desire. To envelop innovative ideas and find the solutions to this life---organically. To give your thoughts therapy and stretching before we work out your mind. To free you from yourself--to answer for the dilemmas you have in your everyday life. 
    You can become surrounded by people who are hostage to being untruthful. They will engulf you into their prison life, you become a hostage to what they make themselves a hostage of. You become guilty by association--a co-conspirator. Their mind will be putting you behind the bars of the prison they constructed. Once they put you into "prison mind", they put you in jail. It is propaganda. They will have you drawing a black hole around the bone marrow of your soul. Here we are offering the vaccination. Then the light reflecting out of you that shows to be is becoming so strong... The resolution... it's becoming a screen. A becoming breath-taking 8K visual definition resolution.  And now... it's becoming so clear and defined, it's become a time-table chart. 
    This show isn't just about giving you the answers. It's about freeing the answer within you. The Diagnostic of mirroring the purpose of your soul... The soul being X-rayed... and being truly seen. 

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