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    Useful Idiots, Democrats Still Crying, Republicans Still Denying #TrueTuesday

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    Useful Idiots, Democrats Still Crying, Republicans Still Denying #TrueTuesday

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    Southern Border Crisis and How you can help

    in Current Events

     Calling All Patriots!
    Maintaining an acceptable level of National Security is dependent on ensuring that our Borders stay safe.
    Take Action Today!
    It’s easy to become emotional about topics like immigration reform and whats happening on our Southern Borders. For those of us who have grown up with and embraced the concept of sovereignty, it’s difficult to imagine a country, a nation without secure borders. And without the policies and legal processes that keep our sovereignty as originally imagined, we risk losing it all to those who embrace an agenda of mass uncontrolled immigration, sanctuary cities and cheap labor.
    And yet, that is the very real reason we need more people to work with us on the border issues. And that’s why real action is needed — action that is part of that definition, part of that protection that we all value most.
    Indeed, until all of us who care deeply about this issue take action, The problems will remain. Thoughts and words and sentiments are simply not enough to see us through.
    Make no mistake, FAIR is fighting back by launching new projects and initiatives that:
    Put America first,
    Help Stop the flow of federal money to sanctuary cities, and help put an end to this terrible policy of chain migration. The Time is now to Get Involved And make Our Voices Heard.
    But this is a battle that we can’t fight alone. And one way you can help right now to Help The preservation of the America we know and Love. ?? 
    Get involved. Stay Involved. Our Corrupt Government Has Ignored This Issue Far to Long!
    PHONE: (208)449-5300 
    Johnathon Alexander

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    Igihe ni Iki

    in Current Events

    Igihe ni Iki 

  • 02:59

    Seeds of Change

    in Current Events

    Comparing the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings with special guest Sven Kay.  

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    Host Johnathon Alexander Americas Defense Force Talk Radio

    in News

    Join Johnathon Alexander Host of America's Defense Force Talk Radio in Today's Discussion About our Corrupt Government and The Direction This Country is Headed in. With All The Election Fraud, Mass Food Shortages Nation wide, Mass Shootings Around The Country, And a President Who is Out Of Control What Else Can Possibly Go Wrong. Special Guest Speaker BONNIE JOHNSON will be joining us on our show to didscuss the many issues on Child Sex trafficking, National Child Trafficking Awareness And Prevention and how more of you can help get involved. Don't miss this 1 hour show.

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    (X) Wetumka Oklahoma Mayor Jackson pled guilty to multiple charges, is set for sentencing charges since he was found guilty. Wil his not so lovely wife and x board member have a similar fate? Where is Autumn? Wetumka’s world is was rocked when the Jackson's came to town and was laser focused on removing power from some- and gaining for greed through deceit and heinous crimes- no holds barred at the cost of many- including animals that earned Jackson a beastiality conviction. Ex Wetumka and Calvin Chief of Police- Joe Chitwood…just how much is he rolling since he's been charged with using and selling drugs?
    What is this about human trafficking? Yes- you heard right. Looking for whistleblowers for help with this.
    Calvin town attorney used his scare tactics against whistleblower and advocate,James Treat; but has he had a change of heart? Why has he gone silent? Where are those long- awaited FOIA requests after all?
    James Treat and Stephen Burke will be joining your host, Tanya Hathaway.
    Call in if you have a comment to add, information to share.and/ or your opinion.: (917) 388-4520 #1.
    “The fight for justice is never easy. It never has been, and it never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. -Frank Serpico
    Do you have a story that you would like to share that involves public wrongdoing? Would you like to volunteer or contribute to Journeys To Justice, Inc.? If you would, please reach out to Tanya Hathaway at or

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    in Current Events

    Thank you for tuning in to our new show. Keith and I are excited to chop things up. Our mission and goal are to help you in a variety of ways.
    We need you to call in and talk about topics that are both interesting to you and helpful to others.
    If you ever need a place to stay in the Dallas area, Sharnu's Palace AirBnB is the only way to go. For more information, please send your name and email address to
    Are you tired of going to the same stores every time you go shopping? Why not branch out and try something new? The Xtra Spin Shop works as an Amazon affiliate. ships internationally, has a large selection of products and blogs to read and enjoy, and can save you money and time.

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    325: SIGGY FLICKER, Our Joshua Moment #3, Border & Human Trafficking, 9 Guests

    in Current Events

    12:06p - Gail Golec: The Only Grassroots Candidate for Mari-Corruption County, AZ Board of Supervisors - Who Will Fight The Fraud!
    12:17p - Karin Weiri: Stem Cell Patches To Transform Your Health, Life & Become Limitless
    12:27p - Jackie Phillips: Wellness, Faith & Personal Growth Re-Check - Getting Back On Track For 2022
    12:38p - Bert Repor: Host of the Liberty Report Podcast - Pro God, Truth & Freedom - Stand Up, Speak Up & Show Up...NOW!
    12:48p - Christie Hutcherson: Our Border Invasion & The Human Trafficking Sex Slave Industry. The Ugly Truth You Won't Hear From The Media.
    *Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources
    1:30p Special Guest RAJ DORAISAMY: Defend Your Voice & Defend Our Union. Organizing Patriots & Providing Take Action Resources
    1:55p Special Guest SIGGY FLICKER: TV Personality of Real Housewives of New Jersey & Ambassador for #JEXIT (Jews Exiting The Demonic Party)
    2:13p Special Guests PASTOR GREG YOUNG & LUCY DIGRAZIA: Our Joshua Moment Part 3 - Demons Are Real, Wake The Hell Up...We The People! JOSHUA 1:5-9
    It's Time We The People Stand Up, Speak Up, Show Up. Join All of Us
    VISIT: & TEXT "ACTION" to 91776 & Let's Take Back America Together!
    TAKE ACTION MENU: For our Partners' Info, LISTEN LIVE LINKS, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community, Newsletter & #SaveMyFreedom Movement, Take Action Resources, Immune Boosting Supplements, Patriotic Businesses, Groups, Networking, Our Marketplace With Products, Services & Patriotic Gear To Buy + Much More!

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    JUDY MIKOVITS - KING CON - "The Other Side of the News" - TOSN 103

    in News

    JUDY MIKOVITS - KING CON - "The Other Side of the News" - TOSN 103
    Show Page:
    Dr. Judy Mikovits is a world renown Biochemist and Molecular Biologist Whistleblower. She first took a stand against Big Pharma when she refused to follow Fauci’s criminal orders. Since then, she has been a defender of the People, educating the masses on what is really going on and offering practical solutions to stay healthy,…even if you have taken the ‘J*b.’ Don’t miss this groundbreaking show as Dr. Mikovits uncovers the latest disinformation in the Cabal’s sinister plot to threaten our well being.
    You can track the evolution of "The Other Side of the News" by following us on
    Website/Show Archives:
    Telegram Channel:

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    Ep 132 Looking Ahead at Laura Ingalls Wilder Fandom This Year 2022

    in History

    Since this is late we'll go through some of the big events this year and what we're still looking forward to. Whether you're interested in the TV show, the museums, or books, there is a lot going on.

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