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    E651 Rick McCann Private Ofifcer Beat Radio Show

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    Your host is a 48-year veteran of private security and law enforcement, a multi-certified instructor including POST and certifications as a regulatory security instructor in 4 states!
    Rick McCann is currently an active law enforcement officer, firefighter, and medic and a serial Entrepreneur with several public safety and private security-related businesses including a Vocational and Public Safety College. Mr. McCann is an accomplished writer and published author of numerous training and news articles and, an author of five novels, and he has been featured in local and national media articles including Time Magazine, FOX News, CNBC, NBC, the Boston Globe, and other publications on topics involving private security, the use of force and law enforcement issues.
    A production of BLUE RAM MEDIA GROUP LLC and PRIVATE OFFICER INTERNATIONAL. privateofficer.org
    "The Voice of the Frontline Protector"
    Today's Episode:

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    Master Exploder: Tenacious D as Metaphor for the GOP’s Debt Ceiling Play

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    Join co-hosts Ryan Schuette and Tal Greenberg as they discuss the origins of the so-called “debt ceiling" and how it’s been weaponized. We delve into what sane members of Congress -- and the public -- can do to keep bad policy from causing the United States and global economy to explode.

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    The Constitution Today and Westchester On the Level

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    The CALL-IN number is 347-205-9201
    Those who call the broadcast will be asked to stay on topic and share their first name so they may be respectfully addressed!
    The broadcast may be heard “LIVE” or “ON DEMAND” using the following hyperlink that is specific to this broadcast -
    TAMPA, FL and YONKERS, NY— January 17, 2023 — WMU-Cooley Law Prof. Brendan T. Beery and Fellow Law Prof. Jeff Swartz open their Tuesday, January 17th    morning radio broadcast with “What They Really Think” and thereafter delve into “The Constitution Today”. Tune in for a scintillating analysis of the political climate and its relevance to our present and future national demeanor and prospects. From 10-11am ET.
    Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher follows thereafter with hyperlocal, state, national, and international news with commensurate analysis. From 11am-12 Noon ET.

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    Ready for the NFL Playoffs? Let's Talk on the Andy and Amanda Show

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    -The hay is in the barn on the league's playoff teams. At this point, we know who and what all of these teams are. Or do we?
    -Inflation is expected to have declined in December, but it may not be enough to stop the Fed! The pace of consumer inflation is expected to have fallen slightly in December from the prior month because of a sharp drop in gasoline and energy prices, but the annual rate is still likely to remain uncomfortably high. According to Dow Jones, economists now expect a decline of 0.1% in the consumer price index on a monthly basis, but inflation is still expected to climb at a 6.5% rate from the prior year. Oh boy!
    - The drafters of our Constitution were well aware of the threat of foreign influence over U.S. office holders when they wrote the Emoluments Clause, which prohibits anyone holding a position of trust with the United States government from receiving any emoluments — i.e. profits and benefits — from any foreign state..  Hmmm....  Trump’s tax returns show he was a bigger risk than we realized.  If Congress had known about Trump's foreign bank accounts earlier, they could very well have looked into them. Before the beginning of the Trump presidency, he was likely in violation of the Emoluments Clause on the day he took office.
    -   Lots to talk about, but it is the Friday show.  Let's try and keep it light and have some fun on the Andy and Amanda Show!  515-605-9888

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    Should the world economic forum be dismantled

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    Welcome to wolverine's freedom radio tonight show as we see how insane the world economic forum is. With prostitutes flying in from all over . The insanity of the politicians there. Should they all be arrested up on arriving back for treason .also abolish the ATF .and the IRS . High priced eggs . tune in live with vergil spragis Russel Hodde William Barnard @7pm,9pm mountain central time 

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    call in

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    cal in

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    S5.E02. CA Dept. of Cannabis Control. Sensi Magazine. Unitech Labs & Cannabis Te

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    CA Dept. of Cannabis Control - Maria Luisa Cesar California has newly adopted, consolidated regulations, honed by interactive feedback from licensees. The state has streamlined the process, removed unnecessary burdens, lessened cumbersome paperwork, reduced barrier to entry, eliminated the cultivation tax to provide cost relief.
    Sensi Magazine Founder Nancy Birnbaum Nancy Birnbaum is the Founding Publisher of Sensi Magazine NorCal, a marketing and PR professional with over 25 years of experience helping grow businesses. She is a Mentor with the Founder Institutes’ San Francisco chapter working with the first Cannabis Cohort.
    Unitech Labs & Cannabis Testing CEO Stephen Taylor and Board Member Gary Smith of Unitech Laboratories join us to talk about the vital role testing now plays in the cannabis industry. Unitech Labs provides comprehensive analytical testing of recreational and medical marijuana to so that they meet current state regulations, reduce risk, and delivery of quality products.
    Find more at: https://w420radionetwork.com/s5-e02-ca-dept-of-cannabis-control-sensi-magazine-unitech-labs-cannabis-testing/

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    Should Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman Be Banned ?? ?

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    Should Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman ???? Be Banned ?? )
    News ?? Redefined
    Niche Market News Information Abyss Breakfast ?? Table News ??? vs Income Equality Chan Family ?? Breakfast vs Ellis Family ?? Breakfast Aretha Franklin Natural Woman ???? ??

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    The World According to Drew

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    Tune in for thought-provoking, informative, enlightening, entertaining news and commentary brought to you by Andrew Whigham, III

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