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    Putting Michael Brown to eternal rest; Stranger Fruit

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    There is a documentary called "Stranger Fruit" about the death of Michael Brown.  Darren Wilson, the officer, made no initial report the day of the murder.  There were more than 25 eyewitnesses by people who saw hands on what happened.  There were construction workers nearby.  Dorian Johnson said they never reached in window of police car for a gun.  Wilson opened the door of the police car and hit both Johnson and Brown.  He proceeded to torment them and chase them on foot from behind and shoot Michael Brown 7 times according to many sources.  There is another side to the story that Darren Wilson contrived.  It's up to you to make the proper conclusions.  We continue the discussion on how the police structure in St. Louis was founded on fraternalism and coverups.  We then debate gun violence of Blacks on their own communities and how other ethnic groups like white people prey on their own women.

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    Quran Surah 67 "Mulk (Dominion)"

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    Naim AbdurRafi reads the Quran in Easy English. Comment live (or just listen) by phone: (319) 527-6701. Also comment live by chat with a FREE BlogtalkRadio.com account. Access LIVE or ON DEMAND through the show link.

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