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    South Shore Tars For Life - Remembering Keven "Gunny" Farmer

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    Remembering Keven "Gunny" Farmer

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    There are too many stories about dangerous and ridiculous custody determinations that occur in America’s family courts. From children who are sent to live with abusers to children who are killed because the courts determine their killer should not be kept from seeing the child—the stories abound. So what are we doing about it? And who is doing it?
    Meet Danielle Pollack, Ambasador, Child USA, Family Court Reform, author of Kayden’s Law, and tireless worker to change what happens to children in family court, and Marcie Hamilton, CEO of Child USA, attorney, and constitutional law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  
    Whether drafting and promoting new laws in states, to educating judges, to speaking out about legal and systemic changes that are necessary in courts, Pollack is dedicated to making things safer for kids.
    Join us as Pollack details cases and potential laws, shares the latest thinking about educating judges and other decision makers, and advocates for protective mothers.
    Airing for the first time, Saturday, January 25, at 11 AM Pacific Time, and available thereafter through the archive at www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways.

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    Politically Direct With Fernando Uribe-Episode 78-Special Guest: Fred Snowflack

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    Coming up, I welcome back Insider NJ Columnist Fred Snowflack to Politically Direct on Thursday Night January 16th LIVE at 9:00PM.We will discuss his career in journalism, the job performance of Governor Phil Murphy, the political climate in New Jersey and much more. I am proud to represent Insider NJ and host this weekly informative podcast. Feel free to call in and chat with us during the program. 818-572-8032

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    The Michael Calderin Show: guest is Cindy Geier!

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    Cindy Geier has a passion for helping people reach their fullest potential. After working twenty-five years in a successful corporate career, she had met most of her life goals but felt as though something was still missing. Grateful for all she'd accomplished, yet restless, she started on a quest to find deeper meaning in her life. 
    She found her purpose in serving others through coaching, consulting, teaching and speaking on a variety of topics. Most notably, she helps people find their way through messy life transitions, build resilience in the wake of constant chaos and let go of what no longer serves them.  
    In addition to her role as a success coach, Cindy is a seasoned facilitator and talent development consultant.  She has coached, mentored and trained thousands of individuals to greater success.  She works with global, matrixed organizations, small and medium businesses, and non-profit agencies.
    Cindy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Psychology from Iowa State University,  a certificate in Organizational Development from DePaul University and is certified as a Life and Business Coach through the Life Purpose Institute. Cindy also serves as a mentor in the Chicago Chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA). 
    Cindy is the proud mother of two college-aged sons. She resides in the Chicago area with her husband of 26 years, and when she's not working, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling  and hanging out with her family and their golden retriever, Sampson.
    Visit her site at: www.cindygeier.com

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    Radio Free South Africa with Schalk and guests Jason Bartlett and Lark in Texas

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    On Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 1900 CT our first guest is the brave South African walking from Texas to Washington, DC to try and bring attention to the terrible situation in South Africa.  RFSA will follow Jason every step of the way.  Watch this space for updates on his epic journey.
    Our second guest is a fund of knowledge on communitarianism, and explains exactly what it is and WHY you should care.  This is essential information for anyone interested in the state of the world.  A MUST LISTEN episode.

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    Keys of the kingom

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    Keys to The Kingdom of God are the keys to liberty under God.
    Brother Gregory of HisHolyChurch.org hosts Straight talk about the Keys Of The Kingdom.
    He provides a unique perspective to the ancient texts, hidden histories, and natural law.
    The Bible is about governments, liberty, and freedom and His Holy Church was instituted so that you might be free.
    How were people able to escape the bondage of Egypt, Rome and the "World"?
    Everything they do not want you to know and have been hiding for centuries!
    Broadcasts and videos at: http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Audio-Video

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    Missing Person: Leroy Peter Hargrave Jr.

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    Leroy HargraveJr. was going to go to Rehab at Cornerstone in South Carolina but they had drugs in the place so they said they were going to clean it out, So they took Leroy to Tennessee for a couple of days then return, Instead  they took my son Leroy to homeless shelter where Leroy stayed for about two weeks. in the mean time working for this contractor and realtor. The contractor gave my son Leroy a place to stay at  a home in Savannah Georgia  
    Police Department Name: Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Office
    Police Department Phone Number  985-876-2500
    Case Number 17-05-00002010
    The Missing Voice Blog Talk Show, We are strongly devoted to helping the Missing and their Families and Families of unsolved Homicides, We’re determined to make a difference. We will feature Missing Persons cases,Unsolved Homicide cases & weekly Special Guests. Our main goal is to spread awareness, educate our communities about the Missing, provide support and genuine understanding to the families. We truly want all families rather its a missing person or a murder victim to be able to tell their story with our judgement.
    Facebook Page:
    Web page

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    Trucking With the Schmitts

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    Listen online to Trucking With the Schmitts by clicking THIS link.  OR you can dial 917-889-3043 to listen and you can speak to the hosts by pressing 1.  We are LIVE at 7 PM Central
    We have PROOF that DOT wants to break the law and use us drivers as guinea pigs.  Listen and find out where this proof is.  It is in writing and we will show you where.  What will YOU do with this information?  
    We will also discuss AV 4.0 and let you know where all the money is coming from.
    If there is time, we will have a surprise for owner ops to help you with your bottom line.

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    Ghana's Year Of Return: Should We Move, Visit, Or Not Go?

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    Throughout 2019 various well known African-Americans, such as comedian STEVE HARVEY,  rapper LUDACRIS, and real estate mogul JAY MORRISON highlighted their visits to GHANA, dubbed THE YEAR OF RETURN; in part, because it marked the 400 year anniversary of enslaved Africans being brought to the shores of what is now known as the U.S in 1619. Leading up to the YEAR OF RETURN, the GHANAIAN government highly encouraged AFRICAN-AMERICANS to visit, do business, buy land, or even repatriate back to GHANA. DR. BOYCE WATKINS recently visited and encouraged other AFRICAN-AMERICANS to do the same, while ANTONIO MOORE of TONE TALKS suggested the YEAR OF RETURN is a hyped up marketing ploy to increase GHANIAN tourism with no long term effects towards bridging the gap between AFRICAN-AMERICANS and AFRICANS. Special guests, Ghanaian immigrant, FRANK ASSANTE & African-American, VARIAN "CHIEF X" XAVIER, both recently return from separate trips to GHANA and drop by to discuss TRUTHS & MYTHS about the YEAR OF RETURN.  MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America's afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

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    Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou

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    Always an interesting perspective on everyday issues

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    Sunday 7 30 pm est U S time host Joseph Gibson Podcasts 100% Live from Greensboro North Carolina on blogtalkradio.com/josephgibson
    Understanding The Times In Which We live In Today! Where do we stand today? What is the state of our Republic? Join us Live 7 30 pm east by logging into our chatroom or call in 657-383-0616
    Restoring Our Republic!!
    Real news