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    Meet Anita Mitchell, Author of GOD TOOK MY ARMS BUT HE GAVE ME THIS GIFT...

    in Radio

    Billy "BJ" Jones interviews Anita Mitchell, author God Took My Arms but He Gave Me This Gift: The Story of Abbas Karimi, PLY.
    Mitchell, a journalist and competitive swimmer, recounts the incredible story of Abbas Karimi, a Paralympian Swimmer, from life in Kabul,  Afghanistan, to his personal struggles and international sucess. Mitchell pays tribute to Karimi in a touching, thought-provoking work that motivates the human spirit.
    Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Michigan State University in Communications & English. Furthermore, she participated in the Journalism master's degree program at Florida International University. Her book is available for purchase at major publishing outlets such as Amazon.
    Contact Jones and Mitchell at the following media outlets...
    Jones' website: www.everydayfolksradio.com 
    Mitchell's emial address: mitchzback@gmail.com

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    'Up Against The Wall!' - 6/23/2024

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    'Thiw Weekk on Africa On The Move' presents:  "Up Against The Wall!" Join us on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 7 PM EST by dialing in at: 1 (323) 679-0841, or go online at: BlogTalkRadio.

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    Cerritos, Lost - A Star Trek Fan Production review. #SaveStarTrekLowerDecks

    in Television

    Join uncle Jim and his Treksperts as we continue our Star Trek fan film reviews. This week we take a look at "Cerritos Lost" a fan film by Samuel Cockings. Plot synopsis: "Dr Louise Nilson, a documentarian at Memory Alpha is trying to do her job when a sentient AI steals the Cerritos and her aboard. Its plans are more than meet the eye and Dr Nilson must deal with this unusual situation in her own ways". This film was created in just over a week in response to the cancellation of Star Trek: Lower Decks.This film is part of the #SaveStarTrekLower Decks campaign. But, wait, there's more! We have Star Trek birthdays, Fan Shout-Outs and Star Trek News. Star Trek into Darkness gets a deluxe vinyl release, Tawney Newsome keeps Starfleet Academy safe, and Wizkids announces a new deckbuilding Star Trek game. Call (646)668-2433 to join the fun. Let's see what's out there...ENGAGE!   

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    From "The Rookie" to Rum: Eric Winter's Journey of Passion and Perseverance

    in Entertainment

    In this episode of The Neil Haley Show, Neil and co-host Greg Hanna welcome actor and entrepreneur Eric Winter. Best known for his role as Tim Bradford on "The Rookie," Eric shares the intriguing story of how he landed the role despite initial skepticism. He delves into his dedication to embodying the character and the long journey to proving himself suitable for the part. Shifting gears, Eric discusses his venture into the rum business with Palm Republic, a passion sparked by a family visit to Puerto Rico. He explains the meticulous process of blending premium rums from various regions to create a unique product, now nationally available. Eric's enthusiasm for his entrepreneurial pursuits shines through, highlighting the pride and excitement he feels for building something from scratch. In a reflective moment, Eric shares the most important life lesson he has learned: the value of patience. He emphasizes how this virtue has been crucial in his acting career, family life, and business endeavors. Tune in to hear Eric's inspiring journey and insights into balancing multiple passions.

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    Award-winning photojournalist Catherine Bauknight & Olympian Butch Reynolds

    in Entertainment

    Episode Summary:
    Internationally acclaimed Award-winning photojournalist Catherine Bauknight chats about her exciting new upcoming photography exhibit (July 5 -25) at the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center Gallery in Burbank, CA. https://consciouscreativity.com/all-one-world/ or call 818-238-5397. Second guest is Olympic Gold Medalist Butch Reynolds chats about the new ESPN 30 For 30 documentary "False Positive" which profiles his journey from being Olympic Gold Medalist to being banned from track and field competition because of a faulty drug test. This film tells Mr. Reynolds side of the story, and hopefully clears his name and reputation.

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Returns/The Symphatizer/Telephone TV Episode

    in Television

    The live return of Tomorrow Will Be Televised--the long-running audio program/podcast all about TV. Our guests: The Symphatizer co-star Ky Duyen.and Jesse Judelman, chief executive officer of Real Juice Media, whose new Telephone TV channel launched last week.

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    SINGER/SONGWRITER BILL DILUIGI joins us to open the show and then TV HOST and AUTHOR  ANNETTE HALL will join us to talk about her newest book MEMPHIS the MUSTANG!
    Join award winning host Gary & Mary Kaye Holt LIVE at Equestrianlegacy.net and the podcast on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcast, Spotify and Most Streaming Platforms...Just search for Equestrian Legacy Radio!

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    RAWF After Hours 6/29/24

    in Entertainment

    One week away from Philadelphia Freedom and the summer is heating up! Updated rankings and a preview of next weeks PPV. All that and much much more tonight live from Charleston, West Virginia!

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    The Diva’s 600th Blogtalk Radio Show

    in Television

    Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. Lucas surprised Kate with his return to the pub. Roman gave Lucas good news regarding his sentence. Johnny went to get advice from Marlena about his job offer. Chanel gets good news from Dr Mark Greene, Felicity's brother. Johnny finally tells Chanel about the job in Ca. She agrees to the move. Chanel tells Paulina and they make amends. Abe finds out EJ is trying to remove Paulina from the Mayor's office. Abe tries to reason with EJ. Stefan wants to break Gabi out of prison. Kristen tells Stefan she will no longer help him as she was just appointed CEO. She did say she would give him money and help him relocate. Kristen told Stefan to check out the envelope in the safe. Stefan pulls out the wrong envelope only to discover the truth about Jude. Clyde wants to make a deal but Rafe says no, but tells Stefan he will ignore any DiMera solution. Chad gets in Clyde's face and demands to know about Abby. Chad tells Julie that Clyde said to go to a safety deposit box in Chicago for answers. Brady and Alex throw Xander under the bus for Kostentine's death. Brady and Theresa discuss their feelings for each other. John tells Marlena ne needs to go to Greece to make peace with Katerina. Leo makes a pass at Dr. Greene who says he isn't gay but Leo isn't so sure. More spoilers and next week's preview. 

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    Film Biz Chat: One on One with Filmmaker, Anthony Collins

    in Movies

    Dr. E. Anthony Collins, is a documentary filmmaker, teacher & professor, and musician based in the lovely vicinity of Los Angeles, California. Tony has been credited internationally for more than 20 films, videos, and digital multimedia productions and 30 years of teaching and research experience in college, K-12, and various other settings. Tony is a practicing musician for more than 50 years (viola, violin, guitar, mandolin, others)
    Tony has worked on professional, creative, and scholarly projects in higher education and in documentary filmmaking in many places worldwide--in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Thailand, Oman, Kenya, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Kyrgyz Republic, Pakistan, and other places worldwide during the past 40 years. 

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