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    Rescue dogs....rescue any type of animal and it brings a smile to most and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  And with having a TV show about just this thing for 13 years now, it brings out all of those who want to join in the movement of "rescuing animals."   And while it is such an admirable thing to do, there is so much more than just throwing around the "R" word.
    With the sake of sounding bitter, maybe even a tad bit sarcastic, I need to give you the dose of reality of what is really needed to run a proper rescue organization.  And I do apologize for not sugar coating it but I'm doing this episode to save you tons of heartache and even more money.  I want you to really know what you're about to dive into.  It's a world of mainly pain and suffering and lots of depressing days.  There are more bad days than good.  Yeah...I sucks.  But it's true.
    This episode will introduce you to just some of what you are about to entail when starting up your own "rescue".  And while it would be amazing if we could have more reputable rescue groups out there it does scare me that the majority of those do not truly know the world they are  about to be consumed in.  And then the question becomes..."what happens when the rescue needs rescuing?"
    You'd better buckle up buttercup...this one is gonna make your eyes squint.

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    Tetanus is Serious Do You Need an Annual Shot to Protect Your Pet

    in Pets - Your Pet's Health is Our Business - Friends Don't Let Friends Feed Kibble
    We ship the raw! One Stop Shopping - Best Balanced Blends, Air Dried Treats, Homeopathic Supplements, Expert Health Team and Wholesale Prices for Pure Raw Dog Food!
    Listen each week as the experts in pet health DeDe Murcer Moffett, CEO of Raw Dog Food and Company, Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM and Top Pet Nutritionist Nealy Piazza answer your questions about raw feeding, vaccinations, antibiotics, flea and tick and so much more.
    On today's episode:
    1. An Honest Review of Honest Kitchen Food 2. Tetanus how a dog would get it 3. Why we don't recommend a Tetanus Shot for just in case your pup is affected.  4. Why some people may need to feed a sterile food instead of raw

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    What is Stuck in your Pet's Gut?

    in Pets

    Our veterinarian co-hosts, Dr. Roger Welton and Dr. Karen Louis, draw on their experience to talk about common pet store bought chew toys, treats, bones, and household items that can lead to serious gastrointestinal obstructions in dogs and cats.  This time of year with chew toys and treats commonly offered as stocking stuffers for our pets during the holiday season, this is an especially important and possibly life saving episode for our listeners' fur babies. 
    Email questions and comments for our co-hosts to be chosen for discussion on the air to  Listeners whose comments are chosen will receive a personally signed copy of Dr. Roger's latest book, The Man in the White Coat.
    For more content from Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen, respectively, visit or, or 

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    Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, 123: Factors Contributing to Success

    in Family

    Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, Podcast 123: Factors Contributing to Successful Adoptions
    Many adoptive families inquiring about adoption what they could have done to increase their chances of their adoption being a success.  We have spoken in previous podcasts about why adoptions sometimes fail due to the birth mother or birth parents.  So that begs the question; can adoptive families do anything to improve or increase the chances?  YES.  Also, sometimes it is the adoptive family that changes their mind about adoptive the baby from their matched birth mother.
    Adoptive Families have a bigger influence over their adoption success than they may realize.  There are things you as an adoptive family can do to improve the likelihood of a successful adoption.  Here are some suggestions that may increase your chances:
    When you create your adoption profile book, make sure you send a copy of it to the adoption agency, even if your birth mother was presented with a pdf.  Most birth parents love to keep a copy of the adoption profile and memorize it during the course of their pregnancy.  It also gives them comfort to see photos of the adoptive family over and over again, the house the baby will live in and the people the baby will be surrounded by. If you have an open adoption and you live out of state and the birth mother is open to you traveling to see her before she delivers- DO IT! It is much easier to build a relationship over the phone and skype of facetime if you have met at in person.  Often times meeting in person will show your birth mother how much she means to you and the sacrifices and lengths you are willing to go to establish a lifelong relationship with her... There are so many suggestions, listen to the podcast and learn more ways to possibly increase your chances of a successful adoption.

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    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Age Is Just A Number, Life after 60 with Amy Newmark

    in Moms and Family

    Is 60 the New 40? Or perhaps it truly is a “senior moment!” Then again, according to a German proverb, “To remain young while growing old is the highest blessing.” I guess the proof is in the pudding! 
    Chicken Soup for the Soul latest collection: Age is Just A Number, presents 101 stories from dynamic seniors over 60. Interestingly enough, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for second careers, love, adventure, and lives of purpose! The stories are enough to make anyone look forward to their “golden years.”
    Join Amy Newmark and me on Thursday, November 5, 10-11 A.M. CT U.S. Amy and I will have a conversation about their latest release, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Age Is Just a Number: 101 Stories of Humor, Wisdom, and Adventure After 60!

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    Furthering Fathering Radio - Phases of Praise, COVID, Shut downs and Stimulus

    in Family

    This week on the best fatherhood show
    Dad, parent, leader...This is a unique time in history. It feels like either the calm before the storm and the struggle before the victory at the same time. Faith seems more important than ever, at least in our era. Politics is about power - those who have it, those who want it and all other affected
    Join us at 6:30 PM EST as we discuss the phases of praise, the looming potential shut down and the possibility of a stimulus now that the election is over
    Call into the show at (516) 666-9882
    Listen back later at:
    iHeart: Our Website: BlogTalkRadio: iTunes: Spreaker Stitcher: And Google Play Contact us at and (888) 380-3370

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    Children's Corner - Limerick Comics with Rob Hoyman

    in Family

    Children's Corner - Limerick Comics with by written Rob Hoyman; illustrated by Steve Feldman
    Limerick Comics offers lighthearted original limericks on a wide range of history and science topics, each with an informational panel of surprising facts, all presented in entertaining comics. Middle-grade readers age 8 and up are invited to linger on each page to enjoy the humor, ponder inferences, and view the evocative details of each illustrated panel.
    Robert Hoyman is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa. His journey as a classroom teacher spanned 41 years teaching in private and public schools in Florida, California, and Virginia. Limerick Comics is his debut book. He is a member of SCBWI.
    For more information visit:
    For more information about BITEradio products and services visit:

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    "Straight to the Point" with Prophetess Dr. Delores T. Henderson

    in Family

    New Ministry phone number: 240-676-3214. CALL TODAY!!
    Business Website:, Email:  
    Prophetess Henderson was born, raised, and educated in Washington, DC. 
    Prophetess Henderson is the Founder & President of the Survivors’ Global Ministry (SGM, Founder & President of Virtue Consulting Company, as well as “Straight to the Point”, a radio and “The Right Now Word” television broadcast, Founder of SGM & School of the Prophets and Author of “I Give You Keys” , “When A Prophet Cries: Something Happens”,  Misguided Affections and Your Best Self Yet.  She served as a Business Consultant and Advisor to the International Alliance Ministry of Servants (IAMS). 
    Prophetess Henderson has earned credits towards a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership Degree; holds a Doctorate of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies (MTS), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Bachelor of Science (BSBA) in Business Administration degrees, Ambassador to the Nations as well as hold a Chaplaincy License.
    Prophetess Henderson was Ordained as a Prophet in the Lord’s Church on July 24, 2010. She has served on several outreach ministries under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Nelson. She has traveled to International countries; Belgium, London, Birmingham, United Kingdom in Europe and Kenya, East Africa.  To the Glory of the Lord!!

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    Baby Mama Drama - Sometimes If You Push Too Hard, You Run People Away

    in Family

    Please join us as we discuss another controversial story from our book "Baby Mama Drama - It's Not Just About The Mama" , it's so much more!
    "Sometimes If You Push Too Hard, You Run People Away"
    Baby mamas can be needy sometimes and I understand that, but this baby mama puts the “need” in needy. She calls me for everything. She calls me at night telling me the kids can’t sleep or that they need this and that. I don’t really have a problem with that, but asking me to fix her car or her house is pushing it. Then she wants to drop the kids off at the house without any planning. This is causing problems with my woman and I. I want to be there for my kids but I have actually started pulling back these days. I’m so conflicted!
    Family Drama Network, LLC. "Theme 1 - Who Cares About The Significant Other" Baby Mama Drama - It's Not Just About The Mama. Amazon KDP, 2015, Page 13.
    A printed or digital copy of the book can be found HERE.  A complete list of recorded readings and discussions can be found HERE. 

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    Great Dads Radio with Anthony Battista of Dad Boards

    in Dads and Family

    Great Dads Radio is joined by Anthony Battista from Dad Boards to discuss Board Games now and then.  We will also be talking about the slimmed down Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Holiday Movies and all the joys fatherhood has to offer. 
    The holidays bring out a sense of nostalgia in kids young and old, this year coupled with the impact of COVID-19 there is more of desire to get back to a simpler time and reconnect with those closest to us. What better way than with the games that we all grew up on.

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    We Give Thanks!

    in Family

    Psalm 107:1 reminds us to "give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good! Let us ALL pause and remember the creator, the maker of the universe on today!"
    Call someone, text some and let them know, we are on the air. @2pm You can call in and just listen! (515) 605-9817
    Prophetess Donise Benton@2020

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