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    Beauty Talk with Celebrity Hairstylist Shornell McNeal

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    Join us LIVE on Sunday April 30th for a conversation with Celebrity Hairstylist, Shornell McNeal.  Shornell joins us to share her journey in hair, to share haircare tips, and talk about her career as a Film & TV Hairstylist.  Tune in at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT for more inspiration . Tell a friend and join us for the hottest beauty conversation online.

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    Haunted Playground with Sheena Metal

    in Paranormal

    Special Guests: Mackie Albertson and Amanda Raye

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    Ghosts of the Birdcage Theatre on a Medium's Vacation with Rob Gutro

    in Paranormal

    Shot in the throat! Ghostly Faces! Meet the resident Bird Cage Theatre ghosts as some shared pain of the violent deaths. Others revealed their lives as actors, drinkers, gamblers, prostitutes or gunfighters to today's special guest, medium and paranormal investigator Rob Gutro, on the museum's ghost tour.
    Rob and his friend photographed faces of 2 ghosts in a painting and a mirror. Rob also sketched some ghosts he encountered. The Bird Cage Theatre is a very haunted and historic landmark in Tombstone, Arizona. It was a big part of the wild days of the old west in the United States. Because of the raw emotional events that occurred there, a number of people have chosen to stay behind as earth-bound ghosts. Rob encounters ghosts who want to share their stories whenever he travels. He calls himself a "medium rare" because he's still learning about spirit communications.
    Rob is a meteorologist and provides scientific and logical explanation about spirit communications. He also volunteers for Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues and has several dogs. His books include Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead and Ghosts, and Insights from a Medium.

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    CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Welcoms Bass Guitarist Adrian "Egg" Norton "Groovin" May 7

    in Podcasting

    Meet Our Guest: Adrian ”Egg” Norton (Bass Guitarist)
    My musical journey began by playing the trumpet in Elementary and Jr. High School. In the seventh grade I made the transition over to the Tuba. The fact was that everyone else played the trumpet too and there was a great need for someone to play the Tuba. That is where I started and fell in love with the foundation of the bass. I started playing the electric bass when I was 14 years old and my first instructor was Mr. Dan Bowens. I continued my musical journey at Suitland Sr. High School and at Prince Georges Community College. Managing partner and the bass guitarist for Phaze II. Phaze II is a six-piece contemporary jazz band that has been performing together in and around the Washington, DC area for close to 20 years, Join the jazz conversation and find out more about this talented musician. 
    Meet Your Show Host:
    Bridgette Lewis brings 25 years as a veteran broadcaster:
    10 years in public relations or communications-related field.
    15 years proven track record and experience with music marketing and communications for indie artist 
    Bulding and established relationships with key media and influencers.
    Passion for storytelling and crafting compelling narratives.
    16 years of experiences in the arts and entertainment industry promotiong and marketing singer, songwriter, indie artist looking to create a buzz and make a lot nosie about their music.
    We deliver the following: Radio Promo + Effective PR + Brand Campaigns + TV + social media + Artist Showcases + Magazine Exposure.  

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    Blast from the past 2015 show

    in Paranormal

    2015 re broadcast mystery episode

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    Let's Talk Bike Apps, Sunglasses and RAGBRAI's stop in Ames

    in Travel

    This week I want to talk about what bike apps I like to use for training and tracking my rides and would love to hear from listeners what biek apps they like.  Sunglasses are key when riding outside or for any outdoor activity,  so I am going to share my favorite brands of sunglasses and finally I am excited to have the President of Discover Ames Kevin Bourke as a guest,  who is also the leader of the RAGBRAI committee in Ames.   This should be a great episode.

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    Surprise, Surprise!

    in Personal Journals

    Join ReRe and CoCo as they welcome their first guest to the show. They will discuss all things planner and content related, planner shenanigans and an mini episode of planner court! 

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    Ghost Stories with Haunts of Richmond presents Haunted England - Volume 1

    in Paranormal

    Haunted England
    England is an ancient country packed with a history dramatic events, landscapes with majestic vistas, and ageless architecture. Across the country lie haunting tales of restless souls and terrifying creatures, just a sampling of which we will bring you tonight.

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    Renowned ET Abductee Bob Luca on the ET Agenda and Secret Government Harassment

    in Paranormal

    Bob Luca and Betty Andreasson Luca became internationally renowned due to their abduction experiences that began in 1945 when they first met. Author Raymond Fowlers investigated and wrote about their stories in his NY best-selling books, The Watchers and The Watchers II. They became the most researched and heavily documented alien abductees through books, magazines, TV and Radio shows, and newspapers. Discovery what the small, gray-skinned, black-eyed aliens, The Watchers, and their overseers, the wise and metaphysical Elders (more human-looking) Betty and Bob Luca about their visits, and what lies ahead for humanity and Earth. When Betty passed in March of 2022, we lost a remarkable spiritual woman, who offered the world a look into otherworldly beings and their reality. The couple endured years of harassment by U.S. Government agencies.
    Discover what the ETs told Bob and Betty under hypnosis--the crystal city and forest, humans encased in tubes, out-of-body experiences, human-looking Elders who performed a mysterious ritual, and the fate of humans and the Earth. Bob was told during an abduction, " People of this plane as a whole are not very advanced spiritually. Technology is advancing. Spirituality, unfortunately, is not keeping pace. Man needs spiritual growth badly."
    Betty and Bob's story is one of the most incredible ET encounter stories ever told by two spiritual people. Their story opens the Great Door to a reality whose boundaries are seemingly distant as the infinity of space. The Pentagon recently claimed the UAPs tracked on radar off the West Coast can not be explained. Follow Bob Luca on Facebook.

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    The Searching for Bigfoot Live Radio Show!

    in Paranormal

    Welcome,ladies and gentlemen,to the wild and weird world of Bigfoot,starring Tom(the Godfather of Bigfoot) Biscardi and his team of troublemakers,Rocky and the Swede!This week's guests are Robin and Kevin from upstate New York, and Chris,the Sierra Kid!Remember to go to www.searchingforbigfoot.com and check out the merchandise,including caps,long and short sleeve t-shirts and lots of videos!Show starts at 7:00 pacific,8:00 mountain,9:00 central,and 10:00 eastern!