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Fern Ronay

Signs From The Other Side with Fern Ronay


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Stories about signs from loved ones who have passed to the other side. Follow the hashtag #SignsFromTheOtherSide on all social media. And feel free to share your story in our private group on Facebook called Believers In Signs or at FernRonay.com

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Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is a contemporary romance and mystery writer, including the Angela Panther Mystery series. Hear how she saw her grandmother, who passed before she was born, and how she discovered it was her. And,... more

Rebecca Ann Epstein is known to lovers of her music as RAE where her message of Remain Always Empowered shines through in her words and voice and, as described in this episode, in her actions too. When a close confidante passed at... more

Ornella's father passed when she was 9 years old. It wasn't until 22 years later that she was introduced to the idea that we could ask for specific signs from those on the other side. So, she did. And he delivered! Ornella is @hairtherapy22... more

Lisa Papple's father passed unexpectly from a heart attack in 2013. Shortly after that, Lisa quit her job, put her apartment in storage and took to the road to give Tessa May Greeting Cards 100%. Hear how she did it with three dogs by... more

A very special guest today! The host! Hello, Fern, welcome to the show. And directing the Q&A? Mr. Ronay. Give it up for patient and supportive husbands. In order to test a new recording system, Fern asked her husband to interview her.... more

James Lott Jr. is The Super Organizer, as well as a podcast and radio host, an author, recording artist, blogger, life coach, poet, producer, and Papa! His Instagram bio says Be a DO-er and he does. He also has his grandma Mitzi by... more

When author Anne Bardsley's mother passed, she asked for a sign. She received one. Many. All at once. While sitting in her car. Also discussed: Anne's recent book "Angel Bumps, Hello from Heaven" and a call for submissions for the next... more

When psychologist Peggy DeLong was 26 years old and about to start her doctoral program, her fiance was diagnosed with cancer. He did not live to see their wedding day and, six weeks after his passing, Peggy's father also passed... more

Dana Frase is a writer, wife and mom who shares the story of how a certain visitor to her father-in-law's grave validated what she had always told her sons about their grandfather. Also, her own father and grandmother used to bet on... more

Blogger Sheila Quirke lost her 4-year-old daughter Donna to cancer in 2009. Sheila has described herself as a skeptic but can't deny certain incredible coincidences. Also discussed: If you would like to help in the fight against... more