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Black Socrates

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The return of intelligent radio. We ensure the free flow of opinions, and push the envelope on the questions America's afraid to ask in mainstream media.

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We ask MICHAEL SUTTLAR II, CIO of SC Capital, and CHARLES L. OGLESBY, CEO of Todd Capital both successful INVESTORS and educators to share the mindset of a SMART INVESTOR during a down market. Can you really get rich during a down market? How much money do you need to really make money in the market? Why do most DAY TRADERS lose money? What are the fundamentals and principles of a successful INVESTOR in the STOCK MARKET or FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET? MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America's afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK
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Are some BLACK PEOPLE so WOKE and so miserable that they look to CANCEL other BLACK PEOPLE no matter what they do? Do some keep it so hood that anything other than "KEEPING IT REAL" gets rejected.... more

Special Guest, SHON HYNEMAN, host of It's Scary To Remarry drops by to discuss DATING after a DIVORCE for MEN & WOMEN. Ending a MARRIAGE is usually never an easy decision. and for MEN & WOMEN who still desire... more

Our special guest, ALICIA COULTER, Masters in Public Health (MPH) & Masters in Social Work (MSW) & special guest co-host, Diversity Consultant, LATRICE ROSS drops by to discuss the contentious relationship BLACK WOMEN too... more

Where do BLACK MEN learn MANHOOD from? Despite the OUT-OF-WEDLOCK birth rate in the BLACK COMMUNITY, studies show that BLACK FATHERS are more involved in their children lives compared to other races. The question... more

A 30-minute rant between BLACK SOCRATES & DASIA ROBINSON discussing the concept of DEADBEAT DADDIES and who's responsible for unwanted children.

Have you ever gone on SOCIAL MEDIA only to be surprised at how a family member or friend thinks about an issue, and their perspective makes you question your relationship with them? Our special guest, psychotherapist, DR. KATRINA... more

Often in the AFRICAN AMERICAN community people push ENTREPRENEURSHIP as a means to elevate the BLACK COMMUNITY but are there steps that can and should be prioritized prior to BUSINESS,... more

Often we hear of RIGHTS OF PASSAGE programs for BLACK BOYS, but what about today's YOUNG BLACK WOMEN? How are they mentored into WOMANHOOD? Our special guest co-host DASIA ROBINSON, host of Desk of... more

For years in AMERICAN MEDIA the continent of AFRICA has been shown as a place of underdevelopment, disease, and famine to the point where many AFRICAN AMERICANS only view it negatively. MALCOLM X once said, YOU... more

Special guest, COGNTIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPIST, MARILYN ODUENYI and special guest co-host, DR. TIFFANY R. KING (psychology) drop by to give their thoughts on REARING CHILDREN and on how various historical traumas have... more