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    The city of Benton Harbor is cutting off your contaminate water

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    The city of Benton Harbor Mayor is cutting off your water for non-payment. His water bill was paid by you. He had the water department supervisor to zero out his water bill.

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    S06/E68: Clint St. Mosley (CD9+Michigan) for US Congress 2024

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    Democrat Clint St. Mosley is a dedicated father, husband and well respected community activist. He has thrown his hat in the ring and hopes to be the next Congressman from Congressional District 9 in Michigan. 
    This particular race has a David vs. Goliath set up. Democrats haven't won the seat in over 30 years. The current occupant of the seat is intellectually worse than Boebert, MTG and Sarah Palin combined who acts as a rubber stamp for Trumpism. 
    Clint St. Mosley seem to have the drive, energy and enthusiasm to do a great job. We welcome him to the broadcast tonight. We look forward to taking your calls as we speak to this distinguished gentleman of the people. The ground swell for St. Mosley has been amazing.
    Coalitions win elections. A great indicator that a candidate is doing well is their ability to listen to the people they hope to represent.
    Can Congressional District 9 in Michigan be flipped blue or will the incumbent Trumper buy themself into power yet again in 2024? This will be interesting as Democrats are really head strong for this seat. St. Mosley and his campaign is running a no holds barred, all guns blazing grassroots campaign that is stirring the pot and making the establishment uncomfortable. We need more people like him in the Congress. Don't you think?
    Call in at 515-605-9802. Press 1 to speak live on air. Say your first name and where you're calling in from. Turn off all background noises and don't be rude to our guest or anyone else who maybe on the line. Thanks for sharing across social media and by word of mouth. Visit www.kitchenpolitics123.com 
    Kitchen Politics 123 Radio Show with David Franklin and Lori Pica  "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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    Ralph Poynter: What's Happening

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    Ralph Poynter: What's Happening -BlogTalkRadio-Tues, April 30 2024--
    Call in 1 347-857-3293/or 563- 999-3611 @ 9-10 pm ET----please try BOTH numbers tonight.  We have been experiencing technical difficulties
    1. NEWS ANALYSIS -  An anatomy of oppression requires an anatomy of colonialism/imperialism i.e. 
    An anatomy of the American Capitalist System: 
    Ralph Poynter(TAPES), Joel Meyers,Henry Hagins, Julia Wright, Dennis Sayero, Saddam Qaddafi
     2. UPDATES -- Political Prisoner Death Camps - Anne Lamb-NYC Jericho/KAZI TOURE- BOSTON JERICHO
                             3. LIBERATION POETRY: Prof. Louis  ~ in remembrance of Sister Lynne Stewart 

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    EJR w/Jeanine Molloff - Climate scientists blow the whistle on corporate liars.

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    This week on EJR I will discuss how climate scientists worldwide are blowing the whistle on corporate lies about global climate devastation. Many of these renowned climate scientists are plainly stating the the 1.5 degree goal was nothing but political theater as govenrment officials across the globe ignored and mocked the consensus opinions of the scientists. Now we are facing a global catastrophe that no one can escape. These scientists definitively state that all of humanity must cooperate in order to survive. This is our big story. We will also discuss a case won by environmental activists in Europe. 
    We also have an Ivy League "Jackass of the Week" Award recipient, and a very obvious Deplorable to add to our list. 
    Finally, we have two funny political parodies. 
    Join me.