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Dr Eliezer Ben-Joseph

Natural Solutions Radio with Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph


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Natural Solutions Radio is the only place where you can catch natural health news, scientific peer-reviewed studies, and much more!!! Join us every Saturday at 10am (MST) as we delve into the world of Natural Medicine and listen to Dr. Ben-Joseph as he shares his world accredited knowledge on a vast reservoir of health topics. #naturalsolutionsradio #drbenjoseph #learntohealthyourself #primelongevity

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Widespread I.Q. Decline, Spirulina Benefits, Iridology vs Rayid, 9 Foods Perceived Unhealthy, 7 Foods to Stay Youthful, Reduce High Blood Sugars & Cholesterol, Hypothyroid Protocol, Restoring Sense of Smell, Natural Diuretics,... more

RA Positive Protocol, Brain in The Heart, Food for The Brain, Brain Health, Turmeric for Pain & Boosts Immune System, Correcting Digestive Issues, Probiotics & the Proper Bacteria, Inhaling Satisfies Cravings, Oils to Cook With,... more

Foods & Nutrients to Help Detoxify, Raw Food & Juicing, Organic Sulfur Compounds, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, 6 Allium Vegetables, Interstitial Cystitis, Natural Diuretics, Acetaminophen Awareness, Shelf Life of... more

Top Lifestyle Habits that Increase Cancer, Stress Affects Our Health, Natural Way to Deal with Health Conditions, Top 11 Causes of Cancer & How to Prevent & Alleviate Symptoms, Best Foods to Eat to Prevent Cancer, Swollen Prostate... more

Adrenal Nodules, Stage 4 Cancer Protocol, Supplementation after Radiation, Foods that Fight Cancer, History of Cancer in the USA, Behavioral & Dietary Habits, Creating a Barrier with Essential Oils, Anti-Seizure Diet, Nayure... more

Medical Alert, Candida Auris Awareness & Protocol, Many Benefits of Kissing, Optimal Blood Reading, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Osteoporosis vs Rheumatoid Arthritis, Colloidal Silver, Liph Silica Hydride, & Protocol, Essential Oil Diffuser... more

Foods with Powerful Anti-Cancer Properties, Supplements & Protocols for Epilepsy, Seizures & Cancer, Omega-3 Study, Reduce Asthma through Diet, Root Canals, Reduce Cold & Flu's, Probiotics, Stop a Heart Attack, Jason Winters... more

Reverse Type II Diabetes, Controlling Blood Sugar, Exercise & Diabetes, Cancer Protocol Foods, Therapies, & Supplements, Seizure Protocol, Acetaminophen Warning, Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug Awareness, Tinnitus, Long... more

Superbug & How to Keep You Family Safe, Medical Alert Fungal Pathogen in Hospitals, Health Care & Public Facilities, Candida Auris, Lipase Digestive Enzymes, Healthy Fats, Chemical Warfare on America, Enhancing Digestion,... more

Clearing One Nose at A Time, Sinus Infection Protocol with Dr. Hana Solomon Inventor of Nasopure, Removing Dust Pollen & Loosen Thick Mucus, Learning about Your Ailment, Recovering from Radiation, Benefits of Alkaline Water... more