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    Connecting With Men's Ministries to Heal, Safely Learn and Discuss the Truth

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    Sometimes we need space and sometimes we need a space where we can go and grow. We need our prayer closets, our caves and our retreats. Somewhere between our prayer closets, man caves and and men's retreats is where the men's ministry regularly meets. Our attendance and participation is vital
    Join us at 6:30 PM EST and thereafter on any podcast platform as we discuss men's ministries can be and should be safe spaces for men to hear, be heard, learn, heal and grow
    Call into the show at (516) 453-9364
    Listen back later at:
    iHeart: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/966-furthering-fatherin-29246509/ Our Website: http://www.furtheringfathering.org/radio-show/ iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/furthering-fathering-radio/id961511610 Spreaker https://www.spreaker.com/show/furthering-fathering-radio Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/7jNHFS1FeZBUcV7ek3rRPY   And Google Play, Spotify, Contact us at info@furtheringfathering.org and (888) 380-3370

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    Youth and Adult Suicide, Causes and Treatments

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    Youth and Adult Suicide. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States. Suicide rates increased 30 percent bet.2000-2018,declined in 2019-2020 and increased again in 2021. Bring Back the Family guest speaker Kaye Latham will discuss this very sensitive topic that will enlighten us with the WHY? No family is exempt from this silent killer and it can affect and happen to anybody.
    If We Dont Help Our Youth NOW, We Will Be ViICTIMS Of Not Helping Later.
    "Give a youth a vision that dont have a vision".
    The World Wont Get No Better If We Just Let It Be, We have To Change This World Just You and Me...

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    Am I, The Bully?

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    On tonight's show, we're going to have a come to Jesus meeting. I believe many of us are convinced that our norm is healthy and it is not nor is it Godly characteristics. As a result, our household and others are suffering because we don't want to take any accountability for our actions. And so, this leaves everyone especially our children repeating unhealthy behaviors which is categorized as being a bully. Set your alarm and mark your calendars for this episode. It will be available at 6pm via podcast streaming platforms and video on my Youtube.

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Like the TV show, modern families come in all shapes and sizes. Many children are a product of divorce, are in touch with both their biological and adopted parents, have two moms or two dads (or both), or are being raised by their grandparents. No matter how atypical the face of today's family, the values stay the same: love and support. Moms and dads will find plenty of support in BlogTalkRadio's parenting shows, especially those about time-management topics that fit both stay-at-home and working parents: organizing kids' activity schedules, decluttering, reducing the workweek, managing stress, making quick meals and more. We've also got shows about friendship – you know, your family of choice rather than family of origin. Just remember: everyone's family seems dysfunctional in its own way. And family may irritate you, but more often than not, you can always count on family to pick you up from the airport.

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