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Kitchen Politics 123 Radio Show with David Franklin & Lori Pica- host a lively show with a liberal slant, dissecting Republican philosophy, Republican policies, right-wing talking points and attitudes, and a variety of hot button political issues of the day. We occasionally have scheduled guests who take your calls. But mostly, you're our guests - and we welcome callers from all political spectrums (yes, that includes conservatives). If you're interested in joining a discussion that's a little bit irreverent and unruly sometimes? Join us on KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW. We won't do a Fox "News" and mute you. We won't do a "Hannity" and humiliate you. We won't hang up on you, talk over you or censor you. The worst we'll do is disagree with you. You'll have your forum - but you might find yourself in the midst of a hot debate backed by facts and statistics. Be brave and courageous. Join Kitchen Politics 123 at www.facebook.com/kitchen politics 123 "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!" Telwphone: (515) 605-9802

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US President Joe Biden has gracefully bowed out of the 2024 presidential election campaign. Was he pressured (or pushed?) into stepping down? Is it a mistake on the part of the Democratic Elites or is it the best thing to happen for US Democracy? Only time will tell, as we have just about 90 days before the Tuesday, November 5th 2024 election. President Biden has endorsed his Vice President, Kamala Harris, to head the ticket. Will it be a dragged out contest or will Biden delegates automatically vote for her? Will she choose her runner mate or delegates at the Democratic Convention? The list is impressive (see picture slide of the choices) The stakes are very high as the Trump-Vance 2024 ticket has more money, gets almost 24/7 media coverage and the DNC are scrambling to get their collective act together. It's make or break time. Can Kamala Harris make history by becoming the first woman of color to ascend to the highest office in the land? Or will Trump win a second non-consecutive term? Democrat Grover Cleveland (New York) did it before against Republican Benjamin Harrison (Ohio) in the 1892 presidential election (1888 re-match). Will Trump repeat that feat? We are the Defenders of Democracy! We love to piss off sexists, misoginysts, ageist and racists across America. Call in at (515) 605-9802. Say your first name and where you're calling in from. Be respectful and turn off all background noises. Donate to our humble cause by contributing $5 or whatever you can to build on our efforts and get Democrats elected across America? We would appreciate it very much Episode #: Air Date: Monday, July 22nd, 2024 Kitchen Politics 123 Radio Show with David Franklin & Lori Pica "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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As the Government shutdown looms, Republicans continue to offer no credible solutions. They refuse to work with Democrats and continue to pursue a platform that is tone deaf. It is both frightening and mind numbingly stupid. They have... more

Republicans celebrate poll numbers. Democrats celebrate actual election victories. The only "red wave" was ketchup stains on Mar-Lar-Go walls cause by the man child loser Donald Trump throwing a fit because all candidates he... more

Project 2025. Women's right to choose. Social Security. Medicare/MedicAid. Immigration. Bidenomics. Gerrymandering. International Relations. All these topics will play a huge role as America marches towards election 2024. Republicans... more

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its llimits. It is abundantly clear that the Republican Party has no genius, whether in thought nor action. They continue do the same stupidity and expect different results. That is... more

Joe Biden has proven that he has what it takes to lead. Imagine if Trump were US President at this time with such instability around the world? Biden brings calmness and has a steady hand. Experience and diplomacy is critical in a time... more

This is the grand finale on the dreadful PROJECT 2025 which was crafted by the Heritage Foundation and 50+ other conservative Think Tanks. We will also speak about other news of the day happening in the US and around the world. Are we... more

The Heritage Foundation, along with several right-wing Think Tanks, is trying hard to convert America into a hardcore religious Theocracy like Iran. Imagine, if you will, America transforming into an autocratic state ruled by a dictator whose... more

The Heritage Foundation, along with several right-wing Think Tanks, is trying hard to convert America into a hardcore religious Theocracy like Iran. Imagine, if you will, America transforming into an autocratic state ruled by a dictator... more

Loaded show tonight. We'll talk about the new House Speaker and the latest mass shooting in Maine. Feel free to speak about anything else on your mind too. This is your show friends. Not so fun fact: Rep. Mike Johnson (R+Louisiana), a... more

Any topic is up for discussion in this format tonight. Hope you can join us as we speak about war in Ukraine, Israel, and growing uncertainty with the lack of ability by Republicans to elect a Speaker after nearly a month of in fighting. That... more

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